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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mel Watt Is Out! North Carolina Decision 2010 Endorsements

Black Political Buzz Blog endorses ONLY these 8 North Carolina Political Candidates for Public Office in November 2010.

As you can see Ineffective, Sorry Mel Watt from North Carolina's Gerrymandered 12th District, is NOT listed!

Democrats have ruled North Carolina for 130 years.

The result?

A state running over with Political Corruption, Public Corruption, Racially Segregated Public Schools and Black Foster Care Children being Mistreated.

What's wrong with School Choice, Charter Schools or Private Schools?

Enough is Enough!

Take heed Public Officials!

North Carolina Voters are tired of the Status Quo, especially from Black Candidates who get into Public Office and then diss their Black Voters.

Actually I'm referring to Low Income & Middle Class Black Voters more so than Wealthier Constituents.

Forgetting Low Income & Middle Class Black Voters is exactly what Charlotte Mayor Anthony "Uncle" Foxx did once elected.

Which is the reason why I voted for Foxx's Opponent Charlotte Attorney & Businessman, John Lassiter (R).

Well guess what?

We're NOT going to take it anymore!

I strongly believe these 8 brave individuals will be victorious in November 2010, or at least most of them:

Richard Burr - U.S. Senate (R)

Andrew Murray - Charlotte-Mecklenburg District Attorney (R)

Nancy Shakir - U.S. Congress District 8 (D)

William Gillenwater - U.S. Congress District 12 (R)

Darryl Broome - Charlotte-Meck. County Commissioner District 1 (R)

Vilma Leake - Charlotte-Meck. County Commissioner, District 2 (D) Facebook page

Harold Cogdell - Charlotte-Meck. County Commissioner-at-large (D) Business website page

Jim Pendergraph - Charlotte-Meck. County Commissioner-at-large (R)


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Sources: Charlotte's Black Political Caucus, Facebook,, McClatchy Newspapers, Richard, Youtube, Google Maps

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