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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hello All! Welcome to the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Blog. My name is Laurel. (Author & Publisher) I Blog with a focus on POLITICS, Business, and occasionally Entertainment. Since You’ve Chosen to Visit and Read the Contents of this Blog by Personal Choice, and of Your Own Free Will, Please don’t ask me to Compensate you for Expressing individual commentary/ Posted Articles, which are protected by the First Amendment, citing Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression. No Intentionally Malicious Slander, Libel or Defamation of Character content will be published and I will always Credit all Sources. NOTE TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS, APPOINTED OFFICIALS & PUBLIC FIGURES: Per the Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case: 1964 case of New York Times v. Sullivan……… The Public has a Right to Criticize the People who Govern them, so the least Protection from Defamation is given to Public Officials. When officials are accused of something that involves their behavior in office, they have to prove all of the above elements of defamation and they must also prove that the defendant acted with “actual malice.” (For a definition of actual malice, see the “History of Defamation and the First Amendment, below.”) People who aren’t Elected but who are Still Public Figures because they are influential or famous — like Actors, Actresses, Movie Stars, Singers & Entertainers, Journalists, TV Hosts, Bloggers, etc., — also have to Prove that Defamatory statements were made with Actual Malice, in most cases. To the Associated Press and other Media Organizations: When I use your Content Links., I’m also citing the Fair Use Doctrine (Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107) for further Copyright permission. Posts and Links published on Black Political Buzz are not endorsed by Black Political Buzz Blog Author Laurel’s Employer, nor the Employers of other Black Political Buzz employees. This includes Links, Posts and Comments posted on Black Political Buzz’s Facebook and Twitter account pages. Comments, Links and Opinions of site visitors are Independently-Owned and not endorsed by Black Political Buzz employees, Blog Author Laurel or Laurel’s Employer.) (No Personal Offense intended) Please know that Black Political Buzz is not responsible for nor do I endorse Requests for Donations from Third Parties on this Blog. I will Only Endorse Requests for Donations made on behalf of BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Blog for Business Purposes & Operating Expenses. I will also Only Endorse Requests for Donations on behalf of Legitimate Politicians and Legitimate Political Candidates. PERIOD!! If anyone else or another Organization wishes to post a link to Request Donations, I am NOT endorsing ANY of those Requests! Unless I receive a personal Request to do so and I have Professionally Confirmed that the Third Party Organization or Charity is indeed a Legitimate Entity. NOTE: Anyone who chooses to give to any Third Party Organization NOT Endorsed by BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ is doing so at his or her own risk. BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ does NOT Discriminate against Politicians, Political Candidates, Organizations or Charities based on Race, Color, Nationality, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Faith, Disability, Political Affiliation, Creed, Education, Social Status, Age. This disclaimer applies to ANY and All requests for Donations on this Blog. Thanks for understanding. Again No Personal Offense intended. For Story Tips….Corrections…….. or Requests for Endorsements: Please contact me via e-mail: or via my Facebook page: Thanks for stopping by. God Bless Laurel @BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ

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