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Friday, July 8, 2016






Sources:  Slate,  Boyce Watkins, NY Times, CNN, Five Thirty Eight, YouTube

The week of June 20, 2016 SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas (Black man) wrote a Concurring opinion which states that going forward, Police Officers are now legally permitted to seize evidence obtained during ILLEGAL STOPS, which includes TRAFFIC STOPS.


Wednesday, July 5, 2016 Philando Castile, 33, (another Black man) was murdered by White Cops during a TRAFFIC STOP in Minnesota.

Although Philando was legally carrying a Concealed Weapon when stopped by Police Wednesday, he posed absolutely no threat to the five Police Officers who brutally murdered him in cold blood.

And yes.....

The Officers who murdered him should be prosecuted!

I don't care if Philando did have a criminal record, he did NOT deserve to DIE like an animal if he posed NO threat to a Police Officer or any other human being.

However It's not fair nor reasonable to Hate the POLICE, nor blame all Cops because not all Cops are Racist.

In fact there are many good Cops still serving in our communities.

Thus I DON'T condone Killing Cops out of Vengeance for any reason.

So what can Black citizens in America expect now?

What ACTION do we take for RESOLUTION?

Demonstrations or Riots appear to be Futile and outdated.

Instead Black voters should express their anger at the Polls this November.

POLICY Changes occur on the Federal level and nominating SCOTUS Justices who have not become NUMB to the plights of regular people are the best SOLUTIONS to curbing Police Brutality.

Voting for a new President is not the panacea for curbing Police Brutality, but if Black voters forsake the system, they indeed forsake their future.

Especially the futures of Black men in America.

It's time to hold our Elected Officials accountable!

To the family of Philando Castile I send my prayers and condolences for his senseless murder.

**** Are Black People at Risk When They Carry a Concealed Weapon?

Here’s what three Minnesota gun instructors think.

TThe story of how Philando Castile died, as told by his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds, is one of a man who did everything he could to comply with the police officer who pulled him over. 

As Reynolds recounted in a harrowing press conference Thursday, Castile told the officer he was armed with a gun after being asked for his license and registration; 

Reynolds says she then told the officer the gun was legal and that her boyfriend had a permit allowing him to carry it. Moments later, the officer shot Castile multiple times, causing injuries that soon proved fatal.

It’s important to note that we don’t know exactly why the officer decided to shoot Castile—there’s no footage of the shooting itself and the St. Anthony Police Department has yet to release its version of events. 

The actions that Reynolds describes, though, sound perfectly reasonable—it’s hard to imagine what Castile, a 32-year-old black man, could have done differently. 

It’s also reasonable to wonder, given the horrific litany of cases in which police officers have used deadly force against black men and women, whether Castile ever had a chance at surviving the encounter.
Thursday, I spoke with three men who don’t agree with that assessment: a trio of white firearms instructors in Minnesota who provide formal training to people applying for concealed-carry permits like the one Reynolds says her boyfriend had. 
In spite of what seems to have happened to Castile, all three instructors told me they firmly believe there are steps people with concealed firearms can take to ensure their safety when dealing with law enforcement. 
Underlying their conviction on this point is a deeply felt optimism about the reasonableness of police. 
Their thoughts, which have been lightly edited for clarity, are below.
~  MIKE BRIGGS,  instructor and owner at Minnesota Fire Arms Training
Advice to students: “Here’s the first thing we say: If you get pulled over and you’re friendly and you don’t lie, and when they ask for ID, if you voluntarily hand up your permit to carry, our experience is you’ve got a huge chance of getting out of your ticket. Cops in Minnesota appreciate you volunteering it up. 
A lot of police in Minnesota teach this class, and most police officers are in favor of permit to carry. And they appreciate you being forthcoming.
“By putting your permit to carry right underneath your license and just giving it to them, you’ve told them without saying a word, I’m a good guy or I wouldn’t have a license to walk around with a gun. 
The sheriff has checked me out. I don’t have to volunteer this up but here you go. You don’t have to worry about me.
 And then if they start asking questions, you answer them truthfully. And that’s what we tell all of our students.”
~ JON KAUTZ,  director of operations and instructor at Gun Permit Center

Personal experience: “I myself have gotten out of several tickets by law enforcement officers by being friendly and completely honest when I got pulled over. When they ask for ID, I don’t say a word—I just put my permit right with my ID and give it to them. And then most of them will say, ‘Are you carrying a firearm?’ And then I’ll say, ‘Yeah, it’s in my center console, or it’s in my backpack, or under my seat, or whatever. What would you like me to do next?’ A lot of them have even been sort of funny with it. I had one state trooper say, ‘You keep your gun in your holster, I’ll keep mine in mine.’ ”
On whether black people can safely follow the same protocol as whites: Absolutely. For sure. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. The instructions and the advice are the same.
On Philando Castile: To be honest with you, it sounds to me like he did everything you’re supposed to do. That’s what I’m assuming so far. It sounds like he handled it the way you should. And it sounds like the officer had a short-circuit. That’s what it’s sounding like, but I don’t know what happened before the video.
Advice to students: “In Minnesota there’s no standard protocol for a traffic stop like this, where you have someone who’s carrying. Each police department sets their own policy for how to handle it. Minneapolis might do one thing; in Falcon Heights they might do another. So we always instruct our customers in our training to do whatever the officer says, to always keep their hands visible at all times, and to always ask, ‘How would you like me to proceed?’ and leave it up to the police officer to offer directions on how they want to handle it.”
Personal experience: “If I’m pulled over and an officer asks for my credentials, the next thing I would say is, ‘Officer, I am a permit-to-carry holder. I am carrying at this time. The pistol, or whatever, is located in X spot.’ I’d keep my hands visible on the steering heel or on the dashboard, and I’d say, ‘How would you like me to proceed?’ ”
Thoughts on concealed carry: “If you’re a concealed-carry permit holder and you’re carrying, you assume some risk, you know? Things happen. Whether it’s on accident or intentional—you’re carrying a firearm. You’re assuming some risk in carrying a firearm. You have to assume some risk—it’s just like when you drive a car.”
How the Philando Castile situation will affect his work: “Will we change the way we do the training? No, because we believe we’re teaching it correctly. Will we emphasize this part of the training more? Yes. Will it come up for discussion? Guaranteed.”
~ JOE PENAZ, instructor at Plane Cents Self Defense
Advice to students: “Be totally compliant. If they ask if you have a gun, tell them you have a gun, and make sure you ask them what to do next.
“I also say that if you have a gun on you and it’s on the same side as your wallet, and going for your wallet is going to expose the weapon, it would behoove you to tell the officer at that time, even though you don’t necessarily have to, ‘I have a weapon on me and it’s on the same side as my wallet.’ ”
Personal experience: “I usually start out by asking, ‘Are you having a good night, sir?’ I do. So few people ever say anything like that to a police officer. I’ve ridden with police many, many, many times. And all they ever do is get yelled at, spit on, cussed out. ‘Why aren’t you out arresting real criminals?’ and stuff like that. What does it hurt to ask, ‘Are you having a nice day?’ Wouldn’t you say that to someone at a Home Depot or a Dairy Queen? The only reason you’re not saying that is you’re getting pulled over and generally you don’t get pulled over unless you’ve done something wrong.”
On whether it’s dangerous for black people to take his advice: “Absolutely not. I have quite a few black people in my classes. I just don’t see that as a problem.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2016





Sources: Charlotte Observer, ABC News, Hillary Clinton Events, Youtube

President Barack Obama returns to Charlotte on Tuesday for his first campaign appearance with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

They’ll hold a rally at the Charlotte Convention Center – three short blocks from where, four years ago, Obama accepted his own renomination before a packed house at Time Warner Cable Arena.

The visit is Clinton’s second in two weeks to what’s expected once again to be a battleground state. It’s her first visit to Charlotte since a March 14 rally at Grady Cole Center, a day before she won the state’s primary. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee,will be in Raleigh.

Obama and Clinton will arrive in Charlotte together at 2:25 p.m. on Air Force One and travel to the Convention Center for the 3 p.m. event. Doors open at 1.

Here are some things to keep in mind about Tuesday’s visit.

~ 1. Expect heavy traffic. If you’re going to the rally or just going to work, be prepared for afternoon traffic tie-ups.

Police say to expect intermittent road closures between Charlotte Douglas International Airport and uptown. Though the exact route hasn’t been disclosed for security reasons, previous presidential visits have caused congestion, even on Interstate 77.
Brevard Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard between Caldwell and College streets are expected to close at 9:30 a.m. One lane of Stonewall Street is expected to close for TV satellite trucks.
“We don’t anticipate huge gridlock based on the time frame, but we do expect some delays,” said Deputy Chief Jeff Estes of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.
Blue Line service uptown will be interrupted from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Trains will run north to the Carson Street Station, where passengers can board a bus to the transit center. For questions, call CATS customer service at 704-336-RIDE (7433).
~ 2. Critical time for Clinton. Clinton will arrive in Charlotte amid renewed and potentially damaging focus on the federal investigation of her use of a private email server as secretary of state.
On Saturday, the FBI interviewed her in Washington for more than three hours.
And even Democrats are still shaking their heads at the news that former President Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an airport tarmac in Arizona last week. Lynch has insisted Bill Clinton was making a social call and that they talked only about family. But she also acknowledged that the meeting had the appearance, to many, of a conflict of interest.
The Obama-Clinton visit comes eight years after an intense presidential primary fight between the two. Aides to Obama and Clinton told The Associated Press that the foe-to-friend narrative will be a key part of Tuesday’s events, with Obama acting as a character witness for his former secretary of state.
~ 3. Fewer no-shows. Two high-profile Democratic candidates have said this time they’ll appear with the president and his former secretary of state.
U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross and gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper both plan to be at the Convention Center. Both were no-shows last month when Clinton spoke at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.
One politician who won’t be there: Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts. The mayor, who ushered Clinton onstage in March, is on a family vacation.
~ 4. Why North Carolina? Because it’s an increasingly important presidential battlefield.
In 2008, Obama became the first Democrat in 32 years to carry the state, and he won by a slim 14,000 votes. Four years later, Republican Mitt Romney won the state by 2 percentage points. But it was the only Southern swing state that he won.
Polls compiled by Real Clear Politics show the 2016 race a virtual tie. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics rates it as leaning Democrat.
~ 5. Trump’s in North Carolina, too.
A few hours after the Clinton-Obama event ends in Charlotte, Trump is scheduled to address a rally at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts in Raleigh. Will he or Clinton get the bigger crowd? Reporters and others will be counting.
Even with the president by her side, Clinton will have to share the day’s North Carolina media coverage with Trump, who will get the last word at his 7 p.m. event.
North Carolina was in the GOP column in 2012, and Trump needs to keep it there in 2016 if he hopes to become president. No Republican has won the White House without carrying North Carolina since Dwight Eisenhower in 1956.
Clinton, who is leading in the polls in most battleground states, doesn’t have to win North Carolina to get the necessary 270 electoral votes. She only has to get Trump to spend precious time and money here so he can’t spend it in states such as Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania – probably must-win states for Clinton.
~ 6. Who’s paying? The Clinton campaign is paying to rent the Convention Center.
A spokesman for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority said the contract is being finalized, but the Clinton campaign is “definitely paying” and being treated like any other rental client.
Her campaign will also pick up the tab for the costs of bringing the president to town.
~ 7. Also on stage … Warming up the crowd for Clinton and Obama on Tuesday will be four Tar Heel Democrats – three of them candidates this year.
Cooper and Ross will each get some time at the microphone in the Convention Center ballroom.
N.C. Democratic Party Chairwoman Patsy Keever will also speak, as will U.S. Rep. Alma Adams – she of the extensive hat collection. The congresswoman will be returning to her new home, Charlotte, and may or may not try to get a photo op with Clinton wearing one of her hats.
Obama will depart Charlotte by 5:05 p.m., according to the White House press office.
According to The Associated Press, the last time Obama and Clinton traveled together was 2012 when they visited newly democratic Myanmar, a pet issue of Clinton’s.

While Obama and Clinton are only expected to be in Charlotte for a few hours, their schedules leave room for a possible unannounced stop around town that could showcase their personal rapport.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Happy Independence Day!

God Bless All U.S. Military Troops.

FREEDOM is not free.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Be Blessed and Safe in JESUS name!

Thursday, June 30, 2016



Sources: Reuters, CNN, TIME, YouTube

Video Highlights: 

2016 Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump's FREE TRADE SPEECH delivered 6-30-2016 in New Hampshire was very encouraging and really made Trump appear as an Intelligent leader.

His speech was strongly focused on renegotiating current Free Trade agreements and bringing American jobs back from overseas.

Without more jobs there will be no MIDDLE CLASS within the American workforce.

(Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday vowed to force Canada and Mexico to renegotiate the NAFTA trade agreement with the United States if elected, as part of an effort to protect and restore American jobs.

Trump criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement as a U.S. job killer, saying he would be willing to scrap the pact if Canada and Mexico were unwilling to budge. He also tried to link Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to the deal on the eve of a meeting in Ottawa of the "three amigos," the leaders of the three NAFTA signatories: the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

In his most detailed speech on trade, the presumptive Republican nominee said he would pull the United States out of negotiations for a deal among 12 Pacific Rim nations and promised to use executive power to resolve trade disputes with China.

Trump also pledged to revive the U.S. steel and aluminum industry, speaking at an aluminum scrap company in Monessen, Pennsylvania, nearly 30 miles (50 km) south of Pittsburgh, the one-time American steelmaking capital.

Trump has identified Pennsylvania as a state he believes he can wrest from the Democrats in the Nov. 8 election. He also campaigned on Tuesday in Ohio, which like Pennsylvania is a Rust Belt state. 

Democratic President Barack Obama won both states in 2008 and 2012, but manufacturing job losses have led to voter anxiety in the region.

"I'm going tell our NAFTA partners that I intend to immediately renegotiate the terms of that agreement to get a better deal for our workers. And I don't mean just a little bit better, I mean a lot better," Trump said in Pennsylvania.

If Canada and Mexico do not agree to renegotiate the pact, Trump said he would notify them under the agreement's terms "that America intends to withdraw from the deal."

He tried to tie his Democratic rival to the pact, approved in 1993 during the administration of her husband, President Bill Clinton, as he called NAFTA one of the "worst legacies" of the Clinton years.

On MSNBC after Trump's speech, Clinton spokeswoman Kristina Schake called the wealthy New York businessman the "king of outsourcing," in an apparent reference to Trump-branded products such as suits and ties made overseas. 

"It was full of hypocrisy and misstatements and outright lies," Schake said.

Trade has been a vulnerability for Clinton, who struggled for white, blue-collar votes in her Democratic primary race against U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who criticized her for supporting trade deals and said she was too close to Wall Street. 


Trump echoed Sanders' criticism on Tuesday, saying Clinton supported the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, while she was secretary of state and only opposed it once she was running for president. Clinton's campaign said she opposed the agreement because it was not strong enough on currency manipulation and other areas. 

Clinton has said she will evaluate each trade deal on its merits but does not believe the TPP is good for U.S. workers. Sanders now says he will vote for Clinton in November, although he has not formally withdrawn from the race.

Trump said he saw no way to fix the TPP, calling it a "death blow" for American manufacturing. Although China is not part of the agreement, Trump said Beijing might try to enter it "through the back door" later on.
Later, during a rally in St. Clairsville, Ohio, Trump said the deal was "just a continuing rape of our country."

Just hours before Trump spoke, Clinton allies sought to pre-empt the planned trade speech by saying Trump's policies amounted to empty promises.

Earlier, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told a trade conference in Washington that "Trump embodies everything that is wrong with our current trade policy. He has consistently sent American jobs overseas to line his own pockets."

The AFL-CIO, which collectively represents more than 12 million workers, making it the largest U.S. labor federation, endorsed Clinton this month.


Both Clinton and Trump have acknowledged that Britain's vote to leave the European Union signaled a global economic frustration among working-class voters that could reverberate in the U.S. election.

"There is a lot of legitimate anxiety, fear and even anger in many parts of our country because people feel like the economy has failed them," Clinton said in Denver on Tuesday. "I think this is going to be one of the defining issues in this election."

Trump has seized on the historic Brexit vote to bolster his argument that voters are rising up against establishment leaders, saying Americans would reject the "global elite" and support his presidential candidacy.

But Trump has broken with Republican Party orthodoxy in criticizing trade deals, and has threatened to slap tariffs on Mexican and Chinese imports. His rhetoric has drawn criticism from many economists, who say such practices could spark trade wars.

As Trump spoke, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is usually in sync with prominent Republicans on trade policy, said on Twitter: "Under Trump's trade plans, we would see higher prices, fewer jobs, and a weaker economy."





Sources: BET,  TIME, Google, YouTube

June 26, 2016 at the BET Awards, actor and activist Jesse Williams (a light-skinned Black Man)  delivered an awesome speech on Racial Injustice in the United States. 

Just as they did after Pres Obama delivered a great speech, Black people became very emotional and celebrated the Orator.

However after their emotional sugar high subsided the challenges and Racial Injustice plaguing Black America returned to business as usual.

While I do admire Jesse Williams demonstrating a great deal of Courage for his bruising monologue, it is imperative that I ask "NOW WHAT"???

When is the Black Community going to UNITE and Help itself??

I'm am referring to CONSTRUCTIVE ACTION not Riots!

"Just because we're magic doesn't mean we're not real"

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williamswas awarded BET’s Humanitarian Awardon Sunday night. The outspoken human rights activist—who executive produced the recent documentary, Stay Woke: The Black Lives Matter Movement— delivered a powerful and political speech about the cause he’s worked so hard on.
Referencing recent victims of police brutality, Williams discussed the violence against black people and the struggles they’ve faced throughout history: “There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of. There has been no job we haven’t done. There is no tax they haven’t leveed against us,” he said.
The speech received a standing ovation by the audience, who went on to praise Williams on Twitter. A transcript of it has been published in multiple places, including The Washington Post and Bustle. Below, Genius‘s account of the speech:
Peace peace. Thank you, Debra. Thank you, BET. Thank you Nate Parker, Harry and Debbie Allen for participating in that .
 we get into it, I just want to say I brought my parents out tonight. I just want to thank them for being here, for teaching me to focus on comprehension over career, and that they make sure I learn what the schools were afraid to teach us. And also thank my amazing wife for changing my life.
Now, this award – this is not for me. This is for the real organizers all over the country – the activists, the civil rights attorneys, the struggling parents, the families, the teachers, the students that are realizing that a system built to divide and impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.
It’s kind of basic mathematics – the more we learn about who we are and how we got here, the more we will mobilize.
Now, this is also in particular for the black women in particular who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves. We can and will do better for you.
Now, what we’ve been doing is looking at the data and we know that police somehow manage to deescalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday. So what’s going to happen is we are going to have equal rights and justice in our own country or we will restructure their function and ours.
Now… I got more y’all – yesterday would have been young Tamir Rice’s 14th birthday so I don’t want to hear anymore about how far we’ve come when paid public servants can pull a drive-by on 12 year old playing alone in the park in broad daylight, killing him on television and then going home to make a sandwich. Tell Rekia Boyd how it’s so much better than it is to live in 2012 than it is to live in 1612 or 1712. Tell that toEric Garner. Tell that to Sandra Bland. Tell that to Dorian Hunt.
Now the thing is, though, all of us in here getting money – that alone isn’t gonna stop this. Alright, now dedicating our lives, dedicating our lives to getting money just to give it right back for someone’s brand on our body when we spent centuries praying with brands on our bodies, and now we pray to get paid for brands on our bodies.
There has been no war that we have not fought and died on the front lines of. There has been no job we haven’t done. There is no tax they haven’t leveed against us – and we’ve paid all of them. But freedom is somehow always conditional here. “You’re free,” they keep telling us. But she would have been alive if she hadn’t acted so… free.
Now, freedom is always coming in the hereafter, but you know what, though, the hereafter is a hustle. We want it now.
And let’s get a couple things straight, just a little sidenote – the burden of the brutalized is not to comfort the bystander.That’s not our job, alright – stop with all that. If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression. If you have no interest, if you have no interest in equal rights for black people then do not make suggestions to those who do. Sit down.
We’ve been floating this country on credit for centuries, yo, and we’re done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us, burying black people out of sight and out of mind while extracting our culture, our dollars, our entertainment like oil – black gold, ghettoizing and demeaning our creations then stealing them, gentrifying our genius and then trying us on like costumes before discarding our bodies like rinds of strange fruit. The thing is though… the thing is that just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real.
Thank you.




Sources: Alex Jones, The Nation, Breitbart, USA Today, Youtube

Video Highlights:

The European Union was formed February 7, 1992 when 12 European countries signed a Treaty to become one and submit to the Windsor family.

All 12 countries agreed to convert their original Currency to the EURO Monetary system, which places more money into the hands of Elite, already Wealthy citizens.

After the European Union was formed, the Middle Class was basically wiped out and Poor citizens became more financially destitute.

After the European Union was formed, extreme TAXATION disguised as REGULATIONS increased.

Leaders of the European Union were not chosen by common people, instead they were appointed by other Elite leaders from within the European Union.

Only the Elite benefitted from such an Oppressive system.

Soon the true purpose for establishing a European Union became quite apparent, thus the New World Order agenda was revealed.

Despite these facts,  pressure from the common people of Britain (UK) to allow a public vote to exit the European Union became too strong for its Elite leaders to ignore.

Fast forward to June 24, 2016.

The common people of Britain (UK) were finally allowed to visit the Polls to cast a ballot agreeing to remain or leave the European Union.

Via a BREXIT vote of 51-48% the voice of Britain's common people was heard around the world as they regained their INDEPENDENCE.

So did this BREXIT vote cancel out the New World Order agenda?

Only temporarily.

**** Relax! Brexit isn’t the end of new world order: 

There's no denying it: this past week's vote in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is very big news.
 It reveals huge frustration among British voters with economic globalization, immigration, national self-identity and the whole "European project." And there will be costs. 
Trade between Britain and continental Europe could be notched back a bit as tariffs return; 
London's role as a financial capital of the world may be compromised somewhat.
Silly headlines like that appearing in the June 25 NY Times about a looming end to the post-World War II order are not only premature, they are basically wrong.
Start with that order. 
The United States and United Kingdom worked together to win World War II, of course, without the UK being part of any European Union or even a European Community. 
(The European Community or EC was organized for European economic cooperation that began in the 1970s; it did not create open borders within Europe the way the European Union later did.) 
Indeed, we collectively won the Cold War without the European Union, which was not created until 1993
Western Europe had already re-established itself as a modern economic powerhouse before the creation of the EU, recovering spectacularly from the unbelievable wartime devastation that occurred in the 1940s. 
The United States helped a great deal with that process through the Marshall Planand other mechanisms—none of which depended on EU bureaucracies or open borders.
Look at it another way. The UK is an important country. But with 1% of world population and 3% of world GDP, it does not drive the modern global economy. The stakes here are real, but again, they are finite.
Moreover, the tanking of shocked stock markets right after the Brexit vote should not confuse us about the state of economic fundamentals. 
To be sure, lots of people will have to work hard to negotiate new terms for Britain's future association with Europe. 
But the UK and the European Union's remaining 27 members will have powerful incentives to keep trade relatively free and financial markets quite integrated. 
Think of the models of Norway and Switzerland—also not EU members, but important and interlocking parts of the continent's economy. 
The UK is likely to wind up with a similar role in Europe's future.
Some people will worry about whether Brexit will weaken the EU's ability to stand up to Vladimir Putin as he causes unrest in eastern Europe. 
That is doubtful. The EU just last week renewed sanctions, with Germany and other continental countries leading the way. 
Britain's voice on such matters is important, but no more so than Germany's or France's, and it can remain important on the outside.
What about the US-UK "special relationship?"
Again, I do not anticipate major problems. 
It is called a special relationship for a reason. 
We have been close allies for a century or more, and much of our best work together has happened bilaterally rather than through any EU, EC, UN, or other such multilateral mechanisms. 
That can continue.
The UK will remain in NATO, moreover — and NATO is, by far, the more important organization for global security, because it includes the United States while the European Union naturally does not.
 It is NATO, for example, that intervened in the Balkans warsin the 1990s and NATO that leads the Afghanistan mission even today.
 It is NATO that is sending battalions into eastern Europe today to stand up militarily to Putin.
Even if, in coming years, Scotland secedes from the UK in order to rejoin the EU, that will cost the United Kingdom only 8% of its population (even if a higher percent of its castles, Loch Ness monsters, and men in skirts). 
Admittedly, the UK's ability to sustain nuclear forces could be challenged without access to Scottish ports—but those nuclear weapons, with all due respect to British friends, aren't really crucial pillars of today's global order in any event. 
Maybe Scottish secession would even persuade Britain to stop maintaining an unnecessary and costly nuclear deterrent.
To be sure, one can always find some hypothetical scenario in which having the UK outside of the European Union complicates life.
 To be sure, pulling out will make life temporarily harder for British and European diplomats and bureaucrats as they fashion a revised European order. 
And most of all, it is true that we need to take seriously the skepticism about globalization that UK voters have just voiced in a powerful and emphatic way. 
But the postwar global order is hardly falling apart.



Sources:  CentricTV, Essence, The Root, Youtube

Video Highlights:

Debating the destructive, self-imposed civil war within the Black American community between Black men and women.

United We Stand; Divided We Fall!

The myth of the 'angry Black woman' is driving a wedge between the sexes
It's no secret that the battle of the sexes is something that's existed since Adam blamed Eve for biting that godforsaken forbidden fruit. For centuries,  men and women have been at odds over their biological and psychological differences, both legitimate and naught.

For men and women of color, however, the stakes seem to be at an all-time high. Whether it's baby mama vs. baby daddy drama or the delicate topic of dating outside one's race, Black men and Black women just can't seem to see to eye to eye.

Just look at the way critics (mostly men) came to the defense of rapper Future and assailed a social media attack against Ciara for bringing their young son around her new boyfriend, NFL star Russell Wilson.

 Ciara was publically shamed for something that (1) is no one's business and (2) an absolute double standard, as the singer pointed out during an interview on CBS "This Morning."

"It's been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say," Ciara said. "I feel like in a sense it's a bit of a double standard, because at one point in time when we were together, I took care of his kids as well."
"I was involved very early in the stage of us getting to know each other, and that's been a big conversation. It's kind of like, 'Well, what's the difference here?'" she added. "I think that even for the men that were outspoken, it's like, wouldn't you want someone to love on your child, or love on the child that you are speaking about?"

But of course Black male critics of Ciara don't see the double standard. When do they ever recognize the unfair standards and expectations they place on Black women? 
While women of color continue to be the backbones for their male counterparts and their families, they continue to bad mouth Black women as if it was not a Black woman who pushed them out of their vagina. 
In their eyes, Black women are “angry,” “crazy” and just about any other not-so-flattering adjective you can think of.

Writer Niki McGloster touched on this very topic in a Facebook post bemoaning a text conversation she had with a Black man stemming from a comment she made about a nude picture of Kim Kardashian
After saying Kardashian was fishing for attention the unidentified male accused her, and Black women, of being angry "mean girls." 
That debate turned into an exchange about how Black women hate white women for being white and liking "Black" things, whether it's a Black man, Black music or Black hairstyles.

"What i can't pinpoint is when some (i'd never say all) black men started hating black women? i'd like a date or a reference point," McGloster wrote on Facebook. "it's clear that black men are jaded about who we are, what we stand for and why we speak up about certain things."

Quite honestly if Black women are at the very least irritated they have every reason to be. Look at the way they are misunderstood, misrepresented and ridiculed. 
What's most heartbreaking is that a lot of that pushback comes from Black men themselves. 
And for any man of color that wants to perpetuate the notion that Black women are "angry," just imagine if white America said that very same thing about Blacks (and they do) when objecting to the racial injustice presently on display within the Black Lives Matter movement.

It's truly a sad day in Black America that (some) Black men can't seem to stand in solidarity with Black women. 
Because if they won't stand up, who will?