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Monday, April 12, 2010

Anthony Foxx Uses Crime To "Clean" Up Charlotte, Barnes For D.A.? No Way!

Who is responsible for Charlotte's recent higher crime rate?

Is it the Gangbangers, drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves, etc.,


Instead its Charlotte new Mayor Anthony "Uncle" Foxx!

Continue reading to learn more about how Charlotte's Public Safety is now at risk because of Foxx's not-so hidden dirty agenda.

Its no secret Charlotte's crime rate tends to be higher within the city's Lower Income/ Middle Class communities because Charlotte's new mayor Anthony "Uncle" Foxx has instructed CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe to ONLY direct Public Safety efforts towards Charlotte's wealthier areas.

Charlotte's wealthiest communities: Ballantyne, Fairview rd, Myers Park, Park Road, South Park, Third Ward receive Excellent Public Safety response from CMPD, along with several close, friendly Neighborhood Partnerships.

While Charlotte's forgotten corridors: East, Northwest, Southwest & West quite frequently receives poor response from CMPD and very few Neighborhood Partnership efforts

Its also no secret Mayor Anthony Foxx is intentionally allowing the Crime rate in East, Northwest, Southwest & West Charlotte to rise in hopes that lower income/ middle class citizens will become frustrated and leave Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

If this isn't another strong example of North Carolina Corruption than my goodness what is??

Why is Foxx doing this?

Foxx wants all of Charlotte's "Undesirables" (lower income/ middle class) to leave so that he can attract citizens who are highly educated with higher incomes.

People I kid you not!

This explains why Foxx is only spending City funds for Public Safety in Charlotte's wealthiest communities: Ballantyne, Fairview rd, Myers Park, Park Road, South Park, Third Ward.

Even though most of Charlotte's Funding comes from the Federal Gov't, Foxx doesn't care.

To make matters worse NO Federal Funding is being used to help keep Minority Youth off the street. Instead its only being used to lock them up, even for very minor offenses.

The very roots of this terrible Discriminatory agenda originates from Foxx's biggest Mayoral campaign finance supporters: The Levines, Hugh McColl, Harvey Gantt, etc.,

Since they are Charlotte's "powers that be", Anthony "Uncle" Foxx will do whatever they want in hopes of receiving more big bucks for his next campaign.

You see Foxx has great aspirations to become a North Carolina Senator and than a U.S. Congress member like his sorry Political Idol: Incumbent Congressman Mel Watt.

For those of you who naively think citizens in those wealthier communities pay higher taxes for better Public Safety efforts than citizens who reside in lower income neighborhoods, WRONG!

Charlotte's wealthiest citizens (mostly Caucasians) pay fewer taxes than the city's lower income/ middle class constituents.

In fact Charlotte's wealthiest citizens haven't seen a Property Tax increase in 7 years, while Charlotte's low income/ middle class constituents have experienced frequent increases in their property taxes.

Charlotte's wealthiest citizens (mostly Caucasians) can legally evade paying their property taxes while suffering no consequences but if Charlotte's lower income/ middle class constituents evade their taxes they are immediately thrown into jail no questions asked or their property is seized.

Now Charlotteans have a District Attorney's race fast approaching: Andrew Murray vs Michael Barnes.

Both men are respected Charlotte Lawyers.

One of the contenders is Michael Barnes a well-known Charlotte Politician currently serving on the City Council.

In case your wondering Mr. Barnes is NOT the well-known Charlotte Politician I'm blood-related to.

I strongly suggest NOT voting for Michael Barnes.


Michael Barnes like Anthony Foxx is too closely associated with Charlotte's Black Community Elite cliques.

The people in those groups don't give a darn about Charlotte's lower income/ middle class constituents, except during Election time.

During election time they cunningly seek support from Charlotte's Straight Ticket Voters (mostly lower income Blacks ignorant of the issues), than once in Public Office give those same voters "the boot".

This is another reason why I did NOT vote for Foxx last fall during Charlotte's last Mayoral race.

If you vote for Michael Barnes it will be more of the same.

No Equal Justice for Charlotte's lower income/ middle class citizens (especially Blacks) and swift Justice for Charlotte's Elite, Wealthiest citizens (mostly Caucasians).

Charlotte's Black Youth will continue being locked up, while Charlotte's White citizens receive slaps on their wrists for the same types of crimes.

And as I mentioned above No Federal Funding will be used to help keep Minority Youth off the street. (After School programs, College Prep Programs, etc.,)

Instead it will only be used to lock them up, even for committing very minor offenses.

Michael Barnes will more than likely make decisions on cases like the Tiffany Wright murder case based purely on Politics and Cover Ups for his Friends versus Fair Justice.


Michael Barnes and Charlotte Observer reporters will no doubt try to infuse Ethnicity into this upcoming Charlotte D.A.'s race just like they played the "race card" during Charlotte's last Mayoral election.

Just because the City of Charlotte has a Black Police Chief doesn't mean a Black D.A. will be a better choice.

Atlanta has a Black Police Chief and Black D.A.

Look at their high crime statistics!

For the record I'm NOT playing the "race card"!

I'm simply trying to demonstrate that a Black candidate isn't necessarily needed to be effective in a mostly Black Administration.

Perhaps you may not agree but as an African-American citizen who currently resides in Charlotte, more often than not I would rather cast my ballot for a White candidate (Andrew Murray) than a Black one.


The White candidate knows he or she will HAVE to do something constructive for the Black community or be labeled as a "Racist".

While Black candidates think if they mistreat Black citizens there is NO way anyone can call them a "Racist" or accuse them of Unfair practices.

As I stated above in essence Anthony Foxx is to blame for Charlotte's higher crime rates.

He's using Crime as a tool to push out Charlotte's lower income/ middle class constituents.

He could also possibly be a Snitch, snitching on Black people but that's another blog post for later.

In fact Mayor Anthony Foxx is behind most of Charlotte's Unfair practices, especially as it relates to Public Safety, Small Business Funding & Taxation.

While its true because of his ethnicity I can't label Anthony Foxx as a "Racist", that still doesn't get him off the hook for using Unfair Practices or for violating Civil Rights.

Unfair practices in the areas of: Code Enforcement, City Funded Small Business Financing, Legal Justice, Public Safety, Taxation, and Transportation.

Foxx recently revised the City of Charlotte Small Business program by allowing Funds to ONLY be awarded to applicants who focus on Banking, Energy, Health Care and Technology.

Given Charlotte's extreme Racism and negative racial climate, how many of Charlotte's Minority citizens currently have Small Businesses with a keen focus on Banking, Energy, Health Care or Technology?

Everyone knows the majority of Charlotte's Minority Small Business Owners focus mainly on Beauty Salons, Child Care and Construction.

Revising Charlotte's Small Business program was Anthony Foxx's way of locking out Black and Hispanic applicants.

I could go on but I'll stop here.

During the upcoming Charlotte D.A.'s, Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Commissioners and next Mayoral races I would strongly suggest Charlotte voters NOT listen to local media organizations.

After all it was the Charlotte Observer who endorsed Anthony Foxx and now look what a mess our city is in.

Higher Crime and rapid mistreatment of Charlotte's Minority citizens.

Once again I'll remind you I didn't vote for Anthony Foxx.

Did Foxx receive any White Voter support?

Yes, only from extremely Racist White Voters.

KKKs and other White Voters who didn't want Charlotte's good 'old boy system to change.

This group of Voters knew Anthony "Uncle" Foxx would be the perfect Politician to continue carrying out their agenda of keeping Charlotte's Minority citizens under foot.

On the other hand Charlotte Voters who wanted ALL constituents to be treated fairly, voted for Foxx's opponent John Lassiter.

I too voted for his Republican opponent John Lassiter (Caucasian).

Not all of Charlotte's Republican party members are biased or racist.

Some of them are kind-hearted towards Minority citizens and John Lassiter just happens to be one of those individuals.

John Lassiter's company once offered me a job several years ago after I met him at a Business function.

Would someone like Anthony Foxx or Michael Barnes have done the same?

No because I don't run in their little cliques and have no desire to do so.

In my opinion Charlotte's Minority citizens would have been treated more Fair had Lassiter been elected.

Looks like I was right.

For those of you who think Pres. Barack Obama approves of or endorses Anthony Foxx's dirty agenda (using Crime to get rid of "certain" people), WRONG!

You'll soon find this out.

By the way isn't it ironic how Barack Obama wasn't Anthony Foxx's first choice during the 2008 Presidential race (Hillary Clinton was per advice from Mel Watt), now suddenly he wants everyone to believe that Pres. Obama is his "homeboy"?

How hypocritical!

Check out the videos & articles below which provides more details about Charlotte's rising crime rates.

Remember to Vote Intelligently at the polls this November.


Charlotte Citizens Still Think High Crime Is A Major Problem

According to police, crime is down across Charlotte.

But a new survey shows that's not what people who live in the Queen City think.

According to a crime survey done by Neighbors for Safer Charlotte, crime is still a big issue to many.

The study surveyed 500 people from across Mecklenburg County.

Greg Flewelling is a member of the group and said, “We saw in our survey people don’t feel that crime is down.”

CMPD says things are getting better, but 75% of those surveyed say it just doesn’t feel that way.

“And we have to agree, based upon where Charlotte ranks with cities our size, we rank very high for crime rate,” Flewelling said.

The watchdog group found people feel police aren’t to blame, instead the absence of a role model at home and a lax court system are what has people really concerned.

“And they’d like to see more sentencing for repeat offenders,” Flewelling said.

The group says that’s what prompted the survey, the chance to change things.

Because, for the first time in more than thirty years, there will definitely be a new district attorney elected in November.

“It’s been such a long time since we’ve had a new DA , and they play such a critical role in the justice system. We hope we can raise awareness with people this election is happening,” said Flewelling

Neighbors for Safer Charlotte says they have passed the results of the survey on to CMPD.

Survey Results: Charlotte's Crime Problem Not Improving, Citizens Are Scared

Respondents to a survey organized by a Charlotte community organization disagree with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police statistics showing a dropping crime rate in the city.

About 80 percent of the approximately 500 people who participated in the survey said the crime problem in Charlotte is either unchanged or has gotten worse over the past two years.

The study was conducted in recent weeks by Neighbors For A Safer Charlotte, a grassroots organization founded in April 2008.

Their study results contrast with a steady stream of monthly crime statistics from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, showing -- for the most part -- that the crime rate has been dropping over the past 12 to 18 months. Earlier this week, CMPD statistics through March showed the overall crime rate is down 15 percent since the same time a year ago.

The survey results show that if CMPD statistics are correct, the perception among residents is that crime remains a big problem.

Respondents did not fall into the "lock-them-up-and-throw-away-the-key" category, as most of them said they support more mental health and substance abuse programs -- and said they believe only violent offenders should be put in jail.

Here are results from some of the organization's questions:

How much of a problem do you feel crime is in the Charlotte area?

75% rated it "serious" or "very serious"

In the past two years, has crime in Charlotte increased, stayed the same, or decreased?

42% said it is worse. Another 38% said it has remained the same.

Do you own a gun for protection?

31% said they owned a gun. Another 18 percent said they are considering buying one.

Which factors tend to increase the crime problem locally?

91% said gang and drug activity.

83% said the absence of a responsible parent or role model tends to increase crime activity among juveniles.

75% said lenient sentencing equals more crime.

50% said racial tensions were not likely to contribute to crime.

Not rated as significant factors were unemployment and poverty, and the lack of a police presence.

When asked has the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County done enough to deal with the crime problem?

79% of Respondents said more needs to be done.

Are the courts too lenient or too tough?

78% said they are too lenient.

Do you plan to vote in the District Attorney race in November?

91% said they plan to vote in that contest.

What would help solve the crime problem?

96% said tougher sentencing.

88% said more programs for juveniles outside regular school hours.

85% said more mental health and substance abuse programs.

70% said only violent offenders should be incarcerated.

Forbes List Charlotte, NC As America's 14th Most Dangerous City

(Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, N.C.-S.C. metropolitan statistical area)

Population: 1,635,133

Violent Crimes per 100,000: 721

View Larger Map

Sources: WCNC, WBTV, Creative Loafing, McClatchy Newspapers,,, NSC, Google Maps

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