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Monday, April 5, 2010

Charlotte, NC's Republican Party Shuns Diversity & Black Voters

So Michael Steele (RNC's first Black Chair) finally admits the GOP could possibly be a "little" racist.

What a revelation!

That's exactly why I defected to the Democrats three years ago.

Prior to switching I was a proud Black Republican, voting for such GOP heavy weights as George W. Bush, etc.,

Hold it!

Before you throw stones I voted for Bill Clinton too!


I am NOT and have never been a Straight Ticket Voter for any party.

Just because Bill Clinton is not a Conservative Republican doesn't mean I can't find common ground with him.

Bill Clinton was reaching out to help Minority Voters.

The Republican Party wasn't.

I was born Black NOT a Democrat or a Republican!

I chose to become a Republican because of my personal values.

I am mainly referring to Anti-Abortion, Pro-Life, Fiscally Responsible values.

In fact I was a very loyal Republican who truly believed the Republican Party was open and receptive to all ethnic groups, including Minorities.

However...after living in Racist Charlotte, NC for 20+ years, I became fed up with being consistently ignored by local Republicans (even during election time) and decided to try the N.C. Democratic Party.

Big mistake!

People who visit my blog on a regular basis have discovered how I feel about North Carolina's Corrupt Democratic Party.

So please know that I am NOT supporting N.C. Democrats!


North Carolina's Democrat Leaders are probably as Racist as most North Carolina Republicans.

For example North Carolina's Public Schools are all reverting back to Segregation.

I believe such destructive behavior (practicing Racial Discrimination) must definitely be a North Carolina regional thing because its rampant not only in Education, but also in Business Practices, Employment, Housing, the Legal System, etc.,

What are North Carolina's Democratic Leaders doing about it?

That's right! NOTHING!

This includes North Carolina's scared, weak Black Democrat Leaders.

Last time I checked doing nothing implies you agree.

Many Democrats such as myself thought the Obama Administration would be a decent, straight forward organization, leading by example.

Instead I along with millions of other American people witnessed acts of more Corruption and Political tricks.

It was very disappointing to say the least!

Yes I'm well aware Politics is a dirty game but silly me I still expect my Political Leaders to keep their word.

If a Political Candidate proclaims to be a "different kind of Democrat" (Not Corrupt, Transparent, etc.,), than once their elected that's exactly what they should be.

Nevertheless it didn't happen, which is why I've decided to just forget the titles (Democrats & Republicans) and affiliations to become an Independent Voter until death.

It won't be long before I make this final Political transition. (becoming an Independent NOT dying)

As I was stating above Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Republican Party seems to shun Black Voters.

With the exception of Charlotte City Council Member Andy Dulin, former City Council Member/ Mayoral Candidate John Lassiter and former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory, most Charlotte GOP leaders want NOTHING to do with inviting Minority citizens into the local Republican Party.

Thus the reason why most Black North Carolina residents are registered Democrats.

I don't know how many Black Charlotte Voters are currently registered as Republicans but its definitely not many.


Charlotte's GOP Leaders rarely if ever reach out to Black Voters in this community.

I alerted NC GOP Leaders on this issue.

The Leaders acknowledged such a problem does exist, however instead of addressing it they basically just turned a deaf ear and moved on.

Perhaps North Carolina GOP leaders forgot that Pres. Barack Obama wasn't elected only on the Black Vote (97% nationwide) but he also received close to 48% of the White Vote.

If the Republican Party thinks it will be able to win back Congress or win back North Carolina House/ Senate seats with White Voter support only, they are delusional.

Michael Steele may not be doing everything correct (no one does except God) but at least he represents a Black, Non-White face within the Republican Party.

At least he represents Diversity!


Unless GOP Leaders in North Carolina and across the country want Democrats to remain in power, they'd better warmly open their doors to Minority Voters.

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