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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Franklin Graham Apologizes Amid Pressure From Other Faith Leaders (What About Romney's Faith?)

Rev. Franklin Graham has apologized for publicly questioning Pres. Obama's Faith.

I do NOT agree with Rev. Franklin Graham endorsing Political Candidates.

Jesus Christ, God's ONLY Begotten Son did NOT do that so why Franklin Graham?
If I'm Wrong please show me in the Bible where Jesus involved himself in Politics.

Its Strange how Franklin Graham Did NOT Question George W. Bush's Faith & has NOT questioned Mitt Romney's Personal Relationship with God.
Nor has the Mainstream Media questioned Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith.

In fact the Mainstream Media has made Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith appear as the "Perfect" Religion to Aspire to even though the Mormon Doctrine clearly teaches that BLACK People derived from Satan and that BLACK People can NOT be Leaders.

So why hasn't Rev. Franklin Graham questioned Mitt Romney's Mormon Faith???

For the record Politics has been in effect since the World began.

But Jesus did NOT Publicly Endorse Politicians.

Nor does God Mandate it or Suggest doing so in his Word. i.e, The Holy Bible.
As a Man of God Franklin Graham's first & ONLY Obligation is to Preach & Teach God's Word. Period!

Since God does NOT Mandate It in his Word.
Since Jesus did NOT Do It, nor did his father Rev. Billy Graham do it....
Then neither should Rev. Franklin Graham Publicly Endorse Politicians.

Politics is a Dirty Business.

If Franklin Graham does NOT want to get Dirty or be made to look Foolish, then please refrain from Endorsing Political Candidates.

Just Teach & Preach God's Holy Word, Encourage Members of your Congregation to VOTE and Allow American Voters to think for themselves.

Franklin Graham apologizes for remarks on Obama's Faith

Evangelist Franklin Graham apologized Tuesday for comments he made about President Barack Obama's faith.

The son of Evangelist Billy Graham questioned Obama’s religious views in a controversial appearance on MSNBC last week.

He was asked during an interview if he believes America’s President is a Christian.

“I think you are going to have to ask President Obama,” Graham replied. “I think people have to ask Barack Obama. He’s come out saying that he’s a Christian. The question is, what is a Christian?”

When pressed on the question a second time, Graham said, “I cannot answer that question for anybody….I accept him at what he says. If says he’s a Christian, I accept that. I’m not going to say he’s not.”

Graham issued a statement saying he regretted those comments and he accepts Obama’s word that he is in fact a Christian.

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