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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Obama vs Democrats Who Voted For Rick Santorum In Michigan:"Political Mischief" Or Wake Up Call?

Many WHITE Democrats are beginning to shy away from Pres. Obama NOT because they are Racist but because many of them have noticed how his Administration fails to even help Protect his BLACK & Latino Voters. i.e., His Base!!!
The SAME BLACK & Latino Voters who put him in the White House in 2008.

In case you are wondering NO I am NOT Hating on Pres. Obama!

I repeat I am NOT Hating On Pres. Obama, just trying to Analyze & Rationalize a few things I Don’t Understand.

For Example:

I don’t Understand why Pres. Obama’s Administration & the BLACK Congressional Caucus failed to Address Widespread National Unemployment Discrimination against BLACKS, Latinos & Older Workers for the past 3 years.
His Administration Fought Diligently for Gay Rights But NOT for Unemployed BLACKS, Latinos & Older Workers.

I also don’t understand why Pres. Obama’s Administration Refuses to Investigate Or Reprimand NYPD’s Widespread Practice of Racial Profiling with the use of Federal Funds.

I don’t understand why Pres. Obama’s Administration is fighting Diligently to protect Women’s Rights Groups i.e., ABORTION Rights Proponents, while continuing to allow Congress to Slip Federal Funds to Planned Parenthood, when in 2010 he Signed the Bart Stupak Amendment which Promises he would NEVER give money for any ABORTION Provider Services.


I don’t understand why the Obama Administration has Refused to Address the Widespread GOP Voter Suppression Laws which currently Disenfranchise Millions Of BLACK, Latino, Senior Citizen & College Student Voters.

I repeat: I am NOT Hating On Pres. Obama, just trying to Analyze & Rationalize a few things I Don’t Understand.

I Really Want to See Pres. Obama be re-elected this Fall, I just don’t understand what is going on.

If Democrats on Capitol Hill & Pres. Obama's Re-election Staff think those WHITE Democrats who Voted for Rick Santorum Tuesday in Michigan was simply a "Political Trick" to hurt Mitt Romney, I have some Swamp Land in Florida to Sell them.

Didn't Mitt Romney win Michigan's Popular Vote Yesterday?
Well then I rest my case!

This Long Drawn Out GOP Primary is Strengthening the GOP, while Weakening Pres. Obama's Base because the Obama Administration & Congressional Democrats are failing to help their Base.

Who are the members of Pres. Obama's Base?

Millions of Unemployed, BROKE BLACK, Latino, Senior Citizen & College Student Voters currently being Disenfranchised by GOP Voter Suppression Laws!

Pres. Obama’s Re-election Staff & the Tired BLACK Congressional Caucus keeps telling us in the Media that as soon as the GOP nominates a Candidate, they will begin to Strike.

By then it may be too late!

GOP Leaders are intentionally dragging out this Primary as a way of Weakening Pres. Obama’s Base, while Strengthening their Own.

So what are Pres. Obama’s Re-election Staff & Democrats in Congress Waiting for?

Democrats Voting for GOP Candidates like Rick Santorum is NOT another example of "Political Mischief"!
Its a Wake Up Call!

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