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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston's Home Going Service Returns Attention To God & Jesus! R.I.P.

Pastor Marvin Winans, February 18, 2012, Newark, NJ, Whitney Houston's Home Going Service:
"God works all things after the counsel of his own will.
To Understand that you are NOT a mistake,
that you are not a mishap but that God had a Purpose before he ever created a person.
And that your existence on Earth has Significance.
So you recognize that you did NOT just show up but that God had a purpose for you."

Correction To Don Lemon's Comments: Not Everyone regardless of Race, goes "HOME" to God & Jesus when they Die. Only Born Again Christians.

Whitney Houston went Home to be God & Jesus because she was a Born Again Christian from a Young Girl. God Forgave Her & Still Loved Her.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston's Premature Death & Home Going Service Is Bringing The Focus Back To GOD Almighty & The Lord Jesus Christ Where It Belongs.
Today I Pray For The Salvation Of Many People All Over The World Today Attending Whitney's Home Going Service & Those Watching Whitney's
Service On TV and Online In Jesus Name!

Whitney's Death & Home Going Service Is Also Bringing Much Needed Attention To Newark, New Jersey’s Forgotten BLACK Community.
Especially Newark’s Historic New Hope Baptist Church.
New Hope Baptist Church Was Very Instrumental In The Civil Rights Movement But How Many Of Us Knew That???
Kudos To CNN's Don Lemon!
Great Coverage Don!

Whitney Houston's Premature Death Hurts Us ALL.
Her Death Especially Hurts Born Again Christians Because Whitney Was A Christian. YES! She Was A Christian.
She Was Reared In The Church By A Very Good Family.
She Was Naively Sucked Into The World Of Entertainment, Used To Make Money, Introduced To Drugs Than Discarded Like Trash Because To Music Industry Vultures She Was Worth More DEAD Than Alive!
Whitney Just Wanted To Sing.
However Little Did She Know That She Encounter What She Experienced.
It Destroyed Her.
She Wanted Out But They Didn’t Want To Let Her Go.
When She Tried To Get Out, They Turned Her Into A Drug Addict & Then Took Her Life.
Through It All..
God Almighty & The Lord Jesus Christ NEVER Stopped Loving Whitney.
The Devil Stole Whitney's Life But She Won Anyway!
She Won Because Today She's Is In Heaven With Her Heavenly Father & Her Lord Jesus Christ.
Her Body May Be Dead But Whitney's Soul Will Live Forever With God & Jesus!
So The Devil Did NOT Win.
God Won!
God Did NOT Take Whitney.
God Did NOT Take Michael.
Whitney Was Murdered!
She Did NOT Died From A Drug Overdose, Just As Michael Jackson Did NOT.
Whitney & Michael Were Both Murdered By Greedy Music Industry Insiders Who Wanted More MONEY!
Those People Responsible For The Deaths Of Whitney & Michael Will Be Attending Whitney's Service Today.
They Think God Did NOT See Them But He Did.
They Think They Are More Powerful Than God. WRONG!
God Will Vindicate Whitney & Michael.
On Judgement Day At The Name Of Jesus EVERY Knee Shall Bow, EVERY Tongue Shall Confess That Jesus Christ Is Lord!
Welcome Home Whitney! We Love You!

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