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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Osama's Home Video Footage Reveals His Private Life: Tired But Still Dangerous!

Today Pres. Obama's Administration Released To The Public Video Footage Taken From The Late Al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden's Compound In Pakistan.

Some Of The Footage Appears To Reveal A Tired, Aged Man Who Enjoyed Watching Global News Stories About Himself & His Extremist Antics On Satellite Television.

Surely Such An Innocent Looking, Older Guy Wouldn't Harm A Flea Right?


As We All Know, Looks Can Be Deceiving.

Osama Bin Laden Was Still As Dangerous A Terrorist In Those Home Videos As He Was When He Ordered The Destruction Of U.S. Property & U.S. Citizens On 09-11-2001.

This Was NOT A Guy To Be Trusted Like You Would Your Loving Grandfather.

He Was A Cold-Blooded Killer Who Hated America!

He Also Hated Most Human Beings, Including Many Muslim Citizens.

And He Used Al-Qaeda As A Tool To Spread Fear & Blackmail Money From World Leaders.

Thank God For Both Pres. Obama & Former Pres. G.W. Bush Whose Administrations Led To His Demise.

Thank God For The Wealth Of Intelligence Navy Seal Team 6 Gathered Before Leaving His Home After Completing The Mission (Killing Him).

It Ain't Over Yet But Thank God We Can All Breathe A Little Easier.

God Bless America!!!!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

U.S. officials unveil videos of bin Laden

Haunting and candid videos emerged of Osama bin Laden on Saturday, never-seen-before footage that provides clues into the psyche and stature of the world's most wanted terrorist.

Intelligence officials on Saturday unveiled five different videos of bin Laden that were confiscated from the raid by U.S. forces at his Pakistan compound, which left the al Qaeda leader and four others dead.

Officials say the new videos collected from the site in Abbottabad are a small slice of the haul considered to be the most significant amount of intelligence ever collected from a senior terrorist.

The video and other intelligence show that the slain al Qaeda leader was very much in control over the network's day-to-day operations, according to Pentagon officials briefing reporters.

The intelligence reveals that bin Laden and al Qaeda had a driving interest in taking on the United States and that the leader was involved in the details of plotting attacks.

The U.S. government edited and selected the snippets, and there is no audio to accompany the images. The lack of sound punctuates the chilling imagery and keeps bin Laden's words from being used as, officials say, militant propaganda.

One video looks like a home movie, a portrait of an old man watching television, but it is an image of a terrorist and suggests how conscious bin Laden was of his image.

Sporting a white-gray beard, bin Laden is seen sitting in front of a small television, flipping through a selection of satellite channels as he intently views video footage of himself.

A hunched Bin Laden is wearing a dark wool cap with a blanket draped around his shoulders, holding a clicker and slightly rocking in his seat in spartan surroundings.

One of the videos is a message to the United States officials believe was recorded in October or November. In that video, bin Laden's beard has been dyed black and he was well-composed as he delivered his message.

The three other videos are practice sessions for videos he was planning to release to the world.

The videos were shown amid the Obama adminstration's decision not to release photos of the slain bin Laden and bury the terrorist leader at sea.

A senior intelligence official briefing reporters at the Pentagon said last week's raid by U.S. forces yielded a significant amount of intelligence, and that a special federal taskforce -- including members of the CIA and FBI -- is combing through the material.

The official also said the DNA evidence unquestionably shows that the person shot and killed in the Pakistan compound was bin Laden.

The intelligence officials said they are trying to determine what bin Laden's death means to the future of al Qaeda and are combing through intelligence to get clues on where other top al Qaeda leaders are.

The No. 2 man in al Qaeda is Ayman al-Zawahiri; another top militant is Anwar al-Awlaki, the U.S. born militant who is a leader in the group's Yemen branch.

This week, al-Awlaki eluded a drone attack in southern Yemen as security personnel continue their hunt for him.

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Al Qaeda Confirms Bin Laden’s Death

Al Qaeda released a statement on militant Web sites Friday confirming the death of Osama bin Laden, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadi Web sites. The lengthy statement, dated May 3 and signed by Al Qaeda’s General Command, warned of new attacks and called on the Pakistani people to rebel against their government to protest its relations with the United States.

Bin Laden was killed in a United States raid early Monday morning in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

According to a translation provided by SITE, which ran more than three pages, the statement said that Al Qaeda would not die with its founder and that its members would “continue on the path of jihad.” Bin Laden’s blood, they added, would not be “wasted in vain.”

“It will remain, with permission from God the Almighty, a curse that chases the Americans and their agents, and goes after them inside and outside their countries,” the letter said. “Soon — with help from God — their happiness will turn into sorrow, and their blood will be mixed with their tears.”

The authors of the statement said that the people of Pakistan should revolt against their leaders to “cleanse this shame that has been attached to them” by the American raid.

The statement demanded that Bin Laden’s remains be given to his family, not disposed of in an “improper way”; his body was buried at sea on Monday by United States forces.

The statement also said the bodies of any relatives who had been killed should be handed over to the family and warned that “any offense will open unto you doors of multitudes of evil for which you will only have yourselves to blame.” One of Bin Laden’s sons was killed in the raid, according to American officials.

The statement announced that Bin Laden made an audio recording one week before his death, which Al Qaeda leaders said they plan to release soon.

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