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Saturday, May 7, 2011

GOP's 2012 "Class War" Campaign Agenda: Haves Vs. Have Nots!

Decision 2012 Is Just Around The Corner!

As It Stands A Political "Class War" Appears To Be On The Horizon.

The Haves ONLY Vs. The Haves & Have Nots!

Standing In Your Right Corner: The Haves ONLY!

Standing In Your Left Corner: The Haves & Have Nots!

If You Haven't Yet Decided Which Political Party To Support Or Which Presidential Candidate To Cast Your Ballot For Next Year, Please Allow Me To Reveal The Republican Party/ GOP's 2012 Campaign Platform Agenda.

After Reading This Blog Post, I'm Sure You'll Agree That Barack Obama Is The BEST Possible Candidate For Voters From All Walks Of Life To Support. Both College Graduates & Non-Grads.

FYI: Just In Case You Failed To Watch The 2012 GOP Primary Debate Which Aired On Fox News May 4, The Pickings Are VERY Slim This Time Around!

Who Am I Endorsing You Ask?

Well After Much Reflection & Observation I Have Decided To Support Pres. Barack Obama.

NO Its NOT Because He's Black!!

NO Its NOT Because He's A Democrat!!

I Have NEVER Voted Straight Ticket Or Straight Democrat & I Don't Plan To Do So Now.

And Yes I Have Voted For Republican Candidates In The Past & Will Probably Do So Again In The Future.

Ex: Next Fall I Plan To Cast My Ballot For GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pat McCrory Vs. Sitting Democrat Governor Bev Perdue.

Gov. Perdue Knows Why.

I'm Black & Her Policies Have NOT Been Favorable To North Carolina's Black Citizens.

Especially North Carolina's Middle Class & Lower Income Black Citizens.

Even Though Were It Not For Black Voters Gov. Perdue Would NOT Be Sitting In The N.C. Governor's Seat.

With That Said, Why Should I Continue Wasting My Vote On A Gubernatorial Candidate Who Is Just Going To Do The Same Exact Thing Once She's Re-elected?

Since There's Absolutely NO Way I'd Miss An Opportunity To Express My Political Freedom (Voting), I'd Rather Throw My Support Behind Gov. Perdue's Opposition, Pat McCrory.

As To The Reason Why I'm Supporting Sitting President Barack H. Obama, Its Because Hands Down Whether Anyone Else Agrees Or Not I Truly Believe That Because Pres. Obama Did NOT Come From A Wealthy Family He Sincerely Understands & Really Does Care About People From All Walks Of Life Regardless of Their Ethnicity, Educational Achievements Or Lack Of, Socio-Economic Status, etc.,

Pres. Obama Didn't Achieve Anything Via Special Entitlements Or Special Interests.

Instead He Worked Extremely HARD For His Accomplishments!

Thus He's The BEST Possible Person For The Job!

Yes Some Of His Policies & Political Decisions Have Ticked Me Off!

I Even Ranted & Fussed About Some Of His Political Decisions That I Didn't Agree With Initially.

However Once I Learned More Information, I Discovered No Need For Alarm Was Necessary.

No Human Being Always Agrees With Another Human Being 100% Of The Time. If So Than Something Is Wrong.

But That's Life!

You Disagree Than Move On.

At The End Of The Day Its What Matters Most That Counts.

What Matters Most To Me Is Helping To Elect A U.S. President Who Will Fight Just As Hard For The Little Old Lady On Social Security, A School Teacher Or Factory Worker, As He Would A Billionaire!

Perhaps I'm Living In A Dream World But That's What I Believe!

Now Hold On To Your Seat While Perusing The Information Listed Below.

Once You Discover What Most GOP Lawmakers/ Candidates Are Plotting For America's Voters In 2012 & Beyond, Including Their Own Loyal Republican Constituency!

You Too Will Agree That Pres. Obama Is The BEST Possible Presidential Candidate For 2012!

The Haves ONLY Vs. The Haves & Have Nots!

Welcome To The 2012 GOP Class War!

See You At The Polls!


1) Fewer Jobs For Middle Class & Lower Income Workers!

Where Are ALL Those Manufacturing Jobs GOP Lawmakers/ Candidates Promised To Bring Back To America From Overseas After Winning Last November's Elections??

What About Infrastructure Jobs Right Here In America?

Why Are GOP Lawmakers Refusing To Accept Funds To Build High Speed Rail Lines, Bridges, Tunnels, etc., When Such Huge Infrastructure Projects Help To Create Long Term Employment?

Even If Those Types Of Jobs Only Last Five Years, Isn't It Better To Have People Working For Five Years Than NOT Have Them Working For Five Years??

2) Killing Medicare & Medicaid, Opposing Community Health Center Funding & Denying Disability Checks To TRULY Disabled Middle Class And Lower Income Citizens!!

Why Does The GOP Want To Kill Medicare, Thus Killing Off Elderly Americans & Hurting Many Senior Citizens?

In Fact This Idea Sounds Quite Similar To Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" LIE From 2009 When She Claimed That Pres.Obama's Health Care Bill Would Kill Off Senior Citizens.

Why Not Save Medicare & Medicaid By Stopping The Fraud Which Occurs In Each State Because Governors Frequently Use Medicare & Medicaid Funding To Balance Their State Budgets??

Why Are GOP Lawmakers Plotting To Eliminate Medicaid Thus Leaving Millions Of Middle Class & Lower Income Children & Youth Without Access To Proper Medical & Dental Care?

Why Are GOP Lawmakers In Opposition To Funding For Community Health Centers Which Helps Provide Access To Quality Medical Care In Urban/ Poor Communities And Which Employ Medical Students Who Earned Their Medical Degrees Via Government-Backed Physician Training Programs??

And Why Are Super Wealthy American Citizens Being Allowed To STILL Receive Social Security Checks Regardless Of Their Assets, While Millions Of Truly Disabled Middle Class And Lower Income Citizens Are Denied Disability Checks Everyday In This Country?

3) Supporting More Tax Breaks & Corporate Loopholes For Billionaires & Millionaires! Yet Opposed To Revising U.S. Tax Code!

Why Is The GOP Opposed To Raising Taxes On Millionaires & Billionaires When Those SAME Millionaires & Billionaires Are Sending American Jobs Overseas While Benefiting From Huge Tax Breaks??

Why Is The GOP Working So Diligently To Keep The Current Corrupt U.S. Tax Code As Is, Thus Allowing Billionaires & Millionaires To Pay ZERO To Very Little In Federal & State Taxes?

As The Middle Class & Lower Income Citizens Wages Decline We Pay HIGHER Taxes.

As The Rich Get Richer (By Sending Jobs Overseas To Pay Lower Wages), They Pay FEWER Taxes.

Sometimes NOTHING At All!

4) In Favor Of Making It Harder For Small Business Owners, Especially Black & Hispanic-Owned Small Business Owners To Get Credit Or Be Approved For Loans, Thus Adversely Affecting Job Growth!

So Can Anyone Tell Me Why GOP Lawmakers Are In Favor Of Allowing Big Banks (Too Big Too Fail) NOT To Approve Creditworthy, Low Interest Loans For Small Business Owners, Especially Minority-Owned Small Businesses?

If Small Business Owners Can't Get Decent Loans, Than How Can They Continue To Help Create Jobs For Their Communities? Especially Urban Communities.

And While We're On That Subject, Can Someone Please Tell Me Why GOP Lawmakers Are Allowing The 3 Largest Credit Reporting Agencies:
Equifax, Experian & Trans Union, To Continue Practicing Discrimination Against Black & Hispanic Citizens As It Relates To Credit & FICO Scores?

Why Are There Always More Errors On The Credit Reporting Files Of Black & Hispanic Consumers Vs. White Consumers?

Such Racist Practices In The Workplace & Business World Adversely Affects Employment Opportunities For Black & Hispanic Job Seekers.

Do You Mean To Tell Me That ONLY White People Have Perfect Or Near Perfect Credit Scores??


Perhaps This Explains Why Some GOP Lawmakers Are Opposing Elizabeth Warren's Confirmation As Director Of Pres. Obama's Consumer Protection Agency!

5) Giving Tax Subsidies To BIG Oil Companies! Especially Foreign Oil Companies!!

Why Does The GOP Wish To Continue Giving Huge Tax Subsidies To BIG Oil Companies? Especially Foreign Oil Companies?

6) Gas Price Gouging!

Why Is The GOP Engaging In Gas Price Gouging For Political Gain??


Why Is The GOP Engaging In Such Ugly Racist, Divisive Behavior Prior To The 2012 Elections?

Why Does The GOP Wish To Continue Job Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Etc., All For Political Gain??

8) Killing Pell Grants, Pushing High Interest Student Loans To Black & Hispanic College Students, Verifying Black & Hispanic Students NOT White College Students & Supporting Segregated Public Schools With Federal Money!!

Why Is The GOP Working To Kill Pell Grants Thus Hindering The Education Of Millions Of Black & Hispanic College Students??

Thus Those Same Black & Hispanic Students Are Being Forced To Apply For & Accept High Interest Student Loans, While White Students Are Still Being Allowed To Receive Pell Grants & Receive Low Interest Student Loans.

In Addition More Than 75% Of All Black & Hispanic College Students Financial Aid Profiles Are Being Consistently Verified Annually By The U.S. Dept Of Education & FASFA, While Only About 20% Of White College Students Are Being Consistently Annually Verified.

Such Discriminatory Student Financial Aid Practices Are Frequently Used At Private Or Technical Schools In The South.
Ex. North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia.

Even Though There Have Been Numerous Civil Rights Complaints Filed To The U.S. Dept Of Education For Further Investigation Into Such Discriminatory Practices, STILL It Continues!

How Can This Be?

Do You Meant To Tell Me That The Parents Of White Students ALL Have Perfect Credit & The Parents Of Black Students ALL Have Bad Credit??


And Why Are GOP Lawmakers In Support Of Using Federal Money To Segregate Public Schools Nationwide??

9) No Challenging GOP Presidential Frontrunner!

Who Is The GOP's 2012 Presidential Race Frontrunner??

So Far The Current 2012 GOP Candidates Are BORING & Present NO Real Challenge To Barack Obama Which Is GREAT For Him!

Ex: Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, etc.,

If The GOP REALLY Thinks Herman Cain Can Beat Barack Obama, I Have Some Swamp Land In Florida I'd Love To Sell You!! Ha Ha Ha!

10) Michael Steele's Firing & More Racism!!

Let's Be Real For A Moment Shall We?

Did The GOP Fire Michael Steele Because He Was Black?

Or Because He Was A Black Man With His OWN Mind, Who Spoke Up?

Why Does The GOP Appear To Hate Black People & Other People Of Color?? What Have We Done Wrong To Your Party??

11) Debt Ceiling Bribery!!

Why Are GOP Lawmakers Intentionally Choosing NOT To Raise The Debt Ceiling When They Did It So Nicely (Without Drama) When Pres. George W. Bush Was Still In Office??

In Fact The Debt Ceiling Was Raised Twice While Pres. G. W. Bush Was Still In Office!

Can You Explain Why GOP Lawmakers Voted "YES" To Raise The Debt Ceiling Without Spending Caps For G. W. Bush & "NO" Or "Maybe" With Spending Caps For Pres. Obama??

If It Isn't Racism Then What Is It??

12) Opposing Labor Unions & Opposing Workers' Rights!

Why Does The GOP Hate Labor Unions, Workers' Rights & Collective Bargaining Rights??

Is It Because The GOP Supports Paying American Workers Lower Wages And Providing Them With Little To No Benefits??

Including School Teachers, Police Officers & Firefighters??

13) Osama Bin Laden's Death, G.W.Bush's "War On Terror", Government Contractors & Bringing American Troops Home!

Why Did It Take Pres. Obama's Administration 2 Years To Locate & Kill Key Al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden, Yet G.W. Bush's Administration Wasted 8 Years, Spent Trillion$ & NEVER Located Him??

I Appreciate Pres. G.W. Bush's Efforts But Why Did It Take Him 8 Years To NOT Find Osama??

Why Does The GOP Want To Continue The Unnecessary "War On Terror" Not To Protect Our National Security But ONLY For The Purpose Of Continuing To Award Fat Government Contracts As Political Favors?

Why Did The GOP Attempt To Diminish Pres. Obama Administration's Credit For Locating & Killing Osama Bin Laden In 2 Years, While It Took G.W. Bush's Administration 8 Years To NEVER Locate Or Kill Him??

When Will GOP Lawmakers Begin Working With Pres. Obama To Help Safely Transition Our Troops Out Of Afghanistan??

I'm Not Saying The U.S. Should Totally Abandon Afghanistan Or Pakistan, However Different Strategies For Catching Terrorists Are Necessary In The 21st Century.

14) Opposing Alternative & Renewable Energy!!

Why Does The GOP Continue To Oppose Pres. Obama's Alternative, Renewable, Green Energy Policies?

Isn't It Time For America To STOP Depending On Foreign Oil & Fossil Fuel??

15) Opposition To Common Sense Yet FAIR Illegal Immigration Policies!

Why Have GOP Lawmakers Been So Resistant To Pres. Obama's Policies & Plans To Help Illegal Immigrants Find A Fair Path To U.S. Citizenship?

Why Are GOP Lawmakers Still Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Be Racially Profiled & Deported For Simple, Non-Violent, Non-Drug Related Offenses?

Ex: Traffic Tickets.

16) Opposing The Consumer Protection Agency & Supporting Corrupt Foreclosure Practices!

Why Are GOP Lawmakers Fighting Against Pres. Obama's Consumer Protection Agency & Continuing To Support Corrupt Foreclosure Practices Which Have Caused Millions Of Homeowners To Lose Their Homes?

Ex: Country Wide & Indy Mac.

17) Supporting Privatization Of Prisons While Helping To Imprison More Black & Hispanic Men!

Why Are GOP Lawmakers & Candidates In Support Of Privatization Of Prisons & Jails Which Encourages The Imprisoning Of Black & Hispanic Citizens?

Even Those Who Commit Non-Violent, Non-Drug Related Offenses Or Are First Time Offenders?

Why Are GOP Lawmakers In Favor Of More Black & Hispanic Men Being Thrown Into Prison For Minor Offenses Than Investing Money Into Sending More Black & Hispanic Men To College?

While WHITE Men Are Committing Far More Serious Offenses (Felonies) & Are Instead Just Walking Away With Probation Or A Slap On The Wrist??

Inquiring Minds Would REALLY Like To Know!!

Now As You Can See The GOP's 2012 Campaign Agenda Platform Is Seriously Lopsided To ONLY Help Super Wealthy, White Citizens, NOT The Average American Voter!

As President Obama Said Today "We've Got Better Stuff To Do" For ALL Americans NOT Just Wealthy White Citizens.

GOP Candidates You're Screwed Dudes!!

VOTE OBAMA IN 2012!!!!!!

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Wisconsin's protests: 'Class war'?

Only one player in the Wisconsin showdown over public-employee union bargaining rights is refusing to budge:

Gov. Scott Walker (R), who wants to gut those rights.

That's because this "isn't about the state budget, despite Mr. Walker's pretense that he's just trying to be fiscally responsible," argues Paul Krugman in The New York Times. It's about destroying unions, and making America "less of a functioning democracy and more of a third-world-style oligarchy." Anyone who thinks we need to counter-balance the "political power of big money" should support the protesters.

Is Krugman's "class war" argument persuasive?

Gut unions and the middle class pays: Unions aren't perfect, says Kevin Drum in Mother Jones.

But they really are "the only large-scale movement left that persistently acts in the economic interests of the middle class." Walker and other conservatives "argue that labor unions simply shouldn't exist" — but look at the loss of middle class earning power as private-sector unions have all but disappeared over the past 30 years.

That's no coincidence.

"Why we need unions"

This is unions vs. taxpayers, not rich vs. poor: "Even if you acknowledge the importance of unions in representing middle-class interests, there are strong arguments on Walker's side," says David Brooks in The New York Times.

Public-sector unions are "very different creatures" from private-sector ones, since public unions "push against the interests of taxpayers," not shareholders, and help elect their own bosses. Wisconsin can't afford such an expensive "luxury" anymore.

"Make everybody hurt"

This affects all workers: "You can't separate public and private unions," says Ezra Klein in The Washington Post.

They are both about self-interested workers negotiating with self-interested management, period. Taxpayers pay when public-sector employees get raises, and consumers pay when private workers get salary bumps. But we all "reap many of the benefits" from unionization: Weekends, safe workplaces, health care... Good or bad, that's what is at stake here.
"You can't separate public and private unions"

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