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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bush Forgives Kanye West: Kayne Apologizes

Bush Forgives Kanye West For Calling Him A Racist

It looks like George W. Bush and Kanye West have buried the hatchet—at least for now.

In a taped interview on NBC's "Today" show, the often-impulsive rapper told Matt Lauer that he now regrets having said after Hurricane Katrina that Bush "doesn't care about black people."

"I would tell George Bush: In my moment of frustration, I didn't have the grounds to call him a racist," West said. "I believe that in a situation of high emotion like that, we as human beings don't always choose the right words."

In Bush's new memoir, "Decision Points," Bush calls the moment "disgusting" and the lowest ebb of his presidency.

Appearing separately on "Today," Bush, upon seeing a video of West's remarks, replied, "I appreciate that." But he added: "It wasn't just Kanye West who was talking like that during Katrina. I cited him as an example."

Asked if he forgives West, Bush said "absolutely."

"I'm not a hater. I don't hate Kanye West," he said. "But I was talking about an environment in which people were willing to say things that hurt. Nobody wants to be called a racist, if in your heart you believe in the equality of race."

It's a little unclear how sorry West really is. He has said repeatedly over the last week that he's "empathetic" toward Bush--but the rapper took to Twitter on Tuesday to criticize NBC. He said (in all capital letters) that Lauer "tried to force my answers."

He continued: "It was very brutal, and I came there with only positive intent."

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