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Sunday, September 26, 2010

North Carolina Decision 2010: Best Of State Election Picks: Burr & Murray!

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

Decision 2010!

November 2010 North Carolina Best Of State Picks:

U.S. Senate: Richard Burr (R) (Only Because Cal Cunningham Is No Longer In The Race.)

U.S. House Of Representatives: (12th District) Greg Dority (R)

U.S. House Of Representatives: (9th District) Sue Myrick (R)

U.S. House Of Representatives: (8th District) Harold Johnson (R)

N.C. Senate: (35th) Tommy Tucker (R)

N.C. Senate: (37th) C. Morgan Edwards (R)

N.C. Senate: (38th) Cedric Scott (R)

N.C. Senate: (39) Bob Rucho (R)

N.C. Senate: (40th) John Anarella (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (98th) Thom Tillis (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (99th) Michael T. Wilson (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (100th) Tricia Cotham (D)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (101th) Rebecca H. Steen (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (102th) Becky Carney (D)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (103th) Bill Brawley (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (104th) Ruth Samuelson (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (105th) Rick Killian (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (106th) Michael Cavallo (R)

N.C. House Of Representatives: (107th) Kelly M. Alexander Jr. (D)

Superior Court District 26B: Bill Constangy (Non-Partisan)

Superior Court District 26B: Donnie Hoover (Non-Partisan)

District Court 26: Twyla E. Hollingsworth (Non-Partisan)

District Court 26: Rickye McKoy-Mitchell (Non-Partisan)

District Court 26: Theo Nixon (Non-Partisan)

Mecklenburg County District Attorney: Andrew Murray (R) (Excellent Choice For Mecklenburg County's Next District Attorney's Office. I Strongly Believe Mr. Murray Will Treat Everyone Fair. Please Support Him In This Election.)

Mecklenburg County Sheriff: Chipp Bailey (D)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large: Harold Cogdell Jr. (D) (I Really Appreciate How Well He Represents Mecklenburg County. Please Support Him In This Election.)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large: Jim Pendergraph (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner At-Large: (Dan Ramirez) (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (1) Karen Bentley (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (2) Vilma Leake (D) (I Really Appreciate How Well She Represents Her District. Please Support Her In This Election.)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (3) Barbara Eveland (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (4) Virginia Mewborne Spykerman (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (5) Neil Cooksey (R)

Mecklenburg County Commissioner: (6) Bill James (R)

Voters Haven't North Carolina Residents Endured Enough Corruption The Past 112 Years??

Along With President Obama's Historic Election In 2008, The November 2, 2010 General Elections Could Be One Of The Most Important Elections Of This Century.

I Am Encouraging Every Eligible, Registered North Carolina Voter To Please Get Out & Vote!

If You Don't Vote, Than Later On Don't Complain!

Here Are My Election Picks For The Citizens Of North Carolina & Mecklenburg County.

This Are The Candidates I Support. You Don't Have To Agree.

Due To How Poorly Democrats Have Represented Black Voters In This State For 112 Years, I Am Throwing My Hat In The Ring For A Republican Majority.

Thus Most Of My Picks Are Republicans.

Once Again These Are MY 2010 Election Picks!

For The Record I Would Like To Remind North Carolina's Black Voters That Despite A Democrat Controlled Government For The Past 112 Years, North Carolina Remains Very Racist State, With Clear Evidence Of Blatant Discrimination In All Levels Of Government.


Public Schools (Segregation), Small Business Opportunities, Government Contracts For Black-Owned Businesses, Health Care, Mental Health Care, Mass Transportation (Especially In Charlotte), Housing, Criminal Justice, Civil Rights, College Funding, Death Penalty, Intentionally Killing Young Black Men Or Putting Them In Prison, Not Investigating Murders Of Black Women & Sexual Abuse Of Black Girls, Intentionally Keeping Black Children In Foster Care To Secure More Federal Funds, Highest Unemployment Rate Among Blacks But Not Wanting To Give Black Unemployed Residents Unemployment Benefits, Highest Number Of Blacks Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure, Enforcing Unfair Taxation Laws For Blacks, Allowing Developers To Build Shoddy Homes For Black & Hispanic Homeowners (Charlotte), Artificially Inflated Property Home Values (Charlotte), (Closing Libraries & Pools In Black Communities, Higher Utility Bills For Black Consumers Vs. White Consumers, Intentionally Violating Federal H.U.D. Laws For Affordable Housing (Charlotte), Allowing Developers To Include Mandatory Crooked HOA (Home Owner Associations) Contracts Into Home Loans Contracts For Black Home Buyers (Charlotte), etc.,

I Also Want To Remind Black Voters That The Democratic Party Doesn't Own The Black Vote.

Black Voters Own The Black Vote!

As I've Mentioned Several Times Previously, I Do NOT Advocate Or Support Straight Ticket Voting!

Before Returning To The Polls This November Please Do Your Research. I Suggest Very Carefully.

Vote Your Conscious NOT Ethnic Group/ Race Or Culture.

Vote Your Conscious NOT Political Party.

And Please Check Public Service Records & Double Check Resumes!

More Importantly Pray & Seek God's Wisdom On Whom To Cast Your Ballots For This November.

Its Time For Real CHANGE In North Carolina!!

See You At The Polls.


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