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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jason Burgess ("Golden Boy") Fills His Mother's Seat, Nepotism Wins!

Jason Burgess Named To Charlotte City Council Seat

Jason Burgess, the son of former Mayor Pro-Tem Susan Burgess, was appointed Monday to serve the remainder of his mother's term on Charlotte's City Council.

Susan Burgess resigned from her At-Large seat last week, citing her battle with terminal cancer. She had asked that her son be named to complete her term, which expires at the end of next year.

In an 8-2 vote by council members Monday evening, Jason Burgess, a vascular surgeon, was named to the At-Large seat.

Council members Warren Cooksey and Warren Turner voted against the appointment. They had questioned the need to fill the vacant spot just seven days after the resignation of a 9-year council veteran.

Burgess was one of 24 people who applied for the council job. Applicants had to be a registered Democrat, live in the city limit, and could not have a felony conviction.

Some council members suggested all applicants should have an opportunity to address city leaders before a decision was made on Burgess' vacant seat.

"They haven't had a voice," said council member Andy Dulin prior to Monday's vote. "They haven’t had a way to come down and talk to us."

Jason Burgess, along with two other applicants, Svend Deal and Nancy Bowen Wiggins, spoke in a hearing open to all candidates before the decision.

Deal said he had known Burgess since middle school when the two were sports competitors.

"If you don't choose him, I think I'm your best candidate," Deal said.

Wiggins said she was concerned Burgess' appointment to his mother's former seat would leave just two women, Nancy Carter and Patsy Kinsey on the 12-member council.

A swearing-in ceremony for Burgess was planned for Tuesday.

Despite no previous experience in local government, Burgess said he felt his mother had prepared him to serve as a city leader.

"Mom and I have talked about a lot of these things around the dinner table ," Burgess told NewsChannel 36. "Hopefully I’ll come to the same conclusions that she would have. I think that’s why she’s chosen me."

During tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting Jason Burgess, son of terminally ill & long time Public Servant Susan Burgess, was specially appointed to fill his mother's seat.

This process occurred even after 24 applicants several of them equally qualified as Jason, submitted applications for consideration.

Council members Warren Cooksey (R) and Warren Turner (D) both suggested delaying the appointment process for one week than voting, however their motion was voted down.

James Mitchell (political hack and "yes" man) eagerly offered up the motion to quickly appoint Jason Burgess tonight.

The rest as they say "is history".

Councilman Patrick Cannon (D) was voted to become new Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem.

Cannon also served as Mayor Pro Tem with former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory.

Oh well I guess the Democratic process doesn't mean anything to Charlotte Voters.

In other "We the people" doesn't mean squat to Charlotte City Council members.

Folks I urge you to remember how your voice didn't count when it times to re-elect a new council in November 2011.

Charlotte City Council To Appoint Susan Burgess' Replacement Tonight, Likely To Be Jason Burgess

The Charlotte City Council will decide tonight who will replace Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess.

Burgess has been battling cancer for more than three years and is currently in hospice care. She resigned from her position last week.

Burgess has told council members she would like her son, Jason, to fill her seat until her term is over in 2011.

According to city law, Burgess' replacement must be at least 21 years old, must be from the same political party -- a Democrat -- and must live within city limits.

At least two dozen other people have submitted applications for the spot.

Councilmember Andy Dulin told NewsChannel 36 he wants to make sure everyone who submitted an application is given a fair chance to take the spot.

"My suggestion to the council tonight, and I hope they listen to me, is that we delay for one week and we give the 24 that signed up to replace her the opportunity to come down for comment just like we've always done before," Dulin said.

Dulin said if the council votes tonight, it appears that Burgess' son will get the votes needed to fill her seat.

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