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Monday, June 14, 2010

Charlotte City Leaders Ignore Voters Will Appoint Jason Burgess (Vote No In 2011!)

Whatever happened to "We The People?"

With all due respect to terminally ill former Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess, she is NOT Ted Kennedy! In fact Mrs. Burgess doesn't even come close!

If Charlotte City Council members have already decided to select Susan's son Jason, will it hurt them to at least give the other 23 applicants a fair chance or hear them out?

Apparent misuse of the process to replace a Charlotte City Council member stinks to high heaven!

I can hardly wait until 2011 when current council members (most of them) will hopefully be voted out. Unless of course those Straight Ticket Voters from Beatties Ford rd keeps these "Political Dictators" in public office for another decade.

Let us pray people. Let us pray.

Check out the video and article below which reveals that Jason Burgess may indeed be stepping in to fill her dying mother's shoes regardless of what Charlotte Voters want.

Here's a word to the wise: Vote Responsibly in 2011!

Charlotte City Council To Appoint Susan Burgess' Replacement Tonight, Likely To Be Jason Burgess

The Charlotte City Council will decide tonight who will replace Mayor Pro Tem Susan Burgess.

Burgess has been battling cancer for more than three years and is currently in hospice care. She resigned from her position last week.

Burgess has told council members she would like her son, Jason, to fill her seat until her term is over in 2011.

According to city law, Burgess' replacement must be at least 21 years old, must be from the same political party -- a Democrat -- and must live within city limits.

At least two dozen other people have submitted applications for the spot.

Councilmember Andy Dulin told NewsChannel 36 he wants to make sure everyone who submitted an application is given a fair chance to take the spot.

"My suggestion to the council tonight, and I hope they listen to me, is that we delay for one week and we give the 24 that signed up to replace her the opportunity to come down for comment just like we've always done before," Dulin said.

Dulin said if the council votes tonight, it appears that Burgess' son will get the votes needed to fill her seat.

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Sources:, WCNC, Google Maps

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