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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emirates Jet In JFK "No-Fly" Scare Is Released, False Match

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Emirates Jet Briefly Stopped At JFK In "No Fly" Scare

An Emirates airline jet that was briefly detained on a taxiway Thursday at New York's JFK airport was later allowed to leave for Dubai after officials checked the name of a passenger against the U.S. "no fly" list.

The passenger's name was found to be similar to one on the list, but not an exact match, officials said, describing the security scare as a "false alarm."

The pilots had requested permission to taxi for takeoff when Customs and Border Protection blocked the plane from taxiing.

The incident came days after a failed bomb attack on New York's Times Square that has heightened security concerns in America's most populous city.

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Sources: AP, MSNBC, Google Maps

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