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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Andrew Murray Endorsed By Chris Swecker Former FBI Assistant Director

Chris Swecker Endorses Andrew Murray For Charlotte's 2010 D.A. Race

On Feb. 26th of this year Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker (Washington, DC) threw his excellent reputation behind Charlotte D.A. candidate and prominent Criminal Attorney Andrew Murray, by endorsing Murray's campaign.

Since Charlotte's local media organizations intentionally ignored this important news, I have taken it upon myself to alert Charlotte citizens of this crucial information.

Initially Mr. Swecker pondered running for this office but after careful consideration decided it was in the best of Charlotte citizens and Voters to fully support Mr. Murray.

Mr. Swecker is now employed as a Corporate Attorney specializing in Financial Crimes.

Mr. Murray a Republican, states he is humbled by Mr. Swecker's endorsement.

Andrew Murray has also received endorsements from former Charlotte Mayor & Attorney Richard Vinroot, former Charlotte City Council member & Mayoral Candidate, Attorney John Lassiter and Black Political Buzz Blog.

Mr. Murray's Democrat opponent in the Charlotte D.A.'s race is current Charlotte City Council member and Attorney Michael Barnes.

I urge Charlotte Voters to please cast their ballots intelligently and responsibly in this Fall's general elections.

Please don't let the Charlotte Observer (community nickname: "Charlotte Disturber") sway you or tell you whom to support in political races.

Remember last year when the Observer endorsed Anthony Foxx?

Well now look at Charlotte's high Crime rate!

Instead of voting for someone based upon Racism or Racial "guilt trips", look at each candidate's unique Qualifications and EXPERIENCE.

Upon doing so assess what each candidate will bring to the table to help improve Charlotte's Public Safety overall.

Its time to stop playing Partisan Political games and do what's best for ALL Charlotte-Mecklenburg residents regardless of their age, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

I will continue to pray for God Almighty to put the right people in public office all over this nation.

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