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Sunday, November 27, 2016



Sources: Atlantic Records, YouTube
Poem Author: Laurel @Black Political Buzz


I need help.

Bad things keep trying to hold me down.

The devil wants to destroy me.

He wants me to give up, wants me to surrender my life to Failure and Defeat.

But I won't listen to him.

I know what to do.

You see as a child whenever anyone needed help in their lives, I often observed my Grandmother, my Mother and the Church Sisters pray for tormented people until something happened, until a breakthrough occurred.

My Grandmother, Mother and the Church Sisters would spend hours on their knees calling out to Almighty God to send down his Mercy, send down his Grace, send down Divine Intervention.

Eventually a Miracle occurred or Deliverance came to that victim's aid.

Now I am an Adult facing what appears to be an Insurmountable Challenge.

The devil thinks he has won.

Thinks this time he will put an end to God's preordained Destiny for my life.

Ha ha ha! I laugh!

Mr devil won't succeed in these efforts.

Although my Grandmother has since gone on to Glory, my Mother and the Church Sisters remain on earth as Faithful Prayer Warriors to intercede for human beings desperately in need of a touch from Heaven to fix what is broken.

When Momma Prays she prays with bold Authority and Confidence in God's word.

When Momma prays all of Heaven stands at attention, ready to deploy and stop demonic forces in their tracks in Jesus name!

When Momma prays Male Angels standing more than seven feet tall, pull out their flaming swords ready to strike when given the command.

Now I need help again.

I'm facing what appears to be an Insurmountable Challenge.

However I know what to do.

I will call Momma and tell her to gather the other Prayer Warriors.

Except this time..........

I don't just want Momma and the Church Sisters to Pray until something happens.

This time I want Momma to also teach me how to pray until something happens.

Lord thank you for giving me a Momma who knows how to PRAY.

When Momma prays.

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