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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton vs Jeb Bush: Personal Wealth In 2016 And How BLACK Nepotism Contributes To BLACK Poverty





The GOP wants to depict HILLARY CLINTON as this super Elite, uber Wealthy member of Society whom no regular everyday Voter can relate to.

Coming from a Political Party loaded with BILLIONAIRE Supporters, this Political Gimmick Rhetoric is such HYPOCRISY!

What about JEB BUSH??

Isn't JEB BUSH Wealthy too??

Isn't GH BUSH super Wealthy?

Isn't GW BUSH also super Wealthy?

Isn't MITT ROMNEY super Wealthy?

Isn't JOHN MCCAIN super Wealthy?

Wasn't RONALD REAGAN super Wealthy?

Wasn't JOHN F KENNEDY super Wealthy?

Isn't RUPERT MURDOCH super Wealthy?

Aren't the KOCH Brothers super Wealthy?

Isn't ART POPE super Wealthy??

The only Successful U.S. Presidential Candidates who weren't super Wealthy were ABRAHAM LINCOLN.......JIMMY CARTER..........BILL CLINTON..........and BARACK OBAMA JR.

GOP leaders, GOP Strategist and FOX NEWS need to Stop being HYPOCRITES on the issue of a Candidate's Personal WEALTH.

So it's acceptable for MEN to be super Wealthy but Not WOMEN?

Does GOD want only MEN to be Wealthy and Not WOMEN??

Please show me where such Foolish Theology is written in the BIBLE.

I've read the entire BIBLE and have Never come across any Scriptures referencing such Foolishness!

HILLARY CLINTON did Not grow up as a Wealthy Child.

Thus She should not run from her Personal Wealth for which She has Worked hard to acquire as an Adult.

Nor should HILLARY be Ashamed of any Opportunities She has been Blessed with as a WOMAN who resides in the United States.

Instead HILLARY should be Thankful to GOD for Blessing Her with Opportunities to achieve Greatness and Wealth, just as the LORD GOD Blessed OPRAH.

HILLARY should also Embrace Her Personal Wealth by using Her Wealth & Good Fortune to help LIFT the 47% who want to come out of POVERTY.

The United States remains a Melting Pot and a Land Flowing with Milk & Honey!

Acquiring Wealth is a Conduit for helping LIFT People out of the pit of POVERTY, and to then encourage those People to do likewise.

Everyone in the United States can SUCCEED if provided with OPPORTUNITIES versus Discriminatory BARRIERS.

Helping LIFT People out of POVERTY via removing Discriminatory BARRIERS and providing them with OPPORTUNITIES to acquire WEALTH is the Foundation of AMERICA's Legacy!

When GOD Blesses a Human Being with Great Wealth there is no need to Apologize!

Instead use that Wealth to reach back and help show other People how to acquire Wealth.

Reaching back to help LIFT up other People out of POVERTY via Equal OPPORTUNITIES, is where the BLACK American Community has FAILED BLACK Voters.

In most instances the BLACK American Community only helps other BLACK People if they are in the same FRATERNITY or the same SORORITY.

Most BLACK People who are Hired as Human Resource MANAGERS choose to Hire their FRAT Brothers and SOROR Sisters, even if they are Not QUALIFIED for the JOB.

This includes BLACK Human Resource MANAGERS who are Employed within State Agencies, County Agencies, City Agencies and PUBLIC SCHOOL Districts.

Of course these unmistakable demonstrations of NEPOTISM and ELITE BLACK Selfishness, have created a Permanent UNDER CLASS within the 21st century BLACK American Community.

At least that is how it is for BLACK People in NORTH CAROLINA.

I'm Not Lying.

Please don't make me Expose what I know about the CHARLOTTE-Mecklenburg Public School System, Guildford County Public Schools and Durham County Public School System HUMAN RESOURCE Departments.

Especially CHARLOTTE-Mecklenburg Public Schools!

Such clear demonstrations of NEPOTISM and ELITE BLACK Selfishness are also being practiced in some SOUTH CAROLINA Public School districts.

To discuss BLACK Greek NEPOTISM within the City of ATLANTA would require me writing a separate post on this subject.

Does BLACK NEPOTISM contribute to the National BLACK Unemployment rate?


For the record, I am not Opposed to the BLACK Greek Lifestyle.

However I am Opposed to the BLACK Greek Lifestyle contributing to POVERTY within 21st Century BLACK America.

So why am I exposing this NEPOTISM and ELITE BLACK Selfishness within the BLACK American Community?

Because DISCRIMINATION on any level is WRONG and NEPOTISM is a form of DISCRIMINATION!

As members of the Human Race, we all need one another.

If HILLARY CLINTON is to launch a Successful bid for U.S. President in 2016, it will require UNITY.......DIVERSITY......TOLERANCE.......and COOPERATION.

There is No room for DIVISION and NEPOTISM if HILLARY is expected to Win in 2016!

The World needs more Wealthy WOMEN regardless of Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Age, Demographics, etc., to help create JOBS and Opportunities for both Women & Men to Rise up and experience Abundant Living on planet Earth.

All INTELLIGENT registered Voters expect U.S. Presidential Candidates to be well-qualified and WEALTHY.

It takes a lot of MONEY to be Elected into CONGRESS and even more MONEY to be Elected as President of the United States.

HILLARY does Not have to be POOR for ME to relate to Her.

I can relate to Her because She is a Human Being whom GOD created and a WOMAN.

Let the CHURCH say AMEN!


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