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Monday, November 24, 2014

FERGUSON'S YOUNG PROTESTORS LIVE VIDEO AS THE CITY BURNS: "This Is Obama's Katrina And He Ain't Doin' Sh!T" (Graphic Language)


Ferguson Protestors Live Video Below:


"This is Obama's Katrina and He Ain't Doin' Sh!T"

"We goin' be out here until we get some JUSTICE"

"We were Not expecting DARREN WILSON to be Indicted."

"There have been 3 more Victims since MIKE BROWN, one of them was RAPED and supposedly the Officers' Cameras are missing."

"JUSTICE for Us is being able to walk down the Street without holding our Heads down."

JUSTICE for Us is when the Peaceful Protesters don't get more time in Jail than DARREN WILSON."

"JUSTICE for Us is when we feel like the System is Not letting Us down."

"The DEMOCRATS are Not doing anything for Us either. They say they are DEMOCRATS but they are really REPUBLICANS."

"This is Not a Moment, this is a MOVEMENT".

"F*ck the Government System, We are going to Create our OWN Government!"

"This is Obama's Katrina and He Ain't Doin' Sh!T"

"He Ain't Doin' Sh!T"

Article Sources: Rebel Pundit; Youtube

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