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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

U.S. NAVY Helicopter Crash Off VIRGINIA Coast Kills 1 One Crewmember (PRAY For U.S. Military)


One Crewman has been confirmed DEAD after a NAVY Helicopter recently crashed off the coast of VIRGINIA.

Another U.S. NAVY Aircraft crashed in the U.K. on Tuesday.

These type of Incidents are reasons why We must continue to PRAY for All U.S. Military Servicemembers.

ARTICLE: "1 Dead, 1 Missing After U.S. Navy Helicopter Crash Off Virginia Coast"

The U.S. Navy said that one person died after the MH-53E Sea Dragon went down off the coast of Norfolk, Va., Wednesday. Three are being evaluated and rescue workers are still looking for the fifth.

One crew member has been confirmed dead after a U.S. Navy helicopter crashed off the Virginia Beach coast, about 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Three other crewmembers are still being evaluated at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital but there conditions are not known at this time.

Rescue workers are still looking for the fifth and final crewmember.

The Navy confirmed that the helicopter is a MH-53E Sea Dragon, which has two missions: transporting heavy equipment to and from ships and airborne mine hunting.

The Navy initially thought the helicopter is question was the similar CH-53E Super Stallion, which is also used for delivering equipment. Both helicopters are 99 feet long and stand 28 feet, 4 inches tall. They can also reach up to 172 mph.

The MH-53E is assigned to Helicopter Mine Countermeasures Squadron Fourteen, which is based at Naval Station Norfolk Chambers Field, the Navy confirmed in a release.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the accident.

The search and rescue mission is using the Coast Guard cutter Shearwater and two MH-60S helicopters.

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine took to Twitter to say that he is "Praying for a swift and safe rescue".

Just Tuesday evening, another U.S. military helicopter, a Pave Hawk for the U.S. Army, went down at Cley-next-the-Sea on the east coast of Britain in the English county of Norfolk. That is about 130 miles northeast of London.

All four crew on board died when the Pave Hawk crashed in marshland during a low-level training mission.

Sources: AP, NY Daily News, U.S. NAVY

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