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Monday, December 30, 2013

JAHI MCMATH: Why Do Some Very Powerful People Still Want Her DEAD?? (Cover-Ups & Organ Harvesting)



Can anyone please explain to me in layman's terms why some Very Powerful, Influential People (POLITICIANS, etc.,) are actually ANGRY that JAHI MCMATH is still Alive??

These same Powerful, Influential People (POLITICIANS, etc.,) are also ANGRY because JAHI'S Family has been granted more time by a Judge to have their Daughter Transferred from the OAKLAND CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL to another Medical Facility.

If this entire ordeal is NOT about Stealing this Precious Child's ORGANS and Covering Up MEDICAL MALPRACTICE........

Then please explain to Me what is going on??

Where is the Human COMPASSION for Children in this situation??

These same Powerful, Influential People (POLITICIANS, etc.,) are even ANGRY at ME for Blogging about JAHI'S story!

Is it because thousands of People all over America have been PRAYING for this Child to LIVE & Not DIE??

Is it because perhaps someone is waiting to receive her ORGANS??

Many people have been asking why a CHILDREN'S Hospital is so determined to remove a Child from LIFE SUPPORT so quickly??

I too have asked myself the same question.

I repeat.

Can anyone please explain to me in layman's terms why some Very Powerful, Influential People (POLITICIANS, etc.,) are actually ANGRY that JAHI MCMATH is still Alive??



"Judge Extends Life Support For Jahi McMath Until Jan. 7"

The family of the 13-year-old Oakland, Calif. girl who was declared brain-dead after a tonsillectomy was desperately trying to move her to a New York facility until a judge extended her life support at the Children's Hospital in Oakland Monday.

A judge extended life support for a brain-dead 13-year-old girl in Oakland until 5 p.m. on Jan. 7.

Jahi McMath suffered complications from a routine tonsillectomy at the Children's Hospital of Oakland on Dec. 9 to treat sleep apnea. She bled heavily and went into cardiac arrest.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo ruled to extend her time on a ventilator shortly before 5 p.m. Monday Pacific time, when she was scheduled to be taken off life support.

The family wants the life support to continue in case there is a possibility for recovery.

The girl's mother, Nailah Winkfield, said she cried and hugged her relatives outside the hospital when she heard the ruling.

"Who wants to know the date and the time their child would die?" she said, according to the Associated Press.

Up until that point, McMath's family was frantically trying to transfer the girl to a New York hospital.

The family's attorney Chris Dolan said he was waiting to hear from the New York facility, which he did not identify because he did not want media attention to influence its decision.

Dolan said other facilities in California have declined to take McMath and the New York hospital is the "last, last hope."

"The family is together, and today everybody is praying and being together," Dolan said Sunday.

The Children's Hospital in Oakland sent a letter to the family Sunday stating they have yet to hear from a New York hospital about taking Jahi.

The Oakland facility said it would need to discuss transportation and other legal issues before it can release the patient.

"We need to be able to talk to the other facility to understand what it is they are capable of doing," Cynthia Chiarappa, a spokeswoman for Children's Hospital, said. "This is not transferring an individual in a vegetative state, but a dead body."

Her family has set up a gofundme account to accept donations to move Jahi.

Sources: AP; CBS New York; HLN, KGO-TV; NY Daily News

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