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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dania Suarez Exposes Secret Service Agency's Culture Of Debauchery; 2 Agents Identified

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2 of the 3 Secret Service Agents involved in the Colombian Prostitution Scandal have been Identified: David Randall Chaney & Greg Stokes.

David Randall was also a High Level SS Supervisor.

The 24-yr-old Colombian Escort/ Prostitute's Name is Dania Suarez.

She bought down the "Good Old Boys" Secret Service Agency by Unintentionally Exposing a Culture of Corruption & Entitlement, previously Covered Up by Congress & U.S. Presidents.

If the Agent had paid Ms. Suarez her $800 Fee, all of this On-Duty Debauchery would NEVER have been Exposed to the American People.

Ms. Suarez also a Single Mother, has since gone into hiding for Fear of her Life.

First the GSA's Federal Money Laundering Scandal & now the Secret Service is embroiled in an International Prostitution Scandal.

The Use of Drugs (Cocaine i.e., “Colombian Gold”) by SS Agents may also be involved.

So instead of Protecting Pres. Obama, Hillary Clinton & their Staff in Colombia, Secret Service Agents Assigned to Travel with them were Partying & Getting their Groove On!

All on the Taxpayers’ Dime!

Do I believe these latest incidents are connected to some kind of Racist Conspiracy to make Pres. Obama look bad?


Its GOD showing American Voters just how Corrupt & Dirty the Federal Government has become.

As I said previously, what happened in Colombia with the Secret Service is NOT an Isolated Incident.

Its been going on for Decades but Congress has Covered it up.

NOT any more!

What is done in the Dark is finally coming to the Light.

The American People have been Praying for more Transparency into what Federal & State Government Officials are REALLY doing with Taxpayers' Money.

It looks as if GOD has answered our Prayers!

Stay Tuned.

There's More To Come Before The 2012 General Election In November.

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EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Colombia escort in explosive Secret Service hooker scandal

The Daily News published the first photos of the Colombian call girl whose encounter with a cheapskate Secret Service agent set off the agency’s worst sex scandal.

Dania Suarez, the 24-year-old single mom of a 9-year-old son, has gone into hiding as the scandal mushrooms, according to neighbors.

A friend stopped by late Wednesday to pick up her dog, a pug named Valentino, they said.

Suarez, originally from the island of San Andres, is a quiet tenant who rents a small apartment in a hacienda-style home for about $600 a month, neighbors said.

They often saw her go out late and come home at dawn, dangling her high heels in her hand.

“She never told us what she did for a living but it was obvious,” said Maria Quintero, 31, who lives on the first floor of the three story white building.

“She was home all day and left late at night looking very nice,” Quintero said.

“I asked her if she worked, she said no. I asked her if her boyfriend helped her, she said no. Then it hit me.”

Another neighbor, Maria Estela Cubides, 45, said Suarez seemed to have a glamorous life out on the town, but kept to herself at home.

“She always left late at night. She traveled a lot, to fancy destinations," Cubides said. “She never brought guys home. She kept to herself. I’m surprised she did all that noise to get her money. She’s not that kind of person.”

Another neighbor, Dona Betty, said Suarez told people she was a dancer.

“She showed up early in the morning, with her heels on her hands,” she said. “We suspected, but she keeps to herself. She is a good mother.”

Prostitution is legal in Colombia, and escorts, hookers and streetwalkers crowd the streets of the tourist districts.

Suarez has said she was a “high class” escort who made $800 - 1.4 million pesos - a night to dress well and provide sparkling company as well as have sex.

The average Colombian household earns $287 a month.

Eleven Secret Service agents and nine military servicemen are under investigation for hiring 20 or 21 hookers in Cartagena last week when they were supposed to be preparing for President Obama’s April 13 arrival at a regional summit.

Suarez was one of the girls brought back to the posh Hotel Caribe to party with the G-men on the night of April 11.

According to the story Suarez has told friends and the press, the still-unnamed agent kicked her out of his room the next morning with only $28 in cab fare.

She caused a ruckus in the hallway, demanding her full payment, while the agent remained locked in the locked hotel room and wouldn’t come out.

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Secret Service Agents in Colombian Sex Scandal Identified

Two Secret Service supervisors being pushed out of the agency amid a sex scandal surrounding a presidential trip to Colombia were identified today by U.S. media outlets.

David Randall Chaney, 48, a supervisor in the Secret Service's international programs division, was the agent pushed to retire Wednesday, The Washington Post reported.

The other agent identified, initially by The Washington Post and CBS News, was Greg Stokes, an assistant special agent in charge of the K-9 division who has been notified that the agency wants to discharge him, though he may fight the effort.

A third Secret Service worker, a lower-level official who has not been publicly identified, is resigning.

Lawrence Berger, the general counsel for the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, told ABC News he is representing Chaney and Stokes but would not confirm their involvement in the Colombia events.

Berger believes someone in the Secret Service, but not the organization itself, has access to sensitive information and is violating privacy statutes by releasing the agents' names.

He added that the men involved in the controversy are getting a raw deal because they are being tried by the media and court of public opinion.

News crews gathered Thursday night at Chaney's home in Ashburn, Va., where a police officer said the family would not speak and said people who stepped on the property would be charged with trespassing.

The identities of the two agents surfaced after ABC News learned some of the prostitutes who allegedly met with Secret Service agents in Colombia have been interviewed by investigators, but U.S. officials are still searching for others.

The investigation is going full tilt, with the eight remaining Secret Service officials facing lie detector tests. More resignations are expected in the coming days as the probe goes forward, according to congressional leaders.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said today that the investigation is "moving with some speed," but he wouldn't say when it is expected to be done.

President Obama is getting regular updates, but he hasn't spoken recently with the Secret Service director, Carney said.

Carney said no staff members involved with the White House West Wing or the president's office were involved.

Meanwhile, the Colombian prostitute who sparked a fight with Secret Service agents that led to the scandal now has a more public identity. The New York Daily News today published four photos of a 24-year-old mother who the paper said is the escort.

The night that the agents met the prostitutes, Secret Service officials booked a party space at a hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, before going out to night clubs, hotel sources told ABC News today -- though the Secret Service said it has found no evidence the men booked a room for a party.

The men drank whiskey at a brothel, bragged about working for Obama, and brought women from the club back to their hotel after picking up more escorts, sources said.

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Sources: ABC News, NY Daily News, Google Maps

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