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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bev Perdue Exposed! Thank God She's Isn't Running For Re-election!

The Corruption within North Carolina's Democratic Party Spreads Wide & Goes Deep.

For Decades North Carolina's Racially-Divided Democratic Party Corrupted ALL Levels of State, County & City Government.

North Carolina's Democrat Leaders have consistently LIED, Stolen Money, Kept BLACK People POOR & Allowed the Klan to remain in Power within State Government Offices.

This includes North Carolina's Current Governor Bev Perdue & Former NC Gov Mike Easley.

Mike Easley a Former NC State Prosecutor was Convicted in 2010 On Felony Charges of Campaign Finance Corruption.

Bev Perdue was also Investigated for Campaign Finance Corruption but Agreed to Pay back the State, thus Avoiding Jail Time & a Criminal Conviction.

She probably Cooperated with the Feds to help Incriminate Mike Easley (her Former Boss & Friend) because she is Dirty like that.

Thank God Bev Perdue decided NOT to seek Re-election!

Bev Perdue (a West Virginia Native) Endorsed Pres. Obama in 2008 in exchange for helping her to become North Carolina's FIRST Female Governor.

Pres. Obama Won.
Bev Perdue Won.

It appeared to be a Win-Win arrangement right?


NOT for North Carolina's BLACK Residents!

Soon after her Election & Inauguration, Bev Perdue hired North Carolina's First BLACK Tax Revenue Chief: Kenneth Lay, a New York City Native.
Prior to Accepting Bev Perdue's Job Offer, Mr. Lay had an Excellent Business Reputation.
Bev Perdue Used Kenneth Lay to STEAL Hundreds of Millions in Tax Money from North Carolina's BLACK Residents & to Convict Hundreds of BLACK NC Residents for Tax Fraud then.....
She FIRED Kenneth Lay & Ruined his former Excellent Business Reputation without blinking an eye!
Pres. Obama gave Bev Perdue $8 Billion in Stimulus Money to help Save & Create Jobs for North Carolina Constituents.
What did she do with it?
Wasted it by giving it to Her Friends & on Stupid Projects such as Research for the Effects of Cocaine on Monkeys.
Bev Perdue also Forced NC Public School Superintendents to FIRE Thousands of Teachers, then she Refused to Give those Teachers Unemployment Benefits.
She made the Superintendents LIE about the Fired Teachers' Job Performance, thus making them Ineligible to receive Unemployment Benefits.
However, many of those Teachers Fought back by Hiring Attorneys to Sue the State in order to receive their Unemployment Benefits.
During Pres. Obama's Negotiations with Congress to pass the Affordable Health Care Act, Bev Perdue intentionally allowed North Carolina's Health Care Insurance Monopoly: Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, to Increase their Member Premiums by more than 10%. Especially for its BLACK Members.
AFTER the Health Care Bill passed, Bev Perdue Cut Millions from Medicaid by Eliminating ALL Dental Care for Low Income Children & Glasses For Low Income Senior Citizens.
For Years Hundreds of BLACK Children were placed in North Carolina's Foster Care System and Left there until the Age of 21 just so the State could receive Millions from the Federal Gov't.
Many of those BLACK Children were Raped or Murdered by their Foster Parents.
The Majority of those BLACK Children were NEVER Adopted because State Officials did NOT allow them to be Adopted.
North Carolina Democrats were Responsible for the Illegal Sterilization of Thousands of BLACK Residents, however when it was time to offer those Victims Restitution, Mysteriously NC State Officials could ONLY find a few of those Victims or their Families.
BLACK Men living in North Carolina are often Wrongfully Convicted, Sentenced to Death Row & Imprisoned.
When & if those BLACK Men are ever released via DNA Evidence, Bev Perdue Refuses to give them One Penny for Wrongful Conviction, Wrongful Imprisonment & Lost time.
But when WHITE Men living in North Carolina are Wrongfully Convicted & Wrongfully Imprisoned, once they are Freed via DNA Evidence Bev Perdue gives them Millions of Dollars!
I could go on & on about Bev Perdue's Dirt & Obvious Racist behavior but it would take me All day to do so.
Yes, Democrats Terrorized North Carolina for 100 Years until the 2010 Elections when GOP Candidates regained Control of NC's Legislature, both Chambers.
Unless you are BLACK & reside in North Carolina, you don't know or realize that BLACKS in this State have NOT Progressed much since the 1960's due to Corruption & Blatant Racism.
In fact even in the 21st Century many of North Carolina's BLACK Leaders are STILL Afraid of Bev Perdue & other WHITE, Democratic Leaders!
BLACK people who speak out against Bev Perdue or other WHITE NC Democratic Leaders are Frequently Retaliated against in a Terrible way.
Just ask Kenneth Lay.
Now on the heels of Pres. Obama's Re-election, North Carolina's Democratic Party has been Rocked by yet another Scandal.
The NC Democratic Party Executive Director (Jay Parmley) & Chairman (David Parker) have Both been Accused of Homosexual Sexual Harassment & Retaliation.
Parmley has already Resigned.
Parker is Expected to Resign.
Bev Perdue knew about these Allegations but Chose to Ignore them UNTIL this Story was Publicized in the National News.
Just as she Chose to Ignore & Help her Buddy former U.S. Senator & former Presidential Candiate John Edwards.
The SAME John Edwards who Cheated on his Wife & used Campaign Funds to Provide for his Mistress.
Thank God Bev Perdue is NOT running for Re-election!
I've been Saying for 3 Years that Bev Perdue is Corrupt & that she is NOT a True Ally of Pres. Obama because he is BLACK.
Perhaps now Obama Administration Officials will believe me.
After Bev Perdue's term expires, God only knows how long it will take for North Carolina's BLACK residents to Fully Recover from more than 100 years of Corruption, Blatant KKK Racism, Modern Day Slavery & Forced Poverty at the hands of North Carolina's Democratic Party.

Bev Perdue Retirement Could Benefit Obama In 2012 Election

The key battleground state of North Carolina is still within President Barack Obama's grasp, despite Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue's surprise decision to drop her re-election campaign.

Obama has been running commercials in the state for months, and the Democrats have staked so much on repeating his 2008 success in North Carolina that their presidential nomination convention will be held in Charlotte.

"It's helpful news for Obama rather than problematic news," John Dinan, a political science professor at Wake Forest University, said of Perdue's announcement Thursday. "You'd expect the Obama campaign would rather run with a strong gubernatorial candidate on the ballot, and by all accounts, Perdue was not a strong candidate."

Perdue, the first woman elected governor in North Carolina history, said she worried a fight with Republicans over public education would become too political if she tried for a second term. But Perdue entered the election year with political baggage, including a campaign finance investigation, sagging poll numbers and a tough rematch campaign against an opponent she narrowly beat in 2008, when Obama's coattails helped Democrats across the state.

"North Carolina's a swing state, they can't afford to lose it for the presidential race," said Michael Munger, a political science professor at Duke University who ran for governor as a Libertarian in 2008. "I would guess some senior Democratic people strongly suggested she spend more time with her grandchildren."

Four years ago, Obama shocked many national pundits by becoming the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry the state since Jimmy Carter in 1976, defeating Republican Sen. John McCain by just 14,177 votes out of more than 4.3 million ballots cast.

Perdue, then the state's lieutenant governor, benefited from Obama's highly organized effort to boost voter turnout, an effort the president will look to repeat regardless of whether the Democratic gubernatorial nominee is an incumbent.

"I don't think the president's 2012 chances are affected by this in any way," said Andy Taylor, a political science professor at North Carolina State University. "The presidential race is the dog and the gubernatorial race is the tail, and the dog is going to be wagging the tail."

Obama's win here was the first in 32 years for a Democratic nominee for president. He praised Perdue for breaking down barriers during her political career.

"For over 25 years, she has fought for the people of the Tar Heel state – working to transform the state's public schools, improve the health care system, protect and attract jobs for members of the military and their families, and create the jobs of the future," Obama said in a statement.

Perdue, a former school teacher, said her decision was about protecting public education from spending cuts by the GOP-led legislature.

"The thing I care about most right now is making sure that our schools and schoolchildren do not continue to be the victims of shortsighted legislative actions and severe budget cuts inflicted by a legislative majority with the wrong priorities," Perdue said in a statement.

The statement made no mention of what Perdue, 65, planned to do in the future. Perdue campaign spokesman Marc Farinella said the governor declined to speak to reporters Thursday because she was spending time with her family after making "this very difficult decision."

"For now she wants her statement to speak for itself," he said.

Perdue's decision means it will be the first time a sitting North Carolina governor has failed to get elected to a second term since voters gave chief executives authority to succeed themselves in the 1970s.

"All the Democrats' waters rose with Obama in 2008," said Brian Nick, a Republican strategist working for likely GOP gubernatorial nominee Pat McCrory. "It would be a fallacy to think the governor's race is going to affect the presidential campaign in North Carolina."

Perdue has faced high unemployment, consistently weak approval numbers, a string of political defeats and the indictment of two close aides and a family friend in a campaign finance scandal that is continuing to unfold. She has also made some well-publicized gaffes, like a joking suggestion last year that congressional elections should be suspended for two years to ease partisan gridlock.

North Carolina is crucial to Obama's re-election strategy, with a win there relieving the need to carry more-traditional battleground states such as Florida and Ohio.

Perdue is listed as the co-chair of steering and host committee membership for the 2012 convention. DNC officials were quick to say Thursday that Perdue's withdrawal from the governor's race will have no effect on the September event.

The governor has not been closely involved in the convention planning and was not present at a DNC media conference in Charlotte last week announcing that President Obama would give his acceptance speech to Bank of America Stadium.

"They made the decision to site the convention in Charlotte knowing that Beverly Perdue was facing an uphill fight," said Steven Greene, a political science professor at N.C. State. "That was already factored into their decision."

Perdue may try to maintain a low profile through the end of her term early next year. After issuing a statement declaring her intention not to run, Perdue holed up in the governor's mansion with her aides.

Mark Johnson, the governor's deputy communications director, said the governor has no public events scheduled for the next week.

"Anything beyond next week is tentative," Johnson said.

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