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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Demetrius Hewlin's Killer T.J. Lane Charged As A Juvenile; Where's The Justice?

Monday February 27, 2012, T.J. Lane a 17-Year-Old WHITE Student, walked into Chardon High School in Ohio & Shot 6 Students.
3 of those Students have since Died from their Injuries.

One of the Deceased Students, Demetrius Hewlin was a BLACK Teen whose parents donated his Organs after he was declared Brain-Dead as a result of his Injuries.

Today T.J. was Charged as a Juvenile on 6 Counts, including 3 Counts of Aggravated Murder.

School Officials & Juvenile Court Officials are also trying to Mitigate his actions by stating he was Bullied & Depressed.

Aggravated Murder! Juvenile Court! Depressed!

Can You Believe It?

So this Kid Shoots Up a School, Murders 3 Fellow Students In COLD-BLOOD & Yet He Is ONLY Charged With Aggravated Murder In Juvenile Court.

If ALL of the Injured & Murdered Students were WHITE, I can assure you T.J. Lane would have been SHOT on the Spot by Law Enforcement Authorities upon response.

NOT Shot to Death but Shot to Disable him.

Afterwards he would have Immediately been Charged as an Adult on 3 Counts of 1st Degree Murder!

NOT Aggravated Murder!

Please Understand I am NOT using this post to Invoke Anger, however I am Angry.
This situation proves that there are still are 2 Levels of Justice in America.
White vs BLACK!

Dear God Let Us Pray.

T.J. Lane Charged as Juvenile in deadly Ohio shooting

A teenager was charged Thursday with killing three students in a school shooting, the first step in proceedings that could see him charged as an adult and facing the possibility of life without parole if convicted.

The charges filed in Geauga County juvenile court accuse T.J. Lane, 17, of killing three students and wounding two others in the shooting Monday morning at Chardon High School, about 30 miles east of Cleveland.

He is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of felonious assault.

Students say the gunman was chased from a cafeteria by an assistant football coach, Frank Hall, who has been praised as a hero. Hall spoke shortly after the charges were filed and said he wants the victims' families to know he was with their children and wiped away their tears.

"I don't know why this happened," he said. "I only wish I could have done more. I'm not a hero. I'm just a football coach and a study hall teacher." The emergency responders at the scene were the real heroes, he said.

No motive has been determined. Prosecutor David Joyce has said that victims were selected at random and that Lane is someone "who's not well."

Children convicted of juvenile crimes in Ohio are typically behind bars only until they turn 21 in the most serious cases. But Joyce has already said he plans to charge Lane as an adult, meaning he could face life in prison without parole if convicted of similar adult charges.

Minors are not eligible for the death penalty in Ohio, whether they are convicted as juveniles or adults.

Lane, who attends an alternative school for students who haven't done well in traditional schools, admitted taking a .22-caliber pistol and a knife to Chardon High and firing 10 shots at a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table Monday morning, Joyce said.

Records from Lane's juvenile court files show that in 2009 he was charged with assaulting his uncle, John Breuning, CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports. Authorities said "TJ also jumped on John ... put him in a choke hold."

Other court documents show a troubled family life. His father, Thomas J. Lane Jr., was charged with domestic violence, assault, kidnapping and theft and served time in jail. And mother Sarah A. Nolan was charged with domestic violence in 1995 and convicted of disorderly conduct.

The Tribune-Review in Pittsburgh reported that Lane's aunt, Heather Lane, said earlier by email that her family is "weeping and praying" for Chardon. She says they're grateful for people who have prayed for them and urged the public to continue praying for the victims.

Killed were Demetrius Hewlin, 16, Russell King Jr., 17, and Daniel Parmertor, 16. The motive for the shooting is unclear, though Joyce has appeared to rule out theories involving bullying or drug-dealing.

Hewlin attended Chardon High. King and Parmertor were students at a vocational school and were waiting in the Chardon High cafeteria for their daily bus when they were shot.

Parmertor had just gotten his first job at a bowling alley and couldn't stop talking about how excited he was to pick up his first paycheck later this week, his parents said.

Two other students were wounded. Nick Walczak remains in serious condition. An 18-year-old girl was released from the hospital Tuesday.

Lane was a normal boy who excelled in school and played outside often with his sister, building snow hills and skateboarding, according to Steve Sawczak, a family friend who's a pastor and has worked with troubled children.

He said he never would have allowed his own grandchildren to play nearby if he thought anything was wrong with Lane.

Mother of Ohio school shooting victim Demetrius Hewlin says she forgives suspected gunman TJ Lane

The mother of Ohio school shooting victim Demetrius Hewlin says she forgives alleged gunman TJ Lane for fatally shooting her son.

Prosecutors have until Thursday to bring charges against Lane, who's suspected of going on a shooting rampage at Chardon High School that killed three students and injured two others.

When asked what she would say to the suspected shooter, Demetrius' mother Phyllis Fergueson told ABC News yesterday, "I forgive him because, a lot of times, they don't know what they're doing. That's all I'd say."

"I taught Demetrius not to live in the past, to live in today and forgiveness is divine. You have to forgive everything. God's grace is new each and every day," she said. "Until you've walked in another person's shoes, you don't know what made him come to this point."

A prosecutor has said Lane, who is in custody, will probably be charged with three counts of aggravated murder and other offenses. Prosecutors are expected to ask that he be tried as an adult.

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