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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whitney Houston Sings "Yes Jesus Loves Me" LIVE (Video)

Yes Jesus Loves Me For The Bible Tells Me So.

If Whitney Houston had NEVER become a World Famous Celebrity & had instead pursued a Career as a School Teacher, how many Of the same Celebrities who attended her Home Going Service yesterday would dare speak to her on the Street?

Including Mayor Cory Booker, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr., etc.,
I'm NOT Hating. I'm just asking.

You know I used to be so concerned about what other people said or thought of me.
When people would spread Rumors about me or accuse me of things I NEVER did, it would deeply hurt me or leave me distraught.
I did NOT know at that time those people were just being "Haters", who wanted to knock me off of my game.

I tried to change the way I look, the way I dressed, the way I behaved, the way I Spoke, etc.,
I even cut my Hair really Short one time & tried to make it Kinky, just to gain the Acceptance or Approval of other Human Beings.
I actually went through a Total Metamorphosis: just to gain the Acceptance & Approval of Human Beings.
However once I gained the Acceptance & Approval of "Certain" People, I was still Empty & Unhappy on the Inside.
Because I did NOT know my Worth.

(NOT Boasting)
I knew I was a Born Again Christian because I received Jesus as a Young Child.
I Knew I was Closely Blood-Related to College Professors, Entrepreneurs & Politicians.
I Knew of my Native American background.
I knew I was Intelligent.
I knew I was outwardly Pretty.
I knew I had the ability to always bounce back regardless of Adversity, but....
because I had NEVER Studied God's Word, I still did NOT know my Worth!

Thus it was easy for the opinion of other Human Beings to Hurt Me, Change Me or Distract Me.

Until One Day....

I decided to pick up the Owner's Manual.

I picked up God's Word & began to Read and Study it.
While Studying God's Word I learned Who I was In Christ!

Regardless of what anyone says about Me, I can Laugh it off, Shake My Head & Keep It Moving.

I now know NO One Else Compares to JESUS!

It doesn't matter about your Background,
It doesn't matter about your Pedigree.
It doesn't matter where you live.
It doesn't matter how you Look.
It doesn't matter your Socio-Economic Status.
It doesn't matter your personal achievements.
Compared to Eternity, ALL Of those things are just Superficial anyway!

My Peace is now In Pleasing God because I know who I am In Christ Jesus.

So Should Human Beings Set Personal Goals For Their Lives?
YES! Of Course We Should!
So Should Human Beings Strive for Success?
YES! Of Course We Should!
So Should Human Beings use our God-given Gifts to Achieve Success?
YES! Of Course We Should!

But Just Remember Why You Are Doing It.
Are You Striving To Achieve Success To Meet Your Own Personal Goals or....
To Please Other Human Beings?
Yes Jesus Loves Me!

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