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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New York City's 2013 Mayoral Candidates: Quinn & Thompson (I Endorse Thompson!)

In 2009 Billionaire Michael Bloomberg Spent more than $100 Million of his OWN Money to keep his BLACK Opponent, Democrat & Former NYC Comptroller William C. Thompson from Capturing the Mayor's Seat.

Yes Bloomberg was so Opposed to a BLACK Man becoming the Next Mayor of NYC, he even "Convinced" City Council Members to change the rules making it possible for him to Bid for a Third Term.
And after much Schmoozing & Spending of his Cash, Bloomberg Mysteriously eked out a Win.
In fact he barely defeated William C. Thompson.

Bloomberg's Third Term ends in 2013.
Thank You Jesus!
Sorry but at this point that's how I feel.

So who will New York City's Next Mayor be?

Here are the likely Candidates:

Christine C. Quinn (D): NYC Politician (She has some of the LGBT Vote)

William C. Thompson Jr. (D): Bed-Stuy Native & Former NYC Comptroller (He has the BLACK, Latino, LGBT, Educated, Middle Class Vote)

Bill De Blasio (D): NYC Politician

Scott M. Stringer (D): Manhattan Borough President (He has the Wealthy Manhattan Voters)


John C. Liu (D): Current NYC Comptroller (He has the Asian Vote. i.e, China Town)

Which Candidate do you think Democrats & the Obama White House will throw their Weight behind?

Will it be the Well-Qualified BLACK Candidate: William C. Thomspon?


The WHITE LGBT Candidate Christine C. Quinn?
Stay Tuned.

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Sources: AP, CUNY-TV, NY Times, Youtube, Google Maps

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