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Monday, June 13, 2011

Romney Releases Anti-Obama Web Ad: Jobs! Obama's Fire??

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Today 2012 GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Released A Web Attack Ad That Hits At Pres. Obama's Citizenship & The Current Unemployment Crisis. (i.e., "Bump In The Road")

You Know Folks I say Its About Time Pres. Obama Start Displaying Some "Fire In His Belly" By Defending His Record & Agenda With A Little More Gusto.

Of Course I'm Voting For Pres. Obama In 2012 But I Still Need Him To Strike Back Against Some Of The GOP's False Negative Rhetoric! Like Right Now!!

Especially As It Relates To TRUTH About The Unemployment Rate.

For Example Pres. Obama Needs To Let The American People Know That Since Regaining The U.S. House In November 2010, GOP Leaders Have INTENTIONALLY Refused To Pass Any Jobs Creation Bills Because They Don't Care About Helping Unemployed People.

They Just Care About Taking Down Pres. Obama By Any Means Necessary!

Even If It Means Sinking The U.S. Economy Via EXTREME, RADICAL Unfair, Unequal Budget Cuts Disguised As "Deficit Reduction".

And By The Way Where Is The Progressive Barack Obama Of 2008?

I Miss Him!

ALL Democrats & Independents Miss Him!!

We All Know That Pres. Obama Is Only Human (What A Revelation!).

If He's Tired, Then He Should Do What All Of The WHITE Former Presidents Always Did When They Were Tired, Even During An Economic Crisis!

Not Excluding Former Pres. George W. Bush!

Go To Camp David Or On Vacation To Get Some Rest & Relaxation Each Weekend.

After All Its A Scientific Fact Human Beings Function & Think Best After Resting.

Contrary To Popular GOP Belief, Pres. Obama Is NOT A SLAVE!!

He Is The Legally ELECTED Leader Of The United States Of America!

Who Cares If GOP Leaders On Capitol Hill Or 2012 GOP Candidates Talk About Pres. Obama If He Does Take A Short Break From The White House Each Weekend.

Its Better To Rest On The Weekend In Order To Be Fully Alert & On Point Monday Thru Friday, So He Can Best Serve His Constituents, Then Allow GOP Lawmakers To Break Him Down Mentally & Physically.

Which Is What They Have Been Trying To Do For 2 Years Straight!

Yes! Obama Supporters Really Need Pres. Obama To Be On Task & To Begin Striking Back At Attack Ads Like Mitt Romney's Recent "Bump In The Road" Web Ad.

I Repeat.

By The Way Where Is The Barack Obama Of 2008?

I Miss Him & I Believe Its Time He Resurfaces.


Romney Hits ‘Bump In The Road’: Attack Ad Blasts Obama For Phrase Romney Used

Today, Mitt Romney released a new web ad excoriating Obama for saying that there will be “bumps in the road” to economic recovery. The ad features a bunch of people laying down in the road who slowly rise up and say, “I’m an American, not a bump in the road.”

Before Romney’s consultants decided the phrase would be a potent political weapon, he used it himself in the same way as Obama. From the AP, May 1, 2006:

Romney Warns of Potential ‘Bumps in the Road’ for Health Care Law

Massachusetts faces potential “bumps in the road” as it tries to turn the promises of its new health care law into a reality, Gov. Mitt Romney said Monday even as he announced another crucial step in the state’s experiment with near universal coverage. [...]

One of the most daunting tasks is the creation of an entirely new state bureaucracy, known “Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector” the bureaucratic infrastructure on which much of the new law’s innovative reforms rest.

The connector is supposed to work as a clearing house matching the uninsured with new health care plans.

Romney said for the connector to work, “the computer systems are going to need to be able to deal with a half a million people buying insurance through an entity that doesn’t exist today.”

“So many parties have to come together that achieving this timetable even if there are no bumps in the road will be very difficult,” he said.

So in this instance, Romney is telling people who need health insurance to expect “bumps in the road” before they get health care coverage. This is the same message that Obama is communicating about the recovery to people who need jobs in America.

As Romney knew then (and likely knows now), using the phrase does not communicate that those impacted are merely “bumps.” The latest ad demonstrates his willingess to exploit anything Obama says for even the smallest political advantage.

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Sources: MSNBC, Think Progress, Vanity Fair, Youtube, Google Maps

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