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Sunday, June 26, 2011

New York Celebrates Legal Gay Marriage & More Tourism Dollars! (God's Wrath?)

As The World Celebrates Passage Of New York's Legalized Gay Marriage Bill, I Now Wonder If New York City Will Soon Become The NEW Sodom & Gomorrah?

No Doubt In 30 Days Thousands Of Gay Couples Will Begin Flocking To New York City Each Year To Marry & Then Spend Ton$ Of Money On Tourism. (i.e., Hotels, Broadway Shows, Shopping, etc.,)

Wait A Minute!

Does Anyone Care If God Is Pleased With The Passage Of This New Law?

Will The World's Greatest City Finally Be Brought To Its Knees In Religious Judgment?

I Fear It Just May.

Only Time Will Tell.

You Don't Have To Agree With My Thoughts On The Situation But Its My Individual Opinion.

And For The Record NO I Don't Hate Gay People!

I Truly LOVE Gay People.

However I Still Believe That Marriage Is Between One Man & One Woman.

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Gay Pride 2011: Marches And Celebrations Around The World

Friday night's legalization of same-sex marriage in New York isn't just being hailed as a major victory for the Empire State, but has also emboldened lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists and their allies around the world.

As the Associated Press is reporting, many Parisian revelers demanded that France follow New York's lead as they marched under a sea of rainbow-colored flags and jigged to thumping techno beats in a gay pride parade on Saturday. Despite the festivities, the mood was bittersweet in France, where lawmakers had rejected a bill seeking to legalize same-sex marriage despite growing public support for gay rights a mere two weeks ago.

Elsewhere, in demonstrations across Germany, Israel, Mexico and even Russia -- where 14 gay rights activists trying to hold an unsanctioned rally in St. Petersburg were reportedly detained -- New York's legalization wasn't too far from everyone's mind, and many hoped it would be just the start. "The state of New York isn't the United States, unfortunately," 26-year-old German marcher Frederick Hartwig is quoted as saying. "The great victory for the United States will be when the middle of America — the middle of nowhere — will allow everyone to have such rights."

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Sources: CNN, Deseret News, Huffington Post, Meet The Press, MSNBC, NY Daily News, NY Times, Politico, Google Maps

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