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Friday, June 3, 2011

John Edwards Indicted On Felony Charges: Mistress "Hush Money"

Its Official Folks & Not A Moment Too Soon!

Today Former U.S. Senator & Presidential Hopeful John Edwards (D-NC) Was Indicted On FELONY Charges For Allegedly Illegally Using Campaign Finances As "Hush Money" For His Mistress, Rielle Hunter.

How Sad That A Man With Such A Promising Political Career Could Lose It All In One Swoop Simply For The Sake Of A Piece Of "Hot Tail"!

Yeah I Said It!

Edwards Had An Illict, Adulterous Fling Outside His Marriage With A Woman (Rielle Hunter) Who Possibly Carefully Calculated & Planned To Have An Adulterous Affair With John Edwards, Once A VERY Loyal, Married Man!

Am I Totally Blaming Edwards' Mistress Rielle Hunter For What Happened To John Edwards' Marriage?

No! Not Entirely However She Does Bare Some Blame.

Rielle Hunter Who Claims To Be A Professional Videographer, Knew Full Well John Edwards Was A VERY Married Man!

What Do I Mean By VERY Married?

Well Not All Married Men Are Committed & Loyal To Their Legally Wedded Wives.

Some Men Only Marry For Professional Or Political Reasons.

Especially If Their Wives Are From Wealthy Or Politically-Connected Families.

Nothing Wrong With Marrying A Good Woman From A Great Background, Except If AFTER His Wedding Ceremony The Husband Immediately Returns To Dalliances With Former Girlfriends Or Secretaries.

In Edwards' Case That Didn't Appear To Be The Norm.

Unless That Is It Was But Was Kept Hidden From The Public's Eye By Loyal Friends And Employees.

Is It Safe To Say That John Edwards, A Southern White Man Of Great Wealth & Prominence Living In North Carolina (Land Of "White Supremacy") Was Enabled By His Loyal Friends & Employees While Engaging In An Illict Affair?

YES!! A Thousand Times YES!

Is It Also Safe To Say If John Edwards Were A BLACK Man From North Carolina, Governor Bev Perdue Would Already Have His Head On A Platter For Such Behavior & Criminal Activity?

YES! A Thousand Times YES!

I Guess I Should Feel Sorry For Edwards But He Doesn't Deserve It.

Even If Rielle Did Intentionally Seduce Him (Not Saying She Actually Did Because I Don't Know), Edwards An Well-Educated Attorney & Politician, Should Have Known Better!

He Had A Devoted Wife Elizabeth (Deceased) & Wonderful Children At Home, Who Obviously LOVED Him Very Much!

What Piece Of "Hot Tail" Is Worth More Than A Man's Devoted Wife & Family??

Since He Created Mankind, Allow Me To Ask God Himself What Is It That Makes A Man OR Woman Throw Away Their Family & Career Just For A Sexual Fling? i.e,.Piece Of "Hot Tail"?

"I'm Married Not Blind" Is The Path Many Married Men & Women Take As An Excuse For Staring Too Long At Or Spending Too Much Time With Other Members Of The Opposite Sex.

Not Realizing The Longer They Stare Or The More Time They Spend With Other Members Of The Opposite Sex, They More Often Than Not Can Become Caught Up In Sexual Fantasy Land.

Unfortunately Many Married Men & Women Don't Realize What Has Happened Until AFTER The Damage Is Done.

(Remember Former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (R)?)

Marriages Ending In Divorce & Careers Destroyed!

In Edwards' Case He Even Lost His Beloved, Devoted, Faithful Wife Who Died NOT Just From Cancer But More So From A Broken Heart.

So Should I Feel Sorry For John Edwards'?

NO!! A Thousand Times NO!

I Only Pray He Repents Before God Almighty & Seek His Forgiveness.

I Only Pray His Children Are Able To Forgive Him.

But If Former U.S. Senator John Edwards Did Illegally Use Campaign Finance Funds To Hide & Hush An Illict Adulterous Affair With Rielle Hunter, (His Mistress) Then He SHOULD Pay To The Fullest Extent Of The Law!

As Mentioned Above Edwards, A Well-Educated White Attorney & Politician Knew EXACTLY What He Was Doing But He Kept Doing It Anyway, Sending Himself Deeper Into A Pit Of Entanglement.

Never Mind That He Hurt His Wife & Children Deeply.

He Kept Seeing This Woman Anyway.


If Edwards Seeks God's Forgiveness God WILL Forgive Him But He Still Needs To PAY Because Forgiveness Does NOT Eliminate Consequences.

To: Elizabeth Edwards; Rest In Peace.

To The Edwards' Children: God Bless!

Edwards Indicted in Campaign Fund Case

John Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina and presidential candidate, was indicted Friday morning by a grand jury in Raleigh on charges that he violated campaign finance law during his 2008 presidential campaign.

Mr. Edwards is scheduled to make his initial appearance in federal court in Winston-Salem, N.C., at 2:30 p.m. before Magistrate Judge Patrick Auld.

The grand jury, which has been investigating the case for two years, indicted Mr. Edwards on six counts — four involving illegal payments, one involving conspiracy and one involving false statements. “Mr. Edwards is alleged to have accepted more than $900,000 in an effort to conceal from the public facts that he believed would harm his candidacy,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer said in a statement. “As this indictment shows, we will not permit candidates for high office to abuse their special ability to access the coffers of their political supporters to circumvent our election laws.”

At issue are financial contributions that prosecutors say Mr. Edwards received in excess of federal limits, did not report properly and then misused for the political purpose of hiding his extramarital affair to save his candidacy. Mr. Edwards, 57, has maintained that he used the money to hide the affair, but for private purposes — to conceal it from his wife.

Mr. Edwards had a chance to reach a plea agreement and avoid the indictment, but he chose not to do so and will fight the charges, his lawyers said.

The decision to fight could lead to a long, messy, public trial and possible jail sentence for Mr. Edwards, or it could lead to his acquittal.

The decision to risk a trial reflects confidence by some on the Edwards legal team that the government’s case would not hold up in court.

“The government’s theory is wrong on the facts and wrong on the law,” Greg Craig, one of Mr. Edwards’s lawyers, said in a statement last week.

The decision also reflects the strong feeling by Mr. Edwards that no matter how much he has disgraced himself — by lying to his wife and to the country about an extramarital affair, which wrecked his marriage and ended his political career — _ he does not want to be seen as a felon or lose his law license.

“John Edwards has done wrong in his life — and he knows it better than anyone,” Mr. Craig said in his statement, “but he did not break the law.”

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