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Friday, June 24, 2011

Farrakhan & Cornel West Slam Pres. Obama: Black Division

How Sad That America's FIRST Black President Is Being Publicly Assailed In The Mainstream Media By Minister Farrakhan; Another Black Leader.

Calling Pres. Obama "A Murderer" Is Extreme & Wrong! I Don't Care Who Says It!

Black Leader Against Black Leader Is NOT Cool!

Farrakhan, Cornel West & Tavis Smiley, All Three BLACK "Leaders" Seem To Have Personal Vendettas Against Pres. Obama.

All Three Men Also Appear To Be Using Their Personal Vendettas Against Pres. Obama To Divide The American Black Community Prior To The 2012 Elections.

Maybe Its Because He Did NOT Invite Them To The White House Post Election. How Petty!

I Understand Minister Farrakhan's Anger At Pres. Obama Over Libya. I Don't Agree With His Anger, However I Do Understand It.

Nevertheless I'm Beginning To Wonder Where The Root Of Farrakhan's Anger Originates.

Is It Because He Feels Dissed By Pres. Obama Or Is It About Money & Power?

Or ALL Three??

Excuse People But Whatever Happened To Black UNITY?

No Wonder The GOP Is Regaining Control Of Congress.

While Its True I Have Not Agreed With All Of Pres. Obama's Decisions, I Won't Abandon Him. Not Now, Nor During The 2012 Elections.


Farrakhan's Slam Against Obama About Money, Not Principle

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is not very pleased with President Barack Obama two and a half years into his administration. Farrakhan has called the president "a murderer in the White House," according to The Root.

Farrakhan, like a lot of other Obama supporters, has been unhappy with the president for some time for his persistence in fighting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. What seems to have set Farrakhan off and caused him to slime the president is the intervention in Libya. For Farrakhan, this has made it personal. He has been a friend and ally of Col. Muammar Gadhafi since at least 1996, soon after the Million Man March.

The alliance was made, it was said at the time, to increase African American political influence. An article published by the Anti-Defamation League at the time suggested a more sinister motive.

"On January 23, Minister Farrakhan and Colonel Qaddafi reached an agreement to launch a campaign to exert black and Muslim influence in the upcoming U.S. elections can only be viewed as a cynical covenant between two haters. With the Nation of Islam leading the effort, Colonel Qaddafi said that blacks, Arabs, Muslims and native Americans will exercise their political muscle 'and enter the election period as a card stronger than the Jewish card in the elections campaign.' Colonel Qaddafi had already agreed to bankroll the effort: in September he promised to spend up to $1 billion to launch a Muslim lobby in America."

An alliance between an American religious leader, albeit of a fringe cult that can best be described as a heretical offshoot of Islam, and a dictator who has supported terrorism and is responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of Americans in the Lockerbie airliner bombing, should give one pause.

The financial relationship between Gadhafi and Farrakhan predated the 1996 meeting. In 1985, Gadhafi granted the Nation of Islam an interest-free loan of $5 million, it is said to create a personal products line. Gadhafi and some of his lieutenants later visited Libya to thank Gadhafi personally, in defiance of a travel ban imposed by President Reagan at the time. It was the first of many trips to Libya.

It is therefore not a wonder that Farrakhan is upset with President Obama for facilitating a military intervention into what amounts to a popular uprising against Gadhafi in Libya. If Gadhafi were to wind up on the end of a rope, a source of funding and political support that Farrakhan depends on would be cut off.

It is interesting that while President Obama has increasingly become unpopular among the people he was elected to govern, the vilest rhetoric directed against him does not come from the Tea Party or some conservative activists, but from Louis Farrakhan. The motive appears to be as much about money as it is ideology.

Obama in Chicago: Secret Service Standoff with Farrakhan's Guards

President Obama, back home in Chicago for the Memorial Day weekend, started his Sunday with an 80 minute workout at a gym, after he and his family spent Saturday night at a barbecue with friends. While Obama was at the BBQ, there was an unusual encounter across the street between the Secret Service and guards outside the home of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, where the press pool van was parked.

Obama did his Sunday workout inside the Naturally Fit personal training facility owned by Cornell McClellan, a trainer whose clients include Obama and First Lady Michelle.

The First Family -- Obama, Mrs. Obama, Malia, 11, Sasha, 8, Marian Robinson and Bo, the dog -- had flown to Chicago on Thursday, the first time the entire family was home since Valentine's Day, 2009. Joining them in Chicago were Mrs. Obama's brother, Craig Robinson, the men's basketball coach at Oregon State University; his wife Kelly Robinson, daughter Leslie and newborn Austin.

Obama started Saturday playing basketball at the University of Chicago Lab School -- which his daughters attended before the move to the White House -- while Mrs. Obama was observed back home in their yard, wearing yellow gloves.

On Saturday night, the family went to a backyard barbecue at the home of pal Marty Nesbitt, who lives just around the corner.

While waiting outside, the press pool witnessed a standoff of sorts between the Secret Service and security force of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's security force. Farrakhan lives across the street from Nesbitt.

As Abdon M. Pallasch in the Chicago Sun-Times reported, "for the past two years, when Obama has brought his family over to Nesbitt's home, the press pool bus parks near Farrakhan's house. This usually does not cause a problem, but Saturday night -- as most of the city was indoors watching the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Philadelphia Flyers in the Stanley Cup finals -- a bit of tension emerged on Woodlawn Avenue."

New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes, the pool reporter on the scene, recorded the back and forth that got going when a Fruit of Islam guard asked the Secret Service agent minding the press standing on the sidewalk in front of Farrakhan's home to move the press pool van -- which is in control of the Secret Service -- after someone stepped on the grass on the city-owned strip fronting the curb.

Calmes described the guard as a polite man in jeans and a T-shirt.
"How is this a security breach?" the agent asked.

"It's 8:45 and nearly dark; your pool has retreated back inside the van," Calmes reported. "We're outnumbered now by roughly a dozen Fruit of Islam agents for the Nation of Islam. As each casually dressed man arrives, he exchanges elaborate handshake/hug/double air-kisses with others. Two walked by your pooler chanting 'Islam.' Several have filmed and photographed your poolers, the van and its license plates with their cell phones."

At 9:20 p.m. Chicago time, Calmes passed along, "our agent got reinforcements from three Secret Service agents. One shook hands with one of the 22 Fruit members we now can count from the van. After a short discussion the three Secret Service agents walked away again."

The standoff ended at about 10:15 p.m. from a man who reads the pool reports -- Calmes identified him as Rev. Gary Hunter in Detroit-- called Calmes to tell her "said he had called Minister Farrakhan and his son and asked them to have the Fruit stand down."

None of the activity surrounding the Obama family return to their home should have been a mystery to anyone in the neighborhood. The street where Obama lives --at 5046 S. Greenwood- - was blockaded as soon as he became the Democratic presidential nominee in 2008 at the Democratic Convention in Denver. The neighbors by now should not have been surprised about the commotion surrounding an Obama visit since Obama stayed at his Chicago home during most of the presidential transition with motorcades zipping in and out.

Obama on Friday had made a daytrip from Chicago to the Louisiana gulf to see firsthand the impact of the BP oil spill catastrophe. On Monday, Obama observes Memorial Day at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill, about 50 miles south of Chicago.

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Sources: MSNBC, Politics Daily, The Root,, Youtube, Google Maps

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