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Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Wealth Is Still An American Reality! Decision 2012

Pres. Obama Was NOT Elected To Just Focus On The Needs Of Black People! The Man Was Handed G.W. Bush's Horrible Messes Wrapped In A Big Bow Because Bush Raped This Country! It Would NOT Have Been Right For Pres. Obama To Allow America To Fail Regardless Of Her Racist History.

Pres. Obama Can't Do It ALL For The Black American Community Because He Isn't God! There Are Some Things Black People Can STILL Do For Themselves. Like Unite, Mobilize & Create Black Wealth! And Yes! I Still Believe Pres. Obama Was Right For Choosing To Stop Gaddafi's Murderous Reign Over The Libyan People.

Unity, Creating Black Wealth & Helping To Re-elect Pres. Obama In 2012 Is What The American Black Community Should Be Focusing On! NOT Trying To Destroy Him! NOT Trying To Divide The Black Community!

Black Wealth Is STILL An American Reality!

Still A Part Of The American Dream!

Instead Of Criticizing Him Pray For The Man! Let's Unite, Mobilize & Create Black Wealth To Build Up Black America!


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Sources: Boston Globe, CBS News, Youtube, Google Maps

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