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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ryan's "Kill Medicare" Agenda DOA; Killed GOP's 2012 Bid!

Kill Medicare & Medicaid??


Even White Republican Voters Said NO To This Stupid Political Idea!

That's What The GOP Gets For Putting Its Trust In "Boy Wonder" Paul Ryan.

Don't Get Me Wrong Folks!

Ryan's A Smart Guy With A Bright Future Ahead Of Him.

He Could Even Run For President In 2016.

But Right Now He's Still Considered A Political Novice Who Obviously Needs More Training.

Besides Someone Needs To Tell Ryan That What Might Work In Wisconsin Most Definitely Isn't Gonna Work In D.C.!!

Bye Bye GOP!

Looks Like Your Party's White Political Power Structure Is Dying FAST!


Do You Mean That Wealthy, White People Will Have To Start Paying TAXES Too?


No More AmeriKKKa!

Its A NEW America & A New Day!

A Nation Where People Of Color Can Also Prosper!

Bye Bye GOP!

See You In 2016 Or Maybe Not!

Ha Ha Ha!

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Sources: MSNBC, Google Maps

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