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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Charlotte Leaders Reach Out To Small Business Owners: Job Creation

Well, Well Its About Time Charlotte's Leaders & Politicians Begin Reaching Out To The Community's Small Business Sector, Especially Minority Entrepreneurs.

Yesterday The City Of Charlotte Launched A Small Business Portal Website: To Assist Entrepreneurs With Start-Up Help, Including Funding Information.

The Site Is Very Similar New York City's Web-Based "One Stop Shop" Small Business Start-Up Portal.

Considering Charlotte's High Unemployment Rate (10%) Such A Venture Is An Excellent Tool For Job Creation.

I Wonder Why Mayor Anthony Foxx (Who's Up For Re-election) Didn't Do This When He Was First Elected Back In 2009?

I Wonder How Many Unemployed People Would Have Benefited From This Very Effective Business Idea Say Just A Year Ago?

Whatever The Case Since I Have Observed Much Improvement In Charlotte's Business Community, I Endorse This Region As The Southeast's New Business Hub.

In Other Words If You Are Starting A Small Business, Charlotte, NC Is The Place To Be!

Its NO Longer Atlanta, GA!

Most Certainly NOT Columbia, SC!


City Of Charlotte launches website to help small business owners

Small business owner Will Peters says it was a chore when he started his web-based company four years ago.

"I had to go to several different websites, and physically go all around to build my company, including different locations like the City Hall," Peters said Monday at a morning gathering of small business owners hosted by Charlotte at the start of Small Business Week.

Peters' Anstad Group is a design, marketing and technology company, which provides web communications. He's familiar the importance of the World Wide Web.

Peters currently employees 10 people.

"I've got two designers, three developers, a couple of marketing development specialists," he said.

On Monday, Peters and dozens of others got a firsthand look at what the city says will help businesses like his get up and going.

The new website will also provide companies with the tools they need from the city to keep running.

"With this portal, what it's done is made it a one stop shop," said Peters.

The portal covers everything from starting a small business to networking and training opportunities. It's primary function is to link small businesses to the best resources to help them succeed.

"Now we're going virtual and I think it's going to be an enormously helpful tool for our small businesses," said Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx. "We can be the best city in America when it comes to starting and running a small business."

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