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Monday, May 23, 2011

Romney, Pawlenty & Ryan Vs. Obama In 2012? GOP Scatters!

Pres. Obama Makes History Again Folks!

For The First Time In Political History A BLACK Man Has Stumped The Wealthy White GOP Establishment Into NOT Being Able To Find A Candidate Strong Enough Or Intelligent Enough To Beat Him.

WOW! Can You Believe It?


Its Actually Kind Of Funny Watching GOP Leaders Scatter About Like Scared, Confused Roaches.

Here's A List Of Strong GOP Contenders NOT Running Against Pres. Obama In 2012: Haley Barbour, John Thune, Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan & Mitch Daniels.

In Fact The List Of GOP Candidates Dwindles Almost Daily.

Christie Isn't Going To Jump In No Matter How Many Bribes Comes His Way. First Trump Dumped His Bid, Then Huckabee, Forget Newt, Even Though I Really Like Him Forget Ron Paul, Definitely Forget About Cain! & Now Daniels Is Out.

The ONLY Logical, Possible Heavy Hitter/ REAL GOP Contender Would Be MITT ROMNEY!

That's Right!

I Predict Pres. Obama's Challengers Will Most Likely Be Mitt Romney & Tim Pawlenty Or Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan On The Same Ticket.

In Fact Tim Pawlenty Recently Launched His Presidential Bid With A Video Promising He Will "Try Something Different".

Let's Face It Folks, At This Stage In The Game GOP Leaders Are So Desperate They'll Try Anything To Kick Pres. Obama Out Of Office!

And Where Was The King Of Universal Health Care Mandate, Mitt Romney Last Weekend?

In South Carolina! Land Of Confederate Flags & Institutionalized Racism.

If Mitt Can Survive Mainstream Media Inquiries About Why He Chose To Flip Flop On His Universal Health Care MANDATE In Massachusetts, No Doubt He WILL Be Pres. Obama's Contender In 2012.

Whether He Can Actually Whip Obama Is Another Totally Different Story.

I Don't Think He Can.

That's Right! I Personally Don't Believe Romney Can Knock Pres. Obama Off His Game Or Out Of Office In 2012.

Mitt Appears To Be Too Flip Floppy, Lacks Conviction, NOT Tough Enough & Seems To Enjoy Being A Businessman More Than Politics.

Tough Enough According To GOP Standards Means Demonstrating Hardcore RACIST Behavior!

However Because Of Romney's Mormon Religion, I Don't See Him As The Kind Of Guy Willing To Demonstrate Acts Of Racial Hatred Towards Pres. Obama.

But Considering How WEAK The 2012 GOP Field Of Candidates Is, Romney Might Rise To The Top Simply By Default.

Now As It Relates To Pres. Obama's 2012 Re-election, When You See GOP Leaders & Candidates Gathering In South Carolina, You Know They Are Up To NO Good!

i.e., The Klu Klux Klan!

But Why South Carolina?

Along With Endorsing Paul Ryan's "Kill Medicare" Agenda, Spewing Hardcore, Divisive RACIST Rhetoric Against Barack Obama Is Part Of The National GOP Leader Litmus Test.

I Kid You NOT!

So Unless A GOP Candidate Is Talking Hardcore Racist Rhetoric (i.e., Palin, Trump, Gingrich, Barbour & Nikki Haley) Then That GOP Candidate Is NOT Considered Tough Enough To Beat Obama, Nor Will That GOP Candidate Receive RNC Money For Their Campaigns.

And In Order For That Crazy, RACIST Mentality & Rhetoric To Stick, They Have To Be In An Environment Where Such Out-Of-Date, "Southern Strategy" Ignorance Is Both Cultivated & Tolerated.


Especially Columbia & Charleston, South Carolina Where Institutionalized Racism Is Not Only Celebrated; Its Expected!

GOP Leaders Don't Seem To Care That Such Out-Of-Date, "Southern Strategy" Racist Behavior Is Scaring Away Both Younger & Older Voters.

In Fact They Could Care Less About Scaring Away Voters Because Its NOT About Their Constituents.

Its ONLY About How Much Those Same GOP Leaders Refuse To Accept Having A LEGALLY Elected BLACK President In The American White House!

NOT All GOP Leaders Fall Into This Category. But Many Of Them Do!

If Anyone Thinks Pres. Obama Is Not Taking His Potential GOP Challengers Seriously, Think Again Because He Is!

Pres. Barack Obama Is A Bold, Sincere, Caring, Bonafide Politician With A Steady Backbone Of Steel And An EXTREMELY Intelligent Mind.

Since He Is STILL President, He Can't Neglect His Official Duties By Standing Around Calling Possible 2012 GOP Contenders RACIST Or Pointing Fingers.

Instead He Remains Focused.

Focused On Healing Our Nation's Economy.

You Know The Same Economy George W. Bush Wrecked Via His Oil Rich "War On Terror" & Placed It Into Pres. Obama's Hands?

Pres. Obama Is Also Focusing On Our National Security & Other Issues Which Affect ALL American Citizens!

ALL American Citizens! NOT Just Wealthy, White People!

So Despite My Disagreeing With Him On Some Issues (Not Unusual), Overall I STILL Believe & Know That Obama Is The Absolutely BEST Person To Continue Leading Our Nation From 2012 To 2016!

Best Person To Lead The NEW Diverse Yet Truly United America!

NOT The Previously Racially-Divided, Class Warfare America!

Can We Agree That Pres. Obama WILL Remain In Office Until 2016?



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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Romney looks for solid ground in S.C.

The sons of the South are out. Governor Haley Barbour opted to quietly serve out his term in the Mississippi statehouse, and Mike Huckabee, after prayer and deliberation, will also skip the presidential campaign and remain on Fox News.

Mitt Romney rode into this political vacuum yesterday, making his first trip of the Republican presidential primary season to a crucial primary state where he hopes to overcome a disappointing fourth-place finish in 2008 and convince the GOP faithful that his economic-focused message will resonate in all pockets of the country.

“I was pretty encouraged by the response I received today,’’ Romney said after meeting with small-business owners at a plumbing company in this suburb outside of the state capital, Columbia. “People here are not devoted only to voting for someone from the South. They’re willing to consider a guy from Massachusetts as well, and I expect to take my message here.’’

No state in the South is more important than South Carolina in the Republican nominating contest. Not only does it traditionally vote third in the nation, after Iowa and New Hampshire, but since 1980 no Republican candidate has won the nomination without winning South Carolina.

Romney and his supporters say they are bullish on his chances to fill the political void left by the departure of Barbour and Huckabee. But interviews with local party leaders from across the state indicate that South Carolina remains at best lukewarm on Romney — along with most every other candidate in the current field. It is another example of how his inability to win over conservatives is contributing to a perception of weakness in his campaign, despite his leadership position in national polls.

“I think he’s got some major hurdles to jump across not only in South Carolina, but in the South in general,’’ said Braden Bunch, the former chairman of the Sumter County GOP. Then again, he added, “You can’t really say that South Carolina is not up for grabs.’’

South Carolina could once again prove to be quicksand for Romney, and it remains to be seen if Romney will campaign hard or make a token effort. Skepticism runs deep among the state’s political operatives and local party chairman, who see the same politician they saw in 2008 — with the same baggage.

“Romney’s got some followers down here, but his health care bill in Massachusetts is going to kill him. That is a poison pill to the whole state of South Carolina,’’ said Rich Bolen, chairman of the Lexington County GOP. But Bolen acknowledged there is no clear alternative emerging to challenge Romney.

“Nobody’s really just captured me and made me think, ‘I can’t wait to put a bumper sticker on my car,’ ’’ he said.

Yesterday, Romney continued his practice of showing up at places that could appeal to everyday Americans. In New Hampshire, he visited a gas station. In Nevada, he toured a neighborhood inundated with foreclosed homes.

Yesterday in South Carolina, he stopped by “Farm Boy’s Barbecue’’ and loaded a plate with corn, barbecue, and beans (green, lima, baked).

But first, he worked the room, shaking several dozen hands in the restaurant as he attempted to make small talk (“Mustard- or vinegar-based?’’ he asked about the sauce in the barbecue), guess the ages of young children (“What are you, 10? 11?’’), and discuss his golf handicap (“I’m a 36. I think that’s the highest you’re legally allowed to get.’’)

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Romney came to South Carolina three times last year, all of them including campaign stops for a little-known state representative, Nikki Haley, who went on to become governor. Haley’s endorsement will be a highly-sought prize during the Republican primary.

There are some indications that Romney could gain traction here. The crowd at the restaurant broke into applause when he entered the room. He was second in a poll taken last month by Winthrop University, with 16 percent and trailing only Huckabee. (This was before Huckabee said he won’t run.)

But the race remains fluid, and some predict Romney will face big hurdles.

“I’m not sure it’s something Romney can seize on. It just muddies the water a little more,’’ said Chip Felkel, a veteran South Carolina GOP consultant who was going to work for Barbour but is now unaffiliated.

Four years ago, Romney put great emphasis on winning the state, in part to prove that he could broaden his base and appeal to constituencies that don’t naturally fall into the camp of a former governor from a northern, liberal state, including evangelicals and military families. He made his first major speech in the state in February 2005, nearly three years before the primary, and spent millions hiring staff and running ads.

Romney led in most polls in the state until late 2007 when he began to slip. More than a week before the state’s primary, Romney pulled his ads and began shifting his focus to Michigan and Nevada. Huckabee gained traction in South Carolina, but Senator John McCain ended up narrowly winning its primary.

So far this year, Romney has put little emphasis on South Carolina or the rest of the South — and opted not to participate in the first presidential debate, held earlier this month in Greenville, S.C.

Romney advisers hope the visit yesterday will bolster a perception that their candidate will be a national one, who will compete everywhere.

Romney this week is also planning to make his first visit of the year to Iowa, another state where he spent ample time and money in 2008 only to come up short to Huckabee.

“Last time he was a Yankee governor,’’ said state Representative Nathan Ballentine, who helped arrange Romney’s trip yesterday and is planning to endorse him. “Now everyone knows him. He understands people are struggling. It’s jobs, it’s the economy. That’s what this campaign is going to be about.’’

If the electorate remains unenthusiastic about the Republican field, some political observers say, Romney could benefit by being the default choice.

“Who’s to say that in the end nobody else excites? He may not excite either, but he’s acceptable,’’ said David Woodard, a Clemson University political scientist and a Republican consultant. “He gets a C-plus and passes the course. That’s the only way I see him winning the primary down here. Right now he’s just clearly not thrilling people.’’

Romney announced last week that he had hired a senior adviser in South Carolina to steer his campaign. The adviser, David Raad, has long ties in the state but has not been active here politically since serving as a field director to George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign.

“There’s this script or message that somehow the governor was going to avoid South Carolina,’’ Raad said yesterday. “He’ll be here a lot, we know that.’’

They will be in search of people like Gena Denson, a 54-year-old from Columbia. She was dead set on voting for Huckabee and was sure he was going to run. But as soon as he announced he wasn’t going to pursue the presidency, she immediately turned to Romney.

“He’s a genius. He could fix what Obama has screwed up,’’ she said. “Plus, he’s not hard to look at.’’

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Sources: Boston Globe, CNN, Fox News, McClatchy Newspapers, MSNBC, Washington Post, Youtube, Google Maps

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