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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mitch Daniels Says NO To 2012 Bid! Its ROMNEY!

Its Official Folks Per Fox News!

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels Is NOT Running For President In 2012!

I Repeat: Daniels Is NOT Running For President In 2012!

Looks Like The GOP Field Of Candidates For 2012 Is Getting Slimmer & Slimmer.

Christie Isn't Going To Jump In No Matter How Many Bribes Comes His Way. First Trump Dumped His Bid, Then Huckabee, Forget Newt, Even Though I Really Like Him Forget Ron Paul, Definitely Forget About Cain! & Now Daniels Is Out.

The ONLY Logical, Possible Heavy Hitter/ REAL GOP Contender Would Be MITT ROMNEY!

If Mitt Can Survive Mainstream Media Inquiries About Why He Chose To Flip Flop On His Universal Health Care MANDATE In Massachusetts, No Doubt He WILL Be Pres. Obama's Contender In 2012.

Now Whether He Can Actually Whip Obama Is Another Totally Different Story.

I Don't Think He Can.

That's Right! I Personally Don't Believe Romney Can Knock Pres. Obama Off His Game Or Out Of Office In 2012.

Mitt Appears To Be Too Flip Floppy, Lacks Conviction, NOT Tough Enough & Seems To Enjoy Being A Businessman More Than Politics.

Tough Enough According To GOP Standards Means Demonstrating Hardcore RACIST Behavior!

Along With Endorsing Paul Ryan's "Kill Medicare" Agenda, Spewing Hardcore, Divisive RACIST Rhetoric Against Barack Obama Is Part Of The National GOP Leader Litmus Test.

I Kid You NOT!

So Unless A GOP Candidate Is Talking Hardcore Racist Rhetoric (i.e., Palin, Trump, Gingrich, Barbour & Nikki Haley) Then That GOP Candidate Is NOT Considered Tough Enough To Beat Obama, Nor Will That GOP Candidate Receive RNC Money For Their Campaigns.

Why Do You Think GOP Leaders Keep Running To South Carolina?

Because In Order For That Crazy, RACIST Mentality & Rhetoric To Stick, They Have To Be In An Environment Where Such Out-Of-Date, "Southern Strategy" Ignorance Is Both Cultivated & Tolerated.


Especially Columbia & Charleston, South Carolina Where Institutionalized Racism Is Not Only Celebrated; Its Expected!

GOP Leaders Don't Seem To Care That Such Out-Of-Date, "Southern Strategy" Racist Behavior Is Scaring Away Both Younger & Older Voters.

In Fact They Could Care Less About Scaring Away Voters Because Its NOT About Their Constituents.

Its ONLY About How Much Those Same GOP Leaders Refuse To Accept Having A LEGALLY Elected BLACK President In The American White House!

NOT All GOP Leaders Fall Into This Category. But Many Of Them Do!

Pres. Barack Obama On The Other Hand Is A Bold, Sincere, Caring, Bonafide Politician With A Steady Backbone Of Steel And An EXTREMELY Intelligent Mind.

Rather Than Stand Around Calling Possible 2012 GOP Contenders RACIST Or Pointing Fingers, He's Focusing On Healing Our Nation's Economy.

You Know The Same Economy That George W. Bush Wrecked Via His Oil Rich "War On Terror" & Placed It Into Pres. Obama's Hands?

Pres. Obama Is Also Focusing On Our National Security & Other Issues Which Affect ALL American Citizens!

ALL American Citizens! NOT Just Wealthy, White People!

Now Does This Mean He'll Just Sit Back & Take His 2012 GOP Contenders Lightly Or Ignore Them?

NO! Pres. Obama Is NOT Stupid!

Of Course He Takes His GOP Contenders Seriously, However He Is STILL President Thus He'll Continue To Do His Job.

In Other Words Obama Can Walk & Chew Gum At The Same Time. Quite Well I Must Say!

Whether Anyone Wishes To Accept It Or Not, Pres. Barack Hussein Obama Will Remain In The Oval Office For Another 4 Years!

So Despite My Disagreeing With Him On Some Issues (Not Unusual), Overall I STILL Believe & Know That Obama Is The Absolutely BEST Person To Continue Leading Our Nation From 2012 To 2016!

Best Person To Lead The NEW Diverse Yet Truly United America!

NOT The Previously Racially-Divided, Class Warfare America!



Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Ind. Gov. Daniels not running for president

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said early Sunday that he won't run for president because of family concerns, a development that narrowed the Republican nomination field though made the wide-open race even more uncertain.

"In the end, I was able to resolve every competing consideration but one," the Republican said, disclosing his decision in a middle-of-the-night e-mail to supporters. "The interests and wishes of my family, is the most important consideration of all. If I have disappointed you, I will always be sorry."

A two-term Midwestern governor, Daniels had been considering a bid for months and was pressured by many in the establishment wing of the party hungering for a conservative with a strong fiscal record to run. He expressed interest in getting in the race partly because it would give him a national platform to ensure the country's fiscal health would remain part of the 2012 debate.

But he always said his family — his wife and four daughters — was a sticking point.

Had he run, Daniels would have shaken up the still evolving race that lacks a front-runner and has been unpredictable in its early stages.

If the governor would have decided to run, a crop of GOP donors and grass-roots supporters had been ready to pull the trigger on a national fundraising and political organization that some aides privately said would rival those of others already in the race. And outside Republican observers had long said that he would be a serious contender for the party nod as a candidate.

Instead, Daniels becomes the latest Republican to opt against a bid as the GOP searches for a Republican to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

The Indiana governor's close friend, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, surprised much of the GOP when he pulled the plug on a candidacy in April; he privately had encouraged Daniels to run instead. A week ago, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the 2008 Iowa caucus winner, bowed out, followed quickly by celebrity real estate developer Donald Trump.

They came after others who decided to sit this one out as well, even as polls show Republican primary voters wanting more options in a race that includes former Govs. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, as well as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and a handful of others.

In the wake of the decisions by Barbour and Huckabee to skip the race, the clamoring among establishment Republicans for Daniels to run — including from the Bush family circle — had become ear-shattering.

"The counsel and encouragement I received from important citizens like you caused me to think very deeply about becoming a national candidate," Daniels said in the e-mail message.

"If you feel that this was a non-courageous or unpatriotic decision, I understand and will not attempt to persuade you otherwise," he added. "I only hope that you will accept my sincerity in the judgment I reached."

Daniels, himself, had sounded more optimistic about a run in the past week than he had in months, though he never had sounded particularly enthused. And his advisers had been quietly reaching out to Republicans in Iowa and other early nominating states for private conversations.

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But, as he talked about a candidacy, he always pointed back to his family as the primary issue that would hold him back.

And as he weighed a bid, the spotlight shown on his unusual marital history as well as his record as governor.

His wife, Cheri, filed for divorce in 1993 and moved to California to remarry, leaving him to raise their four daughters in Indiana. She later divorced, and she and Daniels reconciled and remarried in 1997.

Mrs. Daniels had never taken much of a public role in her husband's political career.

So it raised eyebrows when she was chosen as the keynote speaker at a major Indiana fundraiser earlier in May.

Both husband and wife were said to be pleased with the reception they got, and advisers privately suggested that the outcome could encourage Daniels to run for president. Even so, Republicans in Washington and Indiana with ties to Daniels put the odds at 50/50.

A former budget director under George W. Bush, Daniels used his time considering a run to also shine a spotlight on rising budget deficits and national debt — even though his former boss grew the scope of government and federal spending during his tenure.

Daniels, a one-time senior executive at Eli Lilly & Co., caused a stir among cultural conservatives by saying the next president facing economic crisis "would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues."

He is looked with admiration in GOP circles for being the rare Republican who won office in a Democratic year — 2008 — in a state that Obama had won. And, since being re-elected, he has leveraged Republican majorities in the state Legislature to push through a conservative agenda.

Daniels made his intentions clear in a characteristically understated e-mail.

It was sent by the governor through Eric Holcomb, the Indiana Republican Party chairman and one of Daniels' closest advisers, and confirmed by others close to the governor on the condition of anonymity to avoid publicly pre-empting his announcement.

It ended: "Many thanks for your help and input during this period of reflection. Please stay in touch if you see ways in which an obscure Midwestern governor might make a constructive contribution to the rebuilding of our economy and our Republic."

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