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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jon Stewart & O'Reilly Battle Over Rapper Common: Stewart Won!!

I Really Applaud Jon Stewart On This One Because He Was 100% Correct!

So Let It Go O'Reilly! Let It Go!

No Matter How You Try To Spin It, You Still Sound Like A Racist.

Notice I Didn't Say That Bill O'Reilly Is A Racist.

Instead I Said He Sounds Like A Racist.


Well Because It Appears As If He Is Insisting There Be One Set Of Standards For White Entertainers Allowed To Visit The White House & Another Set Of Standards For Black Entertainers Allowed To Visit The White House.

i.e,. Double Standards!

Thus As It Relates To The Rapper Common (Black Dude) Being Invited To Perform At The White House Versus Fellow Entertainers Bono And Bob Dylan (White Dudes), Jon Stewart Proved His Point Last Night During His Debate With O'Reilly.

O'Reilly Has Double Standards For People Of Color.

In The REAL World, That's Called RACISM!

By The Way Common's Real Name Is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

Thanks For Calling Out Bill Stewart!

Love Your Show Dude!

Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly faceoff over rapper Common

Bill O'Reilly and his favorite comic foil -- Jon Stewart -- are back at it.

The two faced off Monday over the Obama Administration's controversial decision to invite rapper Common to the White House for a poetry event.

The Fox News host said he was "shocked" that Stewart couldn't understand why conservatives thought it was inappropriate to ask Common - who wrote a song 11 years ago that defended a convicted cop killer - to perform.

"I am saying that when a president invites someone, in this case the First Lady, the resume has to be put in front of them and they have to select someone who is almost unimpeachable," O'Reilly declared.

Stewart argued that the Grammy-winning artist wasn't "celebrating" Assata Shakur, who was involved in a deadly New Jersey shootout, but simply believed she was convicted unjustly and expressed that in the song.

Further, the Comedy Central host argued, O'Reilly's standard of outlawing White House performances by any musical defender of convicted killers would mean that Bob Dylan, Bono and Bruce Springsteen couldn't perform at the White House either.

"Why are you drawing the line at Common?" asked Stewart. "There is a selective outrage machine here at Fox that pettifogs only when it suits the narrative that suits them. This guy is in the cross hairs when he shouldn't be."

The two continued to bicker, with O'Reilly insisting Common took it too far when he went to visit his musical muse in Cuba.

"That's enough for a sitting president to say, 'You know what, this guy may be radioactive. I'm not doing it,"' O'Reilly said.
Stewart couldn't resist one final jab before the interview was over, telling O'Reilly that he shouldn't take lyrics so literally.

"Songs aren't literal, you know that right?" Stewart said. "When the Weather Girls sing 'It's Raining Men,' it's not really a precipitation of males."

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