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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donald Trump Vs. Barack Obama In 2012! Obama Wins! Barely!

I'm Predicting An Exciting Presidential Race In 2012.

Much More So Than In 2008.

Who'll Be The 2 Contenders Vying For Oval Office?

Sitting President Barack Obama (D) & Donald "I Rebuilt New York" Trump (R Or I)!


Because The Other GOP Contenders Are BORING, Don't Have Enough Money To Outlast Obama, Has NO Agenda Other Than Getting Rid Of Pres. Obama, Isn't Creating JOBS As Promised In 2010 & Appear To Be Blatantly Racist Especially In The South (Most NOT All)& Appear NOT To Want Any BLACKS In Their Party.

So It Looks As Trump May In Fact Share Center Stage W/ Pres. Obama After All.

Who Will Win?

Barack Obama By A Nose!!

However Its Going To A Very, Very Tough Fight That Will Most Likely Leave Both Contenders With Battle Scars!

Trump Will Attempt To Pound Obama Into The Dust By Harping About His Birth Certificate & The Economy.

But Obama Will Surprise Trump (And His Base) With His Intellect, Political Toughness,

His Great Platform Issues,

His Great People Skills,

His 2012 Budget Which Promises To Help ALL People Not Just Wealthy Citizens,

His Courage To Bring Back American Jobs From Overseas,

His Courage To Deal With OPEC Without Behaving Like A Tyrant Or Dictator,

His Courage To Raise Taxes On The Super Rich & Change The U.S. Tax Code, (We Don't Want An Unfair Flat Tax Rate!)

His Courage To Improve America's Public School Educational System Including Fixing How Student Financial Aid Is Configured (Too Many Black & Hispanic College Students Have To Get Student Loans Vs. White College Students),

His Courage To Stop Or Investigate The Wide Spread Practice Of 75% Black & Hispanic College Students Being Frequently Verified By The U.S. Dept Of Education Versus The Number Of White College Students Who Are Verified,

His Working To Stop The Practice Of More BLACK & Hispanic Men Going To Prison For Minor Criminal Offenses Or Being Convicted Of Felonies For Minor Offenses Much More So Than White Men Than The Number Of Black Men Graduating From College,

His Working To Stop Or Investigate The Practice Of Planned Parenthood Preying On Black Women & Black Girls As It Relates To Abortion/ Racial Genocide?

His Working To Stop Or Investigate The Privatization Of Prisons Such As In North Carolina,

His Support For Unions & Workers' Rights,

His Support For Minority Voters,

His Support For Senior Citizens & Women's Issues,

His Support For Veterans' Issues,

His Support For Head Start, Other Preschool Programs & After School Programs,

His Support For Helping To End Homelessness In Urban & Metropolitan Cities,

His Support For Stopping Or Slowing Down The Foreclosures Of Millions Of Homeowners Many Who Were Intentionally Duped By Greedy Brokers & Bankers NOT Because They Were Stupid!!

His Below 8.0 Unemployment Economic Record &

His Several Political Home Runs Which Does Prove That Although People May Not Always Agree With His Agenda (Including Me) That Man Does Have The Ability To Get Things Done!

i.e., Barack Obama Has Proven Himself NOT Just To Be Some Harvard Figurehead, Uppity Black Man But A Real Man Of Substance!

Stay Tuned Folks. This Promises To Be Very Interesting.

Very Interesting Indeed.

Why Trump Soars

Very few people have the luxury of being freely obnoxious. Most people have to watch what they say for fear of offending their bosses and colleagues. Others resist saying anything that might make them unpopular.

But, in every society, there are a few rare souls who rise above subservience, insecurity and concern. Each morning they take their own abrasive urges out for parade. They are so impressed by their achievements, so often reminded of their own obvious rightness, that every stray thought and synaptic ripple comes bursting out of their mouth fortified by impregnable certitude. When they have achieved this status they have entered the realm of Upper Blowhardia.

These supremely accomplished blowhards offend some but also arouse intense loyalty in others. Their followers enjoy the brassiness of it all. They live vicariously through their hero’s assertiveness. They delight in hearing those obnoxious things that others are only permitted to think.

Thus, there has always been a fan base for the abrasive rich man.

There has always been a market for books by people like George Steinbrenner, Ross Perot, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Bobby Knight, Howard Stern and George Soros. There has always been a large clump of voters who believe that America could reverse its decline if only a straight-talking, obnoxious blowhard would take control.

And today, apparently, Donald Trump is that man. Trump, currently most famous for telling people that they are fired, has surged toward the top of the presidential primary polls. In one poll, he was in (remote) striking distance in a head-to-head against President Obama. Many people regard Trump as a joke and his popularity a disgrace. But he is actually riding a deep public fantasy: The hunger for the ultimate blowhard who can lead us through dark times.

He is riding something else: The strongest and most subversive ideology in America today. Donald Trump is the living, walking personification of the Gospel of Success.

It is obligatory these days in a polite society to have a complicated attitude toward success. If you attend a prestigious college or professional school, you are supposed to struggle tirelessly for success while denying that you have much interest in it. If you do achieve it, you are expected to shroud your wealth in locally grown produce, understated luxury cars and nubby fabrics.

Trump, on the other hand, is utterly oblivious to such conventions. When it comes to success, as in so many other things, he is the perpetual boy. He is the enthusiastic adventurer thrilled to have acquired a gleaming new bike, and doubly thrilled to be showing it off.

He labors under the belief — unacceptable in polite society — that two is better than one and that four is better than two. If he can afford a car, a flashy one is better than a boring one. In private jets, lavish is better than dull. In skyscrapers, brass is better than brick, and gold is better than brass.

This boyish enthusiasm for glory has propelled him to enormous accomplishment. He has literally changed the landscape of New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas and many places in between. He has survived a ruinous crash and come back stronger than ever.

Moreover, he shares this unambivalent attitude toward success with millions around the country. Though he cannot possibly need the money, he spends his days proselytizing the Gospel of Success through Trump University, his motivational speeches, his TV shows and relentlessly flowing books.

A child of wealth, he is more at home with the immigrants and the lower-middle-class strivers, who share his straightforward belief in the Gospel of Success, than he is among members of the haute bourgeoisie, who are above it. Like many swashbuckler capitalists, he is essentially anti-elitist.

Now, I don’t mean to say that Donald Trump is going to be president or get close. There is, for example, his hyper-hyperbolism and opportunism standing in the way.

In 2009, Trump published a book with a very Trumpian title: “Think Like a Champion.” In that book, he praised Obama’s “amazing” and “phenomenal” accomplishments. “Barack Obama proved that determination combined with opportunity and intelligence can make things happen — and in an exceptional way,” Trump gushed.

Now he spouts birther nonsense and calls Obama the worst president in American history. Now he leads rallies that make Michele Bachmann events look like the League of Women Voters. Even angry American voters want some level of seriousness, prudence and self-control.

But I do insist that Trump is no joke. He emerges from deep currents in our culture, and he is tapping into powerful sections of the national fantasy life. I would never vote for him, but I would never want to live in a country without people like him. 

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Sources: CNN, NY Times, Google Maps

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