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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Aaron Hess Honored For Killing Danroy "D.J." Henry (Where's Eric Holder?)

On Oct. 17, 2010, A Black College Student/ Football Star Named Danroy "D.J." Henry Was Wrongfully Murdered By A NY Cop. One Year Later Not Only Does A Grand Jury Refuse To Indict That Same Cop But His Chief Approves Of His Heinous Actions By Honoring Him As "Officer Of The Year"!


Such Clear Cases Of Racially Motivated Crimes, Police Brutality, Obstruction Of Justice & Misuse Of Authority Requires A Fed. Investigation & March On Washington, D.C.!!

In D.J.'s Honor The American Black Community Needs To Unite, Mobilize & Demand Justice!! We Should NOT Let D.J.'s Premature, Wrongful Death Be In Vain!

Danroy Henry's Family outraged after policeman who killed him named "Officer of the Year"

The family of young college footballer shot dead by police have spoken of their anger after the officer involved in the shooting was given an award.

Danroy Henry, 20, had been waiting in his car in a fire lane outside a bar in New York when officer Aaron Hess knocked on the window.

The young student accelerated away before Hess, who was thrown onto the hood, and his colleague Ronald Beckley opened fire during the chaos on Oct 17 last year.

Henry was killed in the shooting but his family are now furious that Hess has been named Officer of the Year by his union at Pleasantville Police Department.

His parents said that the award was 'insensitive' and branded the police 'arrogant'.

'We simply asked for truth and honesty, and we've gotten arrogance,' said Danroy Henry Sr. 'Some people see themselves above the law and above simple human dignity.'

The student's mother, Angella Henry, said: 'Now everyone else is getting to see the kind of inhumane treatment we've gotten.'

The Police Benevolent Association of the Pleasantville Police Department said yesterday that it honoured Officer Aaron Hess for his dignity and professionalism since the October shooting and throughout his career.

Hess fired at Henry's car as Henry drove away from a disturbance that spilled out of a bar in Thornwood, just north of New York City, after Pace University's homecoming game. Hess was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by a Westchester County grand jury in February.

Autopsy results found Henry was above the legal limit for alcohol, but his family says he wasn't drunk.

Hess, who suffered leg injuries, said he shot at Henry after Henry's car hit him. Some witnesses disputed that.

The Henry family is seeking federal intervention, and the Department of Justice has said it will review the evidence to determine whether there were any civil rights crimes.

The Henrys are planning a $120 million lawsuit against Pleasantville and Mount Pleasant.

The PBA said the award wasn't meant to offend the Henry family.

But family lawyer Michael Sussman said: 'They're offended.'

Meanwhile, four of Henry's friends who were involved in a fracas after the shooting were cleared of all charges by a judge last month.

Two weeks ago, prosecutors moved to dismiss various charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction and criminal mischief against the teammates.

'I feel relieved. I feel free,' said Joseph Garcia, of Floral Park, New York., who graduated in December and had been charged with obstruction. 'I don't have to worry about a criminal record.'

The players' attorney, Bonita Zelman, called it 'a great victory.' She said they planned to sue for 'brutality, false arrest, malicious prosecution and violations of their civil, constitutional and human rights.'

Joseph Romanick, of Slidell, La., who had been charged with felony criminal mischief, said: 'Nothing will take away from the loss that we felt from D.J.'

The other players are Yves Delpeche, of Brooklyn, and Daniel Parker, of Lauderhill, Florida.

In court papers supporting the dropping of charges, prosecutors wrote that the defendants' actions resulted from 'impulsive and youthful visceral reactions to the sudden, unexpected shooting of their friend.'

Prosecutors added: 'The fact their conduct caused no physical injury to anyone (civilian or police) provide additional compelling factors supporting a discretionary dismissal.

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