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Friday, September 24, 2010

Richard Burr Releases New Ad Bashing Elaine Marshall & Maintains 16-Pt Lead

U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R), The Opponent Of Elaine Marshall (D) (Who's Vying For His Seat), Has Released A New Campaign Ad In Which He Bashes Marshall...Again.

As It Stands Burr Maintains A 16-Point Lead In The Race.

I Hope He Wins.

Yeah I Said It!

Why Am I A Registered North Carolina Democrat Supporting Republican Candidate Richard Burr Over Democrat Candidate Elaine Marshall?

Because Elaine Marshall HAS Absolutely NO Public Service Record Where She Has EVER Supported North Carolina's Black Community In ANY Way...EVER!!!

In Fact She Even Dissed The N.C. NAACP Congressional Candidate Forum Earlier This Year By NOT Showing Up!

Her Reason For NOT Appearing Was NOT A Life Or Death Situation, Therefore I View Her Absence At Such An Important Event Just Another Thumbs Down To The Black Community.

But Yet...

North Carolina's Scared Black Leaders Including Kenneth Lewis, Former U.S. Senate Candidate Endorsed Her!


How Stupid Was That?

Just Because She's A Democrat, She Received An Endorsement From North Carolina's Black Leaders. Just Like That? Without Having To Earn It?

No Way!

MY VOTE Is Precious & Valuable.

In Fact The Entire Black Vote Is Valuable Because Our Ancestors Had To Die For Us To Have The Right To Vote In This Country.

So Why Should Black Voters Continue Selling Our Votes To The Lowest Bidders?

No Way I'm Going To Endorse Or Support Elaine Marshall!

No Way!

About A Year Or So Ago I Personally Needed Some Help With A Serious Matter.

I Contacted My Democrat Leaders Several Times For Advice Or Assistance. NONE Of Them Called Me Back.

Not One!

"People Don't Care How Much You Know, Until You Show How Much You Care."


When I Contacted Senator Richard Burr's Office & Left A Message I Received A Call Back With Helpful Advice From One Of His Staff Members, Right Here In North Carolina.


The Way I Was Treated Several Years Ago By The Democrats Vs. How I Was Treated By Richard Burr's Office, Helped Me To Decide Whom To Endorse In This Race.

Now If Cal Cunningham (Also A Democrat) Were Still Running I Would Have Given Him My Vote But Since He Isn't, Burr Gets It.

Its Time For Black Voters Nationwide To STOP Being Stupid & Stop Throwing Their Votes Away To The Wind.

Its Time Democrats Realize They DON'T Own The Black Vote.

Black Voters Own The Black Vote!

Its Also Time For Black Voters To Make Political Candidates Earn The Black Vote Or Prove They Have A Vested Interest In Black/ Urban Communities.

NOT Just In Words Only Or Pretty Speeches Filled With Lies & Broken Promises!

Action Always Speaks Louder Than Words.

Democrats Have Been In Control Of North Carolina For 112 Years, Along With Black Legislators Serving In The North Carolina House & Senate Yet.....

North Carolina Remains One Of The MOST RACIST States In The Nation!

Black Residents In This State Are STILL Treated Poorly & Like Third World Citizens.

The So-Called Black Leaders & Politicians Are Scared Sell-Outs, Thus They Are No Help To Most Black North Carolina Residents.

ONLY Those Who Are Their Frat Buddies & Sorority Friends. That's Basically It!

"Didn't President Obama Win North Carolina During The Presidential Election You Ask?"


The N.C. "Powers That Be" Didn't Want To Give Him The Electoral Votes.

They Tried Super Hard NOT To But They Had To Concede.

And For Those Of You Who Think That Governor Bev Perdue (Also A Democrat) Likes Or Sincerely Supports President Barack Hussein Obama, WRONG!

Its Just That She Needs Federal Money Because Democrats Stole & Wasted Money, Racking Up A $4 Billion Dollar Deficit.

What Do You Think Bev Perdue Used That $7 Billion Dollars In Stimulus Money For??

North Carolina's Huge Deficit! NOT Saving Teacher Jobs! The Deficit!

Well That Along With Helping To Give Cocaine To Monkeys Of Course.

Stupid Pet Tricks!


President Obama Needs North Carolina's Electoral Votes Again If He Plans On Winning A Second Term In The Oval Office.

Hey Its Politics And Politics Is A Dirty Game.

Why Else Would President Obama's Administration Continue To Pour Billions In Federal Funding Into North Carolina Even Though There Is Clear Evidence Of Blatant Racial Discrimination Still Interwoven In All Levels Of North Carolina's Government?


Public Schools (Segregation), Small Business Opportunities, Government Contracts For Black-Owned Businesses, Health Care, Mental Health Care, Mass Transportation (Especially In Charlotte), Housing, Criminal Justice, Civil Rights, College Funding, Death Penalty, Intentionally Killing Young Black Men Or Putting Them In Prison, Not Investigating Murders Of Black Women & Sexual Abuse Of Black Girls, Intentionally Keeping Black Children In Foster Care To Secure More Federal Funds, Highest Unemployment Rate Among Blacks But Not Wanting To Give Black Unemployed Residents Unemployment Benefits, Highest Number Of Blacks Losing Their Homes To Foreclosure, Enforcing Unfair Taxation Laws For Blacks, Closing Libraries & Pools In Black Communities, Higher Utility Bills For Black Consumers Vs. White Consumers, Intentionally Violating Federal H.U.D. Laws For Affordable Housing (Charlotte), Allowing Developers To Include Mandatory Crooked HOA (Home Owner Associations) Contracts Into Home Loans Contracts For Black Home Buyers (Charlotte), etc.,

While I'm NOT Hoping For A Totally Republican Takeover In Congress, I'm Most Certainly Praying For A Republican Take Over In North Carolina!

Anything Is Better Than What Black Voters Are Getting From North Carolina Democrats At This Stage.

Which Is NOTHING But Oppression, Oppression & More Oppression.

Regardless Of How Hard North Carolina's Black Voters Work, They Can NEVER Seem To Get Ahead Because Of Racially Discriminatory Laws Enacted By Racist White Democrat Legislators & Scared Black Democrat Leaders.

By The Way Democrats Don't Start Trying To Help North Carolina's Black Voters Now.

If You Haven't Helped Black Voters In This State For The Past 112 Years, Why Start Now Right Before The Elections?

Please! We're NOT Stupid!

The Joke's On You.

By The Way In Case You're Wondering, I'm Not Angry.

Just Tired Of Seeing Black Voters Abused, Neglected, Oppressed & Stepped On. Often By Black Democrat Leaders.

See You At The Polls On November 2, 2010.


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