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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cal Cunningham Raises $1.2 M, Elaine Marshall $775,003

Neither Cunningham, Marshall Flush With Cash But Cunningham Raises More

Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham has raised $1.2 million, while his rival in the June 22 run-off, Elaine Marshall, has raised $775,003, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

Neither campaign was flush with cash, Rob Christensen reports.

Elaine Marshall had $193,172 on hand as of June 2, while Cunningham had $107,469 on hand, according to the Federal Election Commission. While Cunningham has been the leader in fundraising throughout the campaign, Marshall's first place finish in the May 4 primary appears to have given her a boost, enabling her to compete nearly evenly with Cunningham.

For the most current reporting period - from April 15 through June 2 - Cunningham raised $377,479 and Marshall raised $331,688.

Cunningham had earlier this year lent his campaign $86,000, and Marshall's family last year lent her campaign $71,500.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee contributed $79,980 to Cunningham's campaign.

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Sources: DSCC, McClatchy Newspaper, WRAL, Google Maps

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