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Monday, May 3, 2010

Clarence Norman To Serve His Full Prison Term...Parole Denied

Parole is Denied For Jailed Brooklyn Politician Clarence Norman

The NY Parole Board has decided disgraced Brooklyn Politician Clarence Norman is too sleazy to be freed, the Daily News has learned.

The 12-Term Assemblyman - serving three to nine years for selling Judgeships - was denied early release on his first try and will have to wait another year.

"There is a reasonable probability that you would not live at liberty without violating the law and your release at this time is incompatible with the welfare and safety of the community," the three-member board told Norman earlier this month.

Norman, 58, was jailed in June 2007 and has been on a work-release program at the Lincoln Correctional Facility in Harlem since December 2008.

He was locked up for campaign corruption and extortion and stripped of his law license.

"These crimes were committed while you were in a position of trust as the Leader of the Democratic Party of Brooklyn," the board said.

"These crimes hurt all the citizens of Brooklyn and showed your willingness to use your power for illegal purposes."

"You have just recently admitted your guilt in these matters. Use this time to gain insight into your behavior."

Norman's next parole hearing is in March 2011, but he's already off to a bad start.

He was charged Tuesday night with "exceeding time" on work release - the first blemish on his prison record.

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Sources: NY Daily News, Village Voice, Google Maps

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