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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Warren Turner: Serial Sexual Harasser & Drunk On Taxpayers' Dime, Fire Him!

It's time to Fire Charlotte City Councilman Warren Turner!

The Warren Turner Sexual Harassment claim Investigation results are in folks.

It appears not only is Turner a serial Sexual Harasser but also a Drunk.

That's right a Drunk!

All on the Taxpayer's dime! (State of North Carolina & City of Charlotte)

What's even more disturbing is due to how this situation was mishandled by Mayor Anthony Foxx and Curt Walton (City Manager), Turner may have just cause to sue for Defamation of Character.

(You can read the full Investigative report results on PDF file here at this link.)

Results of this $35,000 report provide juicy details about how Turner has been Harassing Women in the Workplace since 1988.

How was Warren Turner able to get away with this horrible behavior for so many years?

Turner is an "Uncle Tom" previously protected by White North Carolina officials and Elite Black friends.

You know sort of like how Mayor Anthony Foxx tried to do when he sent that lame e-mail warning Charlotte City Council members "Sexual Harassment will not be Tolerated".


That was just a "smoke & mirrors", Cover up gimmick.

No doubt when the Charlotte City Council voted to hire a Private Investigator at $35,000 a pop, they probably thought it would uncover dirt on the Accuser.

Boy were they shocked when the report revealed otherwise!

5 Female employees who work for the City of Charlotte (mainly African-Americans) squealed on him and accused him of Sexual Harassment.

In addition it was reported he repeated similar behavior years ago while a Cadet at Charlotte's Police Academy.

This dirty scumbag who is also Married, was creeping on the side with his Female co-workers and Subordinates.

Don't be surprised because I warned you about what type of person Warren Turner was via a post I published last Fall entitled: "Warren Turner Absentee Politician".

This is an elected official (I've never voted for Warren Turner) who spent $10,000. last year on what he claims were "City Council related Business Trips".

Yeah I bet!

This is an elected official who treats the Black Constituents in his district (Southwest Charlotte) like dirt and does NOTHING to help improve the Quality of Life for them.

Especially for people who reside on Arrow wood and Nations Ford rds.

I'm talking NOT much Economic Development. (for Black Business Owners)

Very few Sidewalks, No Beauty, No Parks, No Neighborhood Revitalization, Terrible Segregated Schools, etc.,

Just mainly Blight, High Crime, Poverty and Ugliness.

In fact there are ONLY two positive things about Southwest Charlotte (Arrow wood rd and Nation Ford rd sections):

1) Access to the Light Rail (thanks to former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory)


2) Victory Christian Center Church (a Ministry of Integrity) - which creates Jobs, provides Financial help & Tutoring for Charlotte's Underprivileged Youth, Helps to prevent Homelessness in coordination with Charlotte's Salvation Army and operates a successful Accredited School & Community College.

That's It Folks!

Other than that Southwest Charlotte (Arrow wood rd and Nations Ford rd sections) doesn't have much going for it.

If you think I'm exaggerating just drive through that area of Charlotte-Mecklenburg and tell me what you see.

As I stated above: NOT much Economic Development. (for Black Business Owners)

Very few Sidewalks, No Beauty, No Parks, No Neighborhood Revitalization, Terrible Segregated Schools, etc.,

Just mainly Blight, High Crime, Poverty and Ugliness.

Its as if the Charlotte City Council has INTENTIONALLY ignored this forgotten Business Corridor.

I believe its due to Political backlash but I'll discuss that topic on another day.

Warren Turner is a Slimeball and needs to be thrown out of office on his bald head.

However Turner isn't the only elected official who more than likely won't be returning to Public Office that is unless...

Stupid Straight Ticket Voters who don't read what issues Political Candidates support before continuing to elect them.

One more thing....

Did I mention Mayor Anthony Foxx cried upon learning the results of Warren Turner's Sexually Harassment Investigation?

Yeah he sniffed a little while trying to hold back tears, why?

Because upon hearing results of the Investigation Foxx realized he messed up BIG time!

I bet he now wished the City of Charlotte's Human Resource Department had handled this situation.

Guess that Law degree didn't teach Anthony Foxx common sense as it relates to Employment Law and Personnel Matters.

Mr. John Lassiter, Anthony Foxx's Republican Mayoral challenger would have known this and NOT stuck his nose in this mess!

Well "Uncle" Foxx that's what you get for thinking only White people have real Intelligence.

Isn't John Lassiter Caucasian?

Yes he is but don't get it twisted!

Lassiter's ethnicity doesn't make him smarter about handling such sensitive matters.

Instead his more than 20 years of Small Business Experience makes him smarter about such matters.

Which is the reason why I voted for John Lassiter.

You see folks the bigger someone is, the harder they can fall.

Just because Charlotte City Council members claim they have no policy to discipline elected officials, NONE of that matters when it comes to Sexual Harassment.

Sexual Harassment complaints are protected by Federal Law under Title VII. (EEOC)

Since Turner is a State of North Carolina employee (Probation Officer) he can still be heavily reprimanded, even up to Termination for demonstrating such despicable, Illegal behavior in the Workplace.

I smell a HUGE Lawsuit brewing: Racial Discrimination and Sexual Harassment.

Both are protected from Retaliation by Federal Law. (EEOC)

In case your wondering Warren Turner is also NOT the elected Charlotte Politician currently serving in Public Office I'm closely blood-related to but your guesses are getting warmer.

Oh well, we can't choose our blood relatives whether we wish to claim them or not right?

Check out all videos (above & below) and articles below to learn more more about how this sad saga most certainly spells the end of Warren Turner's Political career.

5 Charlotte City Staffers Make Allegations Against Council Member Warren Turner

Five Charlotte City employees told an investigator that Charlotte City Council member Warren Turner made sexually inappropriate comments to them, including a female staffer whose complaint sparked the probe, according to a report released Monday night.

Turner, who attended the dinner meeting when the report was read, told investigators he didn't do anything wrong. He said Monday night he would have a detailed response in the future.

Turner, a Democrat who has represented west Charlotte since 2003, is also a state probation officer.

Turner once tried to become a police officer, but he was "involuntarily terminated" from the Charlotte Police Academy in 1988, according to the report. A female cadet said Turner "repeatedly" made sexually inappropriate comments to her, and then later physically threatened her, the report said.

The highly unusual investigation of a council member could lead to the council censuring Turner, as some members discussed. But the city's policy against sexual harassment doesn't apply to elected officials, meaning Turner can't be removed from office or suspended.

The female employee whose complaint touched off the probe -- who is not the former cadet -- told investigator Valecia McDowell that on Dec. 14 of last year that she met with Turner in council member James Mitchell's office.

She said that Turner had been looking for her, and when she asked if he needed anything, she said Turner said: "I just wanted to make sure you were doing your job."

The female staff member, known in the report as Employee A, told the investigator that as she was leaving the office, Turner pulled at her sweater at waist level.

Afterward, she said, Mitchell called her and said what Turner had done was "inappropriate."

Mitchell, who told investigators he is "very close" with Turner, told McDowell he didn't say that and doesn't remember Turner touching the employee's clothing.

Soon after, the female employee told City Manager Curt Walton and another city employee about the incident. The employee then met with the city's human resources director, Tim Mayes, though she said she didn't want to make a formal complaint.

According to the report, Mayes told the employee: "I can't sit on this even if (Employee A) doesn't want to go forward."

Mayes then discussed the situation with Mayor Anthony Foxx, who was unsure how to handle the allegation, according to the report.

In March, Walton asked Foxx to address the allegation because there was an upcoming National League of Cities meeting that Turner and the employee would both be attending.

On March 14, Foxx sent an e-mail to all 11 council members warning them not to sexually harass city staff. The e-mail prompted the council to investigate.

McDowell, an attorney with the law firm Moore & Van Allen, interviewed 18 people. She said the probe will likely cost the city $35,000.

She wrote that "there is sufficient evidence" to support a finding that Council Member Turner made unwanted sexual and gender-related comments to and about Employee A.

After McDowell read her report, Republican Edwin Peacock criticized how Foxx, a Democrat, handled the situation by sending the e-mail.

Peacock said Foxx and city staff should have handled the issue with a private meeting.

Foxx was visibly upset when he defended how he handled the allegation.

"I think you are reaching, frankly," Foxx said:

"This is Monday morning quarterbacking. There is one mayor of the city, exactly one person who had this thrust on his lap. I dealt with it.
I have a five-year-old daughter. I want her to grow up in a world where she can go to work. That's what was behind it."

The staff member who said Turner grabbed at her clothing also said Turner made other unwelcome comments.

In February 2008, the staff member said Turner stopped in her office. He asked the staff member about a mug on her desk that had a photo of the actor Shemar Moore.

Turner asked whose photo was on the mug, and the employee said, "That's my motivation!"

Turner then said, according to the employee, "You don't need that, I should be your motivation. You need a real man to be your motivation!"

The employee then said Turner asked where she went undergraduate and graduate school, and Turner then said: "See, that's your problem right there: they don't have any real men at those schools! Your real motivation is right here."

Turner told investigators that he didn't say those things.

The female employee told her supervisor about the comments, and also discussed the incident with McCarley and human resources director Tim Mayes, according to the report.

The employee said that in September 2008, Turner met her fiance, and then later said to her: "I need to know who would marry you! He needs to come and talk to me so I can give him advice on how to deal with you!"

McDowell also interviewed other city staff members, and asked if they had witnessed any council member speak inappropriately.

The only council member who was identified as behaving inappropriately was Turner.

One female employee, described in the report as Employee B, said that on a 2006 trip to Reno, Turner made a sexually explicit comment to her as they passed a hotel store

displaying pornographic magazines. The employee told investigators that she worked to avoid being alone with Turner.

Turner told the investigators he never made any such comments.

Another female employee, described as Employee C, said Turner made sexually inappropriate comments to her more than once.

She said she didn't want to disclose the comments because she felt they might identify her.

A female employee described as D, said she had heard about Turner's inappropriate comments from other female staff members, and that Turner had once approached her and said: "If I wasn't married," The employee then said she cut him off.

The investigators interviewed an employee of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, who was in the Charlotte Police Academy with Turner in 1988.

The former police cadet told investigators that Turner made "repeated sexually inappropriate comments" while they were in the academy.

Turner told investigators that he resigned from the academy before graduating because he had a ticket for an expired automobile tag and because he had physically threatened a cadet. He said he hadn't made sexually inappropriate comments.

The investigators, however, reviewed Turner's employment records and found he was "involuntarily terminated" from the Charlotte Police Department.

The report said that it "appears Council Member Turner was less than fully truthful when responding to questions."

The report said it found that Employee A's comments appear "to be credible and consistent, especially when viewed in light of the substantial number of unrelated but factually similar incidents recounted by other witnesses."

The investigation wasn't tasked with verifying the accounts of other staff members; they were included as supporting witnesses to Employee A's claims.

Attorney Valecia McDowell's Report: "Warren Turner Was Less Than Fully Truthful"

Attorney Valecia McDowell on Monday delivered a 20-page report detailing her investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct by a city council member.

McDowell, an attorney with the law firm Moore & Van Allen, interviewed 18 people. She said the probe, which focused on Councilman Warren Turner, will likely cost the city $35,000.

McDowell wrote that it appeared at times during the investigation that Turner "was less than fully truthful when responding to questions from the investigative team."

She also found it "especially troubling" that Turner asked a female city employee about her involvement in the investigation as it was under way.

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Sources:, McClatchy Newspapers, Moore, Van & Allen Law Firm, WCNC, Google Maps

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