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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orgal Opata Won't Face Death Penalty For Her 2 Dead Children

No Death Penalty For Orgal Opata

Prosecutors announced today they won’t seek the death penalty against a Charlotte woman charged with two counts of Murder after a February fire killed her two toddlers.

Orgal Opata, 26, is accused of leaving her four children alone at their home on Rowan Street, in the Thomasboro neighborhood in west Charlotte.

Gabriel and Josiah Hawthorne, ages one and two, died in the fire that destroyed the home. Opata’s other two children, ages 4 and 7, were able to escape with a neighbor’s help.

Sparked by a kerosene heater, the fire was reported about 6 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 28. Authorities haven’t said where they believe Opata was at the time. She was arrested that afternoon.

Opata appeared in court briefly this morning, wearing a red jumpsuit, her arms and legs shackled to a chain around her waist. She nodded when prosecutors said they won’t pursue capital punishment and was led out by sheriff’s deputies.

She’s being held in Charlotte-Mecklenburg jail on slightly more than $1 million bond.

Charlotte DSS Liable For Deaths Of 2 More Black Children

Two more Black Children (both Toddlers) have recently died due to Charlotte-Mecklenburg's Lazy, Non-Caring DSS Officials and Lack of Proper Intervention.

As I've mentioned in previous posts Charlotte's Leaders especially the Black Leaders, don't give a darn about Black Children unless their parents are Fraternity/Sorority members.

North Carolina DSS Officials often keep Low Income, Single Mothers in Poverty by NOT allowing them to earn a decent salary while still receiving some type of Benefits until they become Self-Sufficient.

This modern Slavery tactic encourages these women to have more babies out of Wedlock, which of course means more Federal funds.

Its basically a Federally Funded Money Laundering scheme.

Who suffers most?

North Carolina's Minority Children because the Federal Funds are only used on North Carolina's White Children.

Its obvious the Civil Rights of NC's Minority Children are being violated.

Does anyone care? No!

Especially NOT Charlotte's Scared, Selfish Black Leaders.

Whenever NC or Charlotte DSS launches an Investigation all they usually do is ask the accused Mothers to attend Parenting Classes.

They don't order them to attend, nor do they order these Women to receive Mental Health Counseling, thus the cycle of Child Abuse/ Child Neglect continues.

On the other hand whenever NC DSS Officials place Children in Foster Care homes, quite frequently the Foster Care parents end up abusing those same Children Physically and Sexually.

When the Children die, NC officials just put them in a pauper's grave, hold a tired Child Fatality Task Force meeting and move on.

That's It!

No North Carolina DSS Officials or Staff heads roll not ever.

The ONLY reason Shaniya Davis received national attention is because her father was White.

If her father had been Black the News Affiliates and Mainstream Media would NOT have cared.

Especially not North Carolina's Biased Media organizations.

But get this!!!!!

Shaniya Davis' mother is out on bond!

Can you believe it?

She sold Shaniya Davis to settle a drug debt, the child was raped and killed, now her mother Antionette Davis is out on bond.

And....she's Pregnant again!!!!!

An independent, outside Investigation is most definitely needed.

When is the Obama Administration or U.S. Dept of Justice going to step in and make states like North Carolina with a long history of Poor DSS Oversight and Racism, obey the Law?

Aren't the Democrats supposed to be the political party of Social Conscience? (Liberal Socialism)

Does Pres. Obama care about ALL Children or just Malia and Sasha?

Who will speak up for these dead Children?

By the way Eugenics and Aborting all Black babies is NOT the answer!

Providing an Equal Education, Mental Health Counseling, Birth Control and Equal Opportunities to Minorities would help much more.

Those two children are now with Jesus but they died prematurely.

I'll keep praying.

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Sources: McClatchy Newspapers, WCNC, Youtube, Google Maps

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