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Monday, April 5, 2010

Michael Steele Finally Admits GOP Might Be A "Little" Racist

Now I can't say all GOP members are Racist because that would be an unfair statement.

However I can honestly say that Charlotte, NC's Republican Party Leaders are for the most part extremely Racist, or at least they appear to be.

For the record just because a few Minorities show up at Tea Party rallies, doesn't prove Republicans are more receptive to Black Voters.

How do I know?

I'm a former Black Republican who currently resides in Charlotte.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Republican Party boldly and hatefully shuns Black Voters.

I complained to NC GOP state leaders but they basically turned a blind eye & deaf ear and never addressed the issue.

So I defected to the N.C. Democratic Party which was also a mistake.

North Carolina Democrat Leaders are also Racist.

I'm assuming North Carolina's wide spread Racial Discrimination must be a regional thing.

Hey what do I know?

I'm just an African-American woman who has lived in the South for 20+ years.

It's so time to move!

Check out Steele's comments on the videos below.

Michael Steele Calls His Critics Racist

RNC Chair Michael Steele defended his spending practices Monday morning, saying he has no plan to resign, and at one point suggesting that criticism of his tenure may be rooted in racism.

“I tend to come at it a little bit stronger, a little bit more streetwise if you will,” Steele explained to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America, in his first interview since the Daily Caller broke the news last week that the RNC paid almost $2,000 at a risqué, bondage themed night club. “That’s rubbed some feathers the wrong way. At the end of the day, I’m judged by if I win elections and raise the money. That’s a standard I’m very comfortable with and meeting in November.”

Asked if “as an African-American” he has “a slimmer margin for error than another chairman would,” Steele replied: “The honest answer is yes.” Steele went on to explain that, like Barack Obama, he has had to contend with racism as someone who is “not ole boy network.”

After Stephanopoulos showed Steele a recent poll of Republican insiders that states 71 percent find him to be a liability, Steele said “they’ve been saying that since the day I got the job.” The chairman said he will not resign in the wake of the scandal and said the RNC is “taking steps” to fix the internal problems that allow financial irregularities to occur.

“The reality of it is, when I first heard about the behavior going on, I was very angry and we dealt with it,” Steele explained. “We got to the bottom of it. The employee was summarily dismissed for going against our internal policies and finance. We have been putting great controls in place for the last few months, as a matter of fact, on some of our finances.”

Despite FEC filings showing the RNC spent money on high-end hotels and airfare, Steele said he’s not the one the committee is spending the money on. “Those numbers that they talked about, you know, I’m not staying in fancy hotels — and Four Seasons — and flying around in corporate jets.”

But when Stephanopoulos pressed him, Steele rejected the notion that the RNC has spent more money than taken in. “No, I had more money left over at the end of the— I had a budget, I inherited a budget that had zero dollars left at the end of 2009.”

FEC filings show that Steele began his tenure in January 2009 with $22.8 million, and has since raised $96.2 million. During the same period, however, the RNC has spent $109.6 million, for a deficit of $13.4 million. A March 20 FEC filing shows the RNC has $9.5 million cash on hand.

Steele defended the RNC’s finances, pointing to money spent on Republican wins in New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts and 37 other races other state legislature and mayor races around the country. “We have managed the money in a way that has allowed us to compete in some races that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to compete in”

Steele also claimed he raised more money than the Democrats did in 12 months and that the RNC carried over same amount of money the DNC did from last year to this year.

Despite dismissing those “unnamed Republicans” who don’t like him and who speak to the press anonymously, Steele said, “I hear my donors. I hear my base out there. I hear the leadership.”

“And we’re taking steps to make sure that we’re even more — how should I say it — fiscally conservative in our spending and certainly making sure that the dollars are there when its time to run our campaigns,” he said.

Michael Steele Declines To Condemn Beck’s Claim That Obama Is “Racist”

Here’s another measure of Glenn Beck’s growing Limbaugh-like power: In an interview with Univision yesterday, Michael Steele seemed unwilling to condemn Beck’s claim that Obama is a “racist,” though he did distance himself from it a bit by saying it was “one man’s opinion.”

Univision sends over a transcript, and here’s the relevant bit:

INTERVIEWER JORGE RAMOS: For instance, when you hear commentators like Glenn Beck saying that for him President Barack Obama is a racist, with a deep seated hatred for white people, how do you react?

STEELE: That’s one man’s opinion.

RAMOS: Yes, but…

STEELE: That’s one man’s opinion.

RAMOS: But should you defend Barack Obama against these types of comments? I don’t know, it’s just a question.

STEELE: No, no, look, the reality of it is when I ran for the United States Senate and I was called an "Uncle Tom" by leading Democrats in the country, when I was called a slave by Steny Hoyer who is now the majority leader in the House, no one came running to my defense, and no one seemed to think that that was racist at the time. I don’t play the race card, I don’t play the race game, the way some tend to want to do.

Steele has, in fairness, condemned some extreme stuff coming from the right, calling birtherism a “needless distraction.” But he did offer a public apology to Rush Limbaugh after inadvertently criticizing him.

In the case of this latest coming from Limbaugh-spawn Beck, Steele seemed to say he opposes the “race game” in general, but seemed unwilling to forcefully condemn Beck’s particular brand of it.

Top GOP Lawmakers Want More Accountability At RNC

Two top congressional Republicans said Sunday the Republican National Committee must be held accountable for the way it uses the money it raises in light of nearly $2,000 spent for a night at a sex-themed Hollywood nightclub.

“This kind of thing has got to stop or they won’t get any contributions,” said Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate.

Kyl and Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California, who is leading the GOP effort to recruit candidates and elect House members, distanced themselves from RNC Chairman Michael Steele when discussing the committee’s controversial spending.

Steele has come under fire for committee spending on flights, limousines and high-end hotels, but he was not present at the Voyeur Hollywood West on Jan. 31 when a group of young Republicans ran a tab picked up by the RNC. After reporters noted the bill in a funding report, the RNC fired a staffer it blamed for the outing and said it would be reimbursed by a donor who had attended.

Asked on “Fox News Sunday” if Steele should step down, Kyl demurred but said, “The people that contribute to the committees, both Democrat and Republican, want to know that their money is well spent for the cause, and it needs to be that way.”

McCarthy, appearing on the same show, sidestepped the question of whether Steele has his full confidence.

“The RNC does have some challenges that they need to correct. Not only does the American people request it but the Republicans requested it as well,” McCarthy said. “If we are going to show … the American public that we believe in accountability and bringing it back to Washington, we have to make sure that the RNC has the accountability just the same.”

He added: “I think Michael Steele has worked very hard. I think when you find the challenges going forward that you heard in the last week … he’s trying to correct it. But you’ve got to bring the trust back, and that may mean shaking some other roles inside the RNC as well.”

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