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Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Death At A Funeral" 2010 Trailer: Chris Rock, Danny Glover, Martin Lawrence & Zoe Saldana

Death At A Funeral (2010 film)

Death at a Funeral is a 2010 American black comedy, and a adaptation of the 2007 British film of the same name.

The less than three-year gap between the original and this film makes this one of the fastest remakes of an English language film in modern Hollywood history. Unlike the 2007 film, this features a largely African-American ensemble cast, with Peter Dinklage reprising his role from the original.

Just like the British film, the film is rated R in the U.S. for strong language, graphic nudity, and drug use.


When Aaron and Ryan's father passes away, their family and friends join them at their father's funeral resulting in a series of comedic and unfortunate events. They soon find out that their father was living a double life as a gay man. The plot thickens when the father's gay partner shows up, who happens to be a mean, bearded midget.

He tries to blackmail the family using photos of their father taking part in comical homosexual acts.

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