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Friday, April 24, 2009

Forbes Ranks Charlotte 14th Most Dangerous U.S. City!....Charlotte's Black Community Needs To Do Better!

Just in from, Charlotte, NC ("Queen City of the Carolinas") has been ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the United States. Number 14Th to be exact!

For anyone who dares to doubt this information, Forbes gathered the data for their reporting from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations). The FBI provided Forbes with national crime statistics from the year 2008.

The metropolitan cities considered for this story all scored BIG on Crime in these four categories:

1) Murder/ Non-Negligent Manslaughter

2) Forcible Rape

3) Robbery

4) Aggravated Assault

Charlotte is listed as one of our nation's most dangerous cities?? OMG! How can this be?

Wait a minute!

Doesn't Charlotte have a New, Big City Police Chief now (former DC resident Chief Rodney Monroe)?

In fact wasn't he hired just last year?

So....what's the problem?

I don't wish to point fingers but....

Could it be that Charlotte's "chickens have come home to roost" as it relates to Gang Activity and Illegal Immigration?

Could it also be that since Charlotte's Black Community has failed to show proper guidance to their Youth, especially the Low-Income Youth now they are out of control?

(Didn't Mayor Pat McCrory (R) warn everyone this was going to happen?)

Instead of Charlotte's Black Community running to the Media with rumors of Mayor McCrory being a "Closet Racist", perhaps they should have been listening to him and coming up with a plan to help the Black & Hispanic Youth. (Denial is not a river in Egypt.)

Moving forward, what about the Charlotte City Council and Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Commissioners both controlled by the North Carolina's Corrupt Democratic Party?

Is it possible some of that corruption somehow trickled its way down to Queen Charlotte's resident namesake?

Oh well no use crying over spilled milk.

Here are a few suggestions regarding cleaning up this mess. Please take heed so that going forward no publication or website will have to ever publish such negative news about Charlotte, NC again.

A) Stop all the division and lay aside all egos! Both the Republicans and Democrats need to begin working together. This includes accepting each party's differences for the common good of the Charlotte community.

In order to get Charlotte off of the "FBI's Most Dangerous Cities list", its going to take a Bi-Partisan effort.

B) Create Jobs and offer more Job Training. Real JOBS! NOT just jobs paying $8.00 or $9.00 an hour. Who can make it in Charlotte on those wages?

Governor Bev Perdue's $2 Million dollar investment to Charlotte for Job Training, is a good start but there is NO way $2 Million dollars will be able to meet all the needs of city with a population of more than 1 Million citizens, hit so hard by the failing Banking Industry.

She is going to have to come up with more than $2 Million dollars to help put Charlotteans back to work.

C) The Black community's "Leaders" need to stop Bickering and Fighting over titles and positions.

Sidebar: While we're on the subject, why is it that before every major political election the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus members tend to behave like immature children?

For all of their Academic and Professional Achievements, why can't the Caucus members demonstrate examples of Dignity, Poise, Respect, Leadership and Wisdom for Charlotte's Minority Youth?

I don't understand why you all just can't get along? What's up with all the "isms" and "schisms"? Your Well-Educated, Gainfully Employed, Semi-Wealthy, Residing in Nice Homes, etc., so what's the problem?

Why can't you all learn to respect one another's differences?

Can the newly appointed President of the organization Gloria Rembert, explain why the Black Political Caucus hasn't been more effective in helping to foster Equality, Fairness, Unity, Cultural Understanding, Positive Racial Relations, etc., between Charlotte's Black community and the rest of Charlotte's population? Inquiring local minds would like to know.

To the Caucus Leaders here's an idea to help resolve the situation, with only 150 Black Political Caucus members in a city with more than 1 million citizens perhaps the organization should just disband.

Charlotte doesn't have an NAACP Chapter anymore, so why do we still need a Black Political Caucus?

Especially when the Caucus members aren't doing anything but bickering, arguing over money, causing division and electing new "Leaders" every year anyway.

I mean come on, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus doesn't even have a website. Your not even on Twitter for Heavens Sake. How embarrassing!

Yes I'm a proud registered Democrat but let's be honest shall we?

Neither the Republican Party or the G.O.P. is destroying Charlotte's Black Community. Charlotte's Black Leaders are!

Our Minority Children and Youth deserve better. Much better.

D) Both the City and County needs to partner with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public School District. In addition assist the district with helping Parents, especially the Low-Income parents to become more involved in their child(ren)'s Education.

Several years ago while employed at one of Charlotte's Elementary schools as an Instructional Teacher Assistant, I recall Mayor Pat McCrory taking time from his busy schedule to come and read to a group of third grade students on Volunteer Day. That's an example of someone who cares.

I also recall Charlotte City Councilman John Lassiter working tirelessly on the CMS School board for 11 years, to ensure that Charlotte's Public School students both Black and White, would receive an Equal Education.

Since his departure along with former Chairman Aurthur Griffin, Charlotte's Public Schools have become Re-Segregated and are going downhill.

Why don't we as a community raise the Educational bar for Charlotte's students by geting rid of and Closing ALL the Failing Public and Charter Schools where 95 to 100% of the student population are Poor, Minority students?

Then work together on a New, Strategic Educational plan to Re-Integrate Charlotte's Public Schools?

This focus should be implemented immediately even it means electing a whole New School Board and hiring a New Superintendent.

Throwing kids in jail with Adults is NOT going to solve the problem or reduce crime.

We as a community MUST begin investing in the lives of our Children and Youth, regardless what side of the tracks they hail from. (Hint, Hint to the Charlotte Black Community)

E) To help reduce Recidivism or Repeat Offenders, instead of trying to create "Trumped Up Charges" against them or use Entrapment to send them off to Prison for life, why not partner with Charlotte Churches and Cities like D.C. with effective Ex-Offender programs, to get these folk job training, G.E.D.s, housing, medical care, HIV/ AIDS testing & treatment, Substance abuse treatment, Mental Health treatment, Birth Control/ Family Planning, enrolled in President Obama's Americorps Volunteer programs, etc.,

Wouldn't that be a lot less expensive then spending hundreds of millions of Taxpayer dollars to house them in Prison cells for say 20 to 50 years?? After all they are still Human Beings. Aren't they?

F) City and County officials need to ensure that ALL of Charlotte's neighborhoods are being treated equally. This includes Sidewalks, Public Safety, Cleanliness, Affordable Housing but NO large concentrations of Public Housing residents in one community, Good Schools, Modern Mass Public Transportation, Recreation for Children and Youth, Economic Development, etc.,

For example in my community (a Multi-Cultural, working class neighborhood), the Charlotte Police Dept. often React instead of working the residents in that region to be Proactive.

We can barely get them to come out and Patrol "certain" communities.

The only time we really see them is when they are arresting someone or handing out Traffic Tickets. This appears to be commonplace within communities where the majority of the residents are Black and Hispanic.

In comparison.....

To communities where the majority of the residents are Caucasian, Wealthy, Semi-Wealthy or all three. In those neighborhoods the Police are often Friendly and they actually patrol the premises while interacting with the residents, versus pulling out a Taser gun or handcuffs to arrest a citizen.

I don't personally know Chief Rodney Monroe, thus it would be unfair to imply his department is behaving this way with his permission.

However since he is the Chief, he will bear the blame for the conduct of his Officers, both positive and negative.

G) As the city continues to grow offer more Uptown activities and allow the Businesses Uptown to remain open longer. At least until 5:00 am in the morning.

Tourists don't want to spend money or remain in a dead city.

I believe its called Urban Planning & Development.

H) Assign at least two Police Officers on the Lynx Light Rail daily and at least one Officer on Mass Transit buses (CATS) that service communities with a lot of Crime. Once again this should be done daily.

If Chief Monroe needs more Officers, than perhaps he should seek funding from President Obama's COPS program.

I) Continue to control the Illegal Immigration problem but do so without practicing Racial Profiling.

Reduce Gang Activity by deporting Illegal Gang members and reach out to Charlotte's Black and Hispanic Youth. Help get these kids into Colleges or Trade Schools instead of just wanting to throw them in jail.

In addition (as I mentioned above) help get them enrolled in President Obama's National Service program. Expand the Big Brothers and Big Sisters programs. Allow Zoning for more After School and Summer Camp programs.

To the Charlotte-Mecklenburg DSS officials STOP allowing and encouraging Charlotte's Teenage girls to have baby after baby, etc.,

And.....make those Deadbeat dads pay Child Support!

J) Develop a Charlotte Teen Entrepreneurial program. I'm serious!

You can't expect these kids to change without someone helping to give them a Hope and a Future. Something better than what they see daily in their regular environments.

K) Last but not least, create more Affordable Housing and do something (MORE) about helping get Charlotte's Homeless citizens off the streets.

This does NOT mean locking these people up or placing them in Mental Health Institutions unless they have committed a Real crime or are actually in need of Mental Health treatment. Just like Ex-Offenders, Homeless people are still Human Beings made in God's image.

Now let's get moving and create the CHANGE we wish to see!

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