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Wednesday, November 2, 2016



Sources: Washington Post, Huffpost, CNN, The Wrap, Youtube

Although she was recently FIRED from her job at CNN as a Political Contributor, BLACK Journalist Donna Brazile holds her place as one of my favorite Media and Public Relations experts.

Did HILLARY CLINTON'S campaign instruct Ms Brazile to slip debate questions to Hillary's staff?

We may NEVER know the answer to that question.

If elected as President of the United States, will Hillary repay Donna Brazile's LOYALTY with a plum key role in her Executive Cabinet.

There's no guarantee.

Oh! The sacrifices one often makes to gain FAME and Prestige in the world of Politics and Entertainment.

***** ‘She was fired!’: CNN blows up with chatter of its own Donna Brazile

To its credit, CNN’s media-reporting team wrote a story for the company’s website on the resignation of Donna Brazile as a CNN contributor following revelations that in March she shared questions from a debate and a town-hall event with the Clinton campaign. It’s a bona fide scandal.
Yet the Erik Wemple Blog, a steady CNN watcher, hasn’t seen much coverage of Brazile’s actions on CNN airwaves.

Panel discussions, however, have a way of meandering. CNN host Brooke Baldwin moments ago convened former Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter; commentator S.E. Cupp; and Trump supporter and former George W. Bush political director Matt Schlapp to break down the last days of the 2016 presidential race. All kinds of things got attention, including the role of women in the election, the need to shake up Washington, and reports that the race is getting tight.

Reacting to analysis that the Republicans are split over Trump, Schlapp pointed out that Donna Brazile was criticized by CNN Worldwide President Jeff Zucker for “leak[ing] two questions to the Clinton campaign to hurt the Bernie Sanders campaign.”

A bit later in the discussion, Nutter defended Brazile, saying, “Donna Brazile is doing a fantastic job at the DNC now and prior to that as a great political strategist and TV commentator.”

Schlapp interjected: “Hillary agrees with you!”

Nutter continued: “We can talk about questions and who got what questions. You know, I think it might not have been too much of a surprise if you’re in Flint, that you might get a question from somebody about the water.”

Schlapp: “Then why was she fired?”

Nutter: “Let me finish. She was not fired.”

Schlapp: “She was fired by CNN.”

Nutter: “You can say that three times and I’m going to say three times, she resigned on her own. That is the fact, so do not spread lies about someone’s personal business or how they conducted themselves.”

Schlapp: “Hey, Brooke, can you help me out here. I’m not lying. I’m not lying.”

Baldwin: “There was some sort of termination … That is way, way higher than my pay grade, Matt. So I really can’t address it, but I can tell you that [inaudible] did not help her out.”

The facts: CNN did indeed declare publicly that Brazile had “resigned.” Journalists everywhere, including Politico’s Jack Shafer, interpreted the timing and circumstances of the move as something other than voluntary. “CNN Dumped Donna Brazile. It Should Keep Going,” reads the headline on Shafer’s piece. Add to that Baldwin’s demi-confirmation on air, plus all the context, and it appears that Schlapp was speaking the unimpeachable truth.

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