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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown Possibly Physically Abused, But By Whom??


Was BOBBI KRISTINA BROWN Physically Abused by NICK GORDON or someone else in her camp??

Please continue to PRAY for this Vulnerable Young Woman.

It's NOT about MONEY!

It's about the TRUTH!

Due to her late Mother WHITNEY's severe drug abuse problems and her Father BOBBY's Child Support issues,
BOBBI KRISTINA never really experienced the kind of Parenting every Child needs to become a Whole, Healthy, Mature Adult.

I repeat.

It's Not about the MONEY because MONEY can't buy LOVE.

Instead it's about the TRUTH!

The TRUTH needs to be exposed so BOBBI can be at Peace.

Sources: ABC News; CBS News; TMZ; Youtube

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