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Saturday, November 22, 2014





Is current Charlotte - Mecklenburg County Commissioner Chair TREVOR FULLER (Democrat) Guilty of Serious Campaign Finance CORRUPTION??

Or is this another case of "Nothing To See Here Because Fuller Is A DEMOCRAT"??

Since the inception of this Blog, I've been writing about CORRUPTION in the State of NORTH CAROLINA.

Unfortunately most of the CORRUPTION in NORTH CAROLINA Politics has been conducted by DEMOCRATS.

Due to my Blogging about such acts of CORRUPTION in the Tarheel Blue State of NORTH CAROLINA, my Family and I have gone through Hell......Suffered Attacks.......Slander.....Retaliation, etc., at the hands of POLITICIANS on the Federal & State level who were Offended or Angry at what I published.

Although I am simply a lowly Grassroots Political Blogger who exercised her First Amendment Constitutional Rights to express Grievances about ELECTED Public Officials, both I and my Family members have been Subjected to insurmountable Retaliation Attacks by the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER (local newspaper organization) and ELECTED Public Officials based on Capitol Hill & in NORTH CAROLINA.


Because I used this Blog to EXPOSE Political CORRUPTION and Political ABUSE OF POWER.

Of course most of the CORRUPTION conducted was to gain MONEY, remain in POWER and to Cover up CORRUPTION.

Thus I have been treated like an Ax Murderer in the State of NORTH CAROLINA.

Some of that RETALIATION may have come from current NORTH CAROLINA Gov PAT MCCRORY (R).

I can't prove it which is why I wrote "may".

I voted for PAT MCCRORY and I regret doing so.

I thought he would help to Clean up NORTH CAROLINA Small Business Owners and put NC Citizens back to WORK.

I was WRONG!

Instead MCCRORY appears to be adding to the melee' of NORTH CAROLINA Political CORRUPTION and it appears as if MCCRORY is very Vindictive.

I won't be Voting for MCCRORY again!

Were it not for my Faith in GOD and constant PRAYER, perhaps many of those POLITICIANS who tried to Destroy ME would have Succeeded.

But for GOD and the LORD JESUS CHRIST.......I am still here!

Now let's return to the main topic of this Blog post.

Is current Charlotte - Mecklenburg County Commissioner Chair TREVOR FULLER (Democrat) Guilty of Serious Campaign Finance CORRUPTION??

Or is this another case of "Nothing To See Here Because Fuller Is A DEMOCRAT"??

Let's carefully evaluate this situation.

PAT COTHAM (a DEMOCRAT with INTEGRITY) is elected into Power two years ago by legal NORTH CAROLINA Voters to serve on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners.

PAT COTHAM is also elected by legal NORTH CAROLINA Voters to serve as Mecklenburg County Chair.

PAT COTHAM Fires a Dirty Mecklenburg County Manager HARRY JONES (also a Democrat) who should have been Fired long before PAT COTHAM was elected to the Board, however HARRY JONES was Protected by the previous Board Chair (JENNIFER ROBERTS - also a Democrat).

JENNIFER ROBERTS remained in Power as long as she did because while ROBERTS was Protecting HARRY JONES, he helped to deliver or sway thousands of BLACK Voters on Charlotte's Westside in ROBERTS' direction, thus she remained in Power to Protect JONES.

Along comes PAT COTHAM (a Democrat with INTEGRITY), who Fires HARRY JONES and her BLACK Democrat Colleagues on the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners begin Attacking her with help from the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER.

Suddenly PAT COTHAM is Stripped of her Leadership and strong desire to help Clean up Mecklenburg County and TREVOR FULLER (also a Democrat) is elected by the Board as Chair by his Democrat Colleagues.

Fast forward to Nov 2014.

PAT COTHAM is re-elected to the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners by legal NORTH CAROLINA Voters. (I voted for COTHAM too :-)

Once again PAT COTHAM is re-elected by NORTH CAROLINA Voters to be Board Chair.

However this time the current Board Chair TREVOR FULLER refuses to relinquish his Gavel to COTHAM because he is still Angry that COTHAM Fired his Buddy HARRY JONES.

But wait a minute!

The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER and WBTV (local news organizations) have alerted NORTH CAROLINA Voters to news that TREVOR FULLER could possibly be Guilty of Violating CAMPAIGN FINANCE, by NOT Reporting all of his Large Campaign DONATIONS and how those DONATIONS were Spent.


As Mecklenburg County Chair TREVOR FULLER is expected to Manage MILLIONS, sometimes BILLIONS of Dollars of Taxpayer MONEY, make Decisions on raising SALES TAXES, makes Decisions raising PROPERTY TAXES, Investing Taxpayer Money, Providing for Public Schools, etc.,

So should a Man or a Woman in the Legally RESPONSIBLE position of County Chair who Fails to Legally Report Large Campaign DONATIONS and how those DONATIONS were Used,
be allowed to Function as County Chair while Managing NORTH CAROLINA Taxpayer Funds.....State and Federal MONEY??

If TREVOR FULLER is hiding or trying to hide Large Campaign DONATIONS from the public, what else will he hide??

By the way TREVOR FULLER is a BLACK Man and PAT COTHAM is a WHITE Woman.

Hold it!!

This time it's NOT about "Good Ole Boy" RACISM!

Most cases of CORRUPTION in the State of NORTH CAROLINA do involve "Good Ole Boy" RACISM.

But this time it's NOT about "Good Ole Boy" RACISM.

(Notice how I mentioned "Good Ole Boy" RACISM three times as it relates to NORTH CAROLINA Politics.)

"Good Ol'e Boy" RACISM is the number 1 reason why NORTH CAROLINA is a Right-to-Work State, which allows Employers to treat their Employees any way they want to without Legal Repercussions!

However this time it's Not about RACISM.

This time it's about Cleaning up Charlotte-Mecklenburg County.

It's about ELECTED Public Officials answering to and being held ACCOUNTABLE to their Constituents.

It's about Stopping Political ABUSE OF POWER.

It's about Real and Effective LEADERSHIP for Charlotte's Future.

So is current Charlotte - Mecklenburg County Commissioner Chair TREVOR FULLER (Democrat) Guilty of Serious Campaign Finance Violations??

Or is this another case of "Nothing To See Here Because Fuller Is A DEMOCRAT"??

I encourage all legal NORTH CAROLINA Voters to carefully evaluate and Judge this situation by Not focusing on RACE, just the FACTS at hand.

Perhaps this is one time I will be able to Blog about possible NORTH CAROLINA Political CORRUPTION without I or my Family being RETALIATED against by ELECTED Public Officials Angry at what I wrote.


Article Sources: Charlotte Observer; My Fox; WBTV; Youtube

ARTICLE: "Complaint Charges Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Chair Trevor Fuller (D) With Campaign Finance Irregularities"

CHARLOTTE, NC (David Perlmutt/The Charlotte Observer) -

A complaint has been filed with state elections officials against Mecklenburg County commissioners Chair Trevor Fuller, accusing him of filing incomplete, misleading, and sometimes late and inaccurate reporting of his campaign finances that go back to 2012.

Kathy Davis of Charlotte, treasurer for unsuccessful Republican at-large commission candidate Emily Zuyus, requested a complete audit of Fuller's campaign finance reports.

She made her request to Sheryll Harris, a compliance officer with the state elections board.

Fuller, a Democrat, came in third in the voting among five at-large candidates for three seats and wants to remain as the board's chairman another year. Zuyus, a Republican, finished fourth.

Davis' charges include:

• Not recording thousands of dollars in contributions, in-kind contributions and loans to his campaign, only to record many later in amended reports. For instance, in a 2012 report, Fuller failed to include a $3,045.07 in in-kind contributions, Davis said. If he had, she contends, his campaign would have had a negative cash balance.

This year, commissioner George Dunlap's financial records show he made a donation to Fuller's campaign. But it's not recorded in Fuller's records.

• Not reporting a $2,500 contribution from N.C. Realtors PAC in Fuller's third-quarter report this year. Yet it was recorded in the campaign's first-quarter report, Davis said.

• Filing some reports late. Davis contends that Fuller should have incurred $4,750 in late fees for late filings, but his financial reports shows that he's paid $300 to date.

• Fuller signing off on reports as the campaign's treasurer. Davis said there's no “Certification of Treasurer” record on file naming Fuller as the campaign's treasurer “or indicating he has completed the required training.”

“Someone who wants to be the face of the very Board of County Commissioners that approved a budget in excess of $1.6 billion should be able to ensure that his own finances ... are accurately and properly completed,” Davis wrote in an email to reporters. “Commissioner Fuller does not appear to have been a very good steward of his own campaign finance reporting.”

Harris confirmed Friday that she received Davis' complaint late Wednesday and that “the complaint is in process.” Mecklenburg elections director Michael Dickerson said Friday he received an email from Harris requesting his office's auditing of Fullers finance reports.

Dickerson said his office audits all financial reports of candidates within 30 days after they are received.

Fuller said Friday he's not worried about an examination of his records. “There do appear to be some mathematical errors in the reporting of some records, but none of that has anything to do with having accurate records of what was received by the campaign and accurate records of what was spent,” Fuller said. “I am confident that all of that is quite well above board.”

He said his campaign has had three treasurers volunteering for two elections. “They don't understand how much work is involved when they volunteer for the job,” he said.

Fuller questioned the timing of Davis' complaints and the motivation behind them. He has made it known that he wants another year as the board's chairman. Commissioner Pat Cotham, who chaired the board in 2013 and was the top vote-getter in the Nov. 4 election, also wants the gavel back.

ARTICLE: "I'm At Peace Says Fired Meck County Manager Harry Jones"


The Mecklenburg County Commissioners fired County Manager Harry Jones during a meeting Tuesday night.

In an interview with WBTV, Jones says "I've used the word I'm at peace and I really am – I use the word relief."

Jones say he knew he was the cause of factions on the county commission board. He says he and his attorney were trying to negotiate a new deal with commissioners. But then Tuesday night happened.

"It really doesn't matter what is behind it" says Jones. "It could be a variety of things that are behind it. It really doesn't matter because I serve at pleasure of the board."

But Jones admits he "was a little blind sided by what happened on Tuesday."

At the meeting, the commissioners did not give a reason for Jones' sudden firing.

WBTV has learned the botched revaluation is one reason Jones lost his job.

Is he angry?

"No. Absolutely not. When you're at peace - you don't get angry" says Jones. "I'm disappointed is the word - not in being fired - that is something the board has the authority to do. I'm disappointed at the manner in which the Board Chairman specifically handled this matter."

During the public portion of the meeting when Commissioners voted {6-to-2; Commissioner George Dunlap was out of town and did not vote} to terminate Jones' employment effective immediately, Jones asked "may I make a comment?" Cotham replied "no."

Jones was asked to leave, and was told his office is locked and off limits. Board Chair Pat Cotham told Jones "your items will be delivered to your home."

Jones says he thought it was "disrespectful. It's as if you know get the hell out of here now we don't want to see you anymore."

But Board Chair Pat Cotham says that's not why she asked Jones to leave the dais.

"He had no standing at that time" says Commissioner Cotham. "It was not appropriate so I don't regret that. That the was the right thing to do."

Commissioner Cotham says most residents have expressed support for her decision to terminate Jones. She says the county is moving forward.

"We as a board will come together with management and make plans to do right things so people are feeling we are being accountable to them" Commissioner Cotham says.

On Wednesday, the two commissioners who voted against Jones' termination say they were still upset.

"From what he did I don't think he deserved to be fired" says Kim Ratliff, Vice Chair of the Board. "Reprimanded maybe for some of the things that have gone wrong. But there is a way to fix things."

In mid-April, Jones said that, despite rumors at the time, he planned on staying on as County Manager until 2015.

According to county officials, Jones' annual salary was $246,000. Commissioners say Jones' severance package includes six months salary and benefits compensation.

Jones say "I'm now a retiree and because of my service with Mecklenburg County I will now have 100 percent health insurance paid by Mecklenburg County until I become medicare eligible. I negotiated in my contract that they would also provide insurance for my wife until she becomes medicare eligible."

Commissioners Ratliff and Dumont Clarke, who also voted against termination, say they did not receive any advance notification that Jones' employment was going to be a topic during the closed session.

Commissioner Ratliff says she was "totally surprised the vote was held. Even more shocked at the way the Chair treated Mr. Jones."

Some commissioners say they felt it was a public humiliation.

"I think it was more disrespectful" says Commissioner Ratliff. "We fired you now get out. All he wanted to say was thank you. He's a very classy gentleman, very intelligent. It's not like he was going to say anything to harm the Board."

Commissioner Clarke says "I thought the way the Chairwoman refused to give time for any remarks after 12 years of service was very shabby treatment of him and very disrespectful."

Clarke says he voted against Jones' termination because "if you look at his entire record, his firing was not merited."

WBTV left voice messages for, and sent emails to some of the Commissioners who voted for termination.

Commissioner Bill James told WBTV because it was an 'personnel matter' he could not discuss it.

Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour said in a statement "given the challenges of recent years, the board felt this was the time to go in a new direction," Ridenhour said, adding, "There will be some changes coming to Mecklenburg County, but I am confident that these changes will be for the betterment of our community."

Commissioner Trevor Fuller didn't respond.

But evidently some members of the community are speaking up.

Robin Bradford, Chair of the Mecklenburg County Democrats, says her phone has been ringing non-stop. She estimates at least 100 people called between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.

"They don't know why he {Jones} was terminated" Bradford says. "They don't know why he was terminated in that fashion. They thought it was mean spirited."

Former Commissioner Parks Helms says "I think this has created an unhealthy tension that will be with this county for the near term."

Helms says "Harry Jones has made some mistakes but he's not perfect. He's been a good county manager at a time when this city and region has made dramatic gain because of the leadership of the professional management team on the city and county side."

Helms says he believes it was a "serious mistake" to terminate Jones now heading into budget discussions.

"It was not a good representation of how things should be done" says Helms.

So will Jones and his attorney challenge the termination?

"He and I will continue to have discussions about what, if anything, the next steps might be" Jones tells WBTV.

After 38 years in public service - 25 years with the city of Charlotte, 21 years in Mecklenburg County - including 13 years as County Manager - Jones says he's not dwelling on the past.

He is looking to the future.

"I've had a comfort come into my soul as a result of my battle with pancreatic cancer for 16 months. I'm a walking miracle. I know that" Jones says.

Bobbie Shields was voted to take the role of Interim County Manager with a 10% raise.

Shields, who was hired as Deputy Director of the County Engineering Department in 1986, held different positions for the City before being named General Manager in 2002, according to the Mecklenburg County Manager's web site.

The Board is also looking to make more changes.

Commissioner James sent WBTV a statement saying "The Changes to the structure of County government however go beyond just installing a temporary CEO; other changes are also anticipated including:

Considering Deborah King as the County Commission's eyes and ears within the Tax Assessor's office reporting directly to the County Commission and working with (but not for) the interim County Manager and Pearsons (the revaluation auditing firm); assisting with the selection of a new County Assessor (she will not be a candidate for that position, just provide temporary assistance to the Board).

Considering Krista Tillman (former executive of Bell South) to be 'Executive Transition Manager' to work directly with the Commission on a variety of matters including finding a new County Manager and evaluating the current structure and efficiency of County government."

WBTV obtained some documents that show Commissioners are considering paying Tillman $250 an hour for the Executive Transition Manager position. Documents show it would be a temporary position.

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