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Thursday, January 9, 2014

JAHI MCMATH: Her Health Is Improving But OAKLAND CHILDREN'S Hospital Being Investigated (Mitigating Damages!)


JAHI'S Health Is Improving Due To Finally Receiving Proper Care She Did Not Receive At OAKLAND'S CHILDREN HOSPITAL Because They Wanted Her DEAD To Hide MEDICAL MALPRACTICE & For ORGANS.

However Her Family & Attorney Have Received DEATH THREATS.

The Hospital responsible for JAHI'S current Condition (OAKLAND CHILDREN'S) is also now being Investigated by the State of CALIFORNIA.


Thank God JAHI'S Family are Born Again BELIEVERS who don't listen to Negative People like JEFFREY TOOBIN, SANJAY GUPTA & SAM SINGER whose Opinions about Human Life appear to be motivated only by their PAYCHECKS!

None of these Men are GOD!

Only the Lord GOD Almighty has the Spiritual & Eternal AUTHORITY to determine when a Human Being should DIE, Not Mankind and Not the POPE!

Please continue to PRAY for JAHI.....her FAMILY.....and her Attorney CHRIS DOLAN.

ARTICLE: "Lawyer: Jahi McMath Improving"

Under the care of "optimistic" doctors, Jahi McMath -- whom a judge and other doctors have declared brain-dead, over her family's objections -- is "improving" days after her release from an Oakland, California, hospital, her family's lawyer said.

Attorney Chris Dolan detailed some of what's happened to the 13-year-old girl since her release Sunday from Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland.

Specifically, he said that after initially "doing poorly she is stabilizing," having had tracheotomy and gastrostomy tube procedures.

"She is doing very well and getting the treatment she should have gotten 28 days ago," Dolan said, referring to what happened to Jahi after a December operation.

"Doctors are optimistic that her condition has stabilized and that her health is improving from when she was taken from (the Oakland hospital)."

The family hasn't said where the eighth-grader currently is.

Dolan has declined to say if she had been transferred to another facility and, if so, to describe that facility.

Instead, they have chosen to lay low as they continue their efforts to care for Jahi.

Dolan said the family needs to "heal up from this whole experience" and have "some quiet time" away from media questions.

"The Family is seeking to focus attention on Jahi," added the lawyer.

CNN could not independently verify Dolan's account about what's happened to the young California teen.

Still, his account's upbeat nature adds yet another level of intrigue to what's been an emotional and complicated story.

Jahi underwent a December 9 operation at the Northern California hospital to remove her tonsils, adenoids and extra sinus tissue.

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